Weekly Wonders Lush Edition

I was fed up with my usual night and morning routine face cleanser. I needed a change and went to the local Lush store to see what goodies they had. My skin was in a funk and in need of a change in products and figured to go more natural and find products that wouldn’t disrupt my skin.  Here are the products that I found.*This post is NOT sponsored by Lush and I am not affiliated with Lush in any capacity.  All opinions are my own and I love share products that I have tried with my readers.

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

This is an easy breezy cleansing lotion that also removes makeup.  I enjoy using this product because it is convieniet and leaves my skin feeling refreshed after I use it.  Also, it is fantastic at removing makeup too!.  There is no need for makeup wipes anymore.  This lotion smells nice and my skin is not irritated by this product.  I have been using it for two weeks now and I am in love with it.  I threw out the remainder of my old facial lotion.  This is great for the busy college student or working professional.

Mask of Magnaminty

This body and facial scrub smells so good and works just as well!  I do not use this often usually when my skin is really having a bad day.  This helps soothe and calm mt skin when it is red or when I have acne.  The best part is that it smells amazing!  I love the smell of mint because it is so refreshing!  Try this scrub out!

Cup O’ Coffee

This is another amazing smelling scrub.  I like the smell of this one better than the Mask of Magnaminty.  This scrub essential works the same way as the magnaminty mask it just smells differently. It leaves your skin feelings refreshed and rejuvenated.  This mask helps liven up the skin and will make it look and feel better.  Coffee is one of my favorite things to drink and this product smells just like the perfect cup of jo.

Chocolate Lip Scrub

Over the years I have neglected the care of my lips.  Since I live in the South and the sun is a lot stronger than up North I have decided to care for my lips as well.  I use this twice a week and it is amazing.  It cleanses m lips and removes the head skin that has accumulated.  The best part is you can lick off the excess scrub because this product is natural.  It smells and tastes like chocolate and I love it!  This product will help my lips stay healthy during the hot summer months.

Ambrosia Shaving Cream

This is the first shaving product that I have used from Lush.  I usually use Barbasol or SKintimate shaving cream but my legs kept getting irritated from some ingredients in the shaving cream.  I decided that I had enough and I could not stand the itchy bumps that formed after I used the the other shaving creams.  I picked out this shaving cream from Lush to help with the irritation.  This cream has totally helped with the irritation but I do not love it.  I need a lot of product to cover my legs and it wastes so much of the product.  On the bright side my legs have not been irritated.  When this product runs out I will try another shaving cream from Lush and let you know how it works.

Products to Try

Shower Jelly

This product looks awesome!  It comes in a variety of scents, colors, and just looks like a fun product.  It is different than what is out there and it is made by Lush so you know it is good quality!  Pines and Needles looks like an amazing smelling jelly.  I love a woodsy or piny scent because it reminds me of Christmas trees.  But sadly this scent is not going to be produced anymore so that Lush can make room for new products.  I will get one before it goes and also look into its new scents and colors.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel

I came cross this product while searching the web for some good Lush products.  This is looks interesting and moisturizing.  The reviews on the Lush website are great.  When I run out of my current shower gel I will need to try this one.

What Lush products do you love?  What are your thoughts of the ones that I have used? Any recommendations of Kush product that I should try out?





Weekly Wonders: Beauty Products

Fresh: Rose Face Mask

I was expecting a stellar performance from this product due to the quality and popularity of the Fresh brand.  It underwhelmed me a whole bunch.  I received this product as sample from Sephora and figured I would give it a try.  It smelled great and had pieces of rose petals in it.   It is gel like, goes on smoothly, and is not clumpy.  It dries naturally so you can forget you put it on your face if you are not timing the length of wear.  I was not happy with it because I did not recognize any difference in my skin.  I used it for about two weeks and didn’t feel like it actually did anything except make my face feel clean.  Let me know if you have used the product before and what you have thought of it.  Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Origins: Charcoal Mask

I love this mask!  It is amazing and I have been using it for years!  My skin looks and feels great after it’s use. This product does not irritate my skin which is a plus because tons of products do leave my skin red, blotchy, or broken out.  This product is thick and messy when applying but stays on the skin and is not watery.  Once the mask is applied you let it sit on your face still it is dry and cracking.  After you wash it off and it does take a bit of time to get off all of the charcoal mask.  After using this for a few weeks I have noticed a difference in my skin although this charcoal mask does not remove all of the blackheads.  This mask works great for me and remains a staple in my beauty routine. What are your reviews on this product?  What are some recommendations of other Origins products to try?

LORAC: Black Tie Affair Eyeshawdow Palette

I ordered this product from Ulta during their Black Friday sale.  I have been trying this product since i have received it and have liked it so far.  I like to experiment with my shades and mix colors.  I am not a fan of dark colors due to my fair skin coloring.  Usually I use the lighter shades for my daily look and will occasionally put on a dark hue on a night out or fancy event.  The shadows on this palette are natural, silky, and have lasted most of the day.  I like how the colors are natural and how the colors work well with a natural look.  So far I am loving this palette so go try it out today!  FYI, I own both palettes and love them!  I use the darker shaded palette for nights out or fancy events. Any other users of this particulate palette on here?  If so, what are the pros and cons of it? Just seeing what others like and love about these eyshawdows.

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer

This is a new primer for me.  Previous to this one I have not consistently used primer as part of my makeup routine.  I went to Sephora and was recommend this primer.  It is very pricy and I took a leap of faith on this one.  I  do like that it feels lightweight on my skin and does not feel heavy.  Honestly I cannot tell if it makes a difference in my makeup application or if it makes my makeup goes on smoother.  It is lightweight and does not feel heavy on my skin.  I will need to use this product more to see how it works.  Reviews of this hydrating primer?  Does it help your makeup routine?

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Waterproof Mascara

My go-to mascara by Tarte is quite expensive so I figured I would try a drugstore one for the time being.  My eyes are extremely sensitive to mascara so this limits me to certain brands mainly ones that are hypoallergenic.  I saw Neutrogena and waterproof in the name and I had to grab this product and try it out.  My Tarte mascara would always run or smudge during the day  or night.  I wanted to try a waterproof mascara to see how it will last during the day or night. I used it for a day and night and it lasted and did not irritate my eyes.  I applied the mascara  I started my day and it lasted until late into the night. There was no smudging or running of the mascara.  I was able to get good length by applying a few coats of the product and it was a bit clumpy.  But all of that was worth it for it to be waterproof and not cause my eyes to be red.  I will definitely be adding this to my makeup routine.  I do not like it as much as I do my Tarte mascara but it comes pretty close.  Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this product. 

Weekly Wonders: Youtube Edition

Wow!  It has been forever and a day since I have done a weekly wonders post.  I have felt an urge to do one because I think it would be fun to look back on and share some of my favorite things with my readers!  This weekly wonder post will feature Youtubers!  I have been on an Youtube kick lately and have discovered some fabulous bloggers this past month.  I was never much of a Youtube person but lately I have been exploring the site.

Sarah Rae Vargas


Channels: Sarah Rae Vargas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUqMLr3RRUwaWJlTpBvV8w

Sarah Rae Vlogas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0YgscPJVsW-4tIx2U499cw

I absolutely love both of Sarah’s channels.  She is authentic and real especially on her vlog channel.  It is also nice to see someone who portrays their actual life happenings as opposed to others who I feel embellish or potry their lives differently.  I love her clothing hauls.  I am a bigger than average girl and I like knowing where to find some good clothes. Also her makeup is on point and I like her makeup looks.  Sarah keep up the great work and cannot wait to see the future videos you post!

Loey Lane


Channels: LoeyBug: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ1aNU_1YaYv6i3JL6xYbdg

LoeyLane: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC39eHhTEqiBlqRbmIIYjm-g

Loey Lane is another Youtuber that I have been watching lately. She has such an upbeat and positive personality!  She is also great at applying and reviewing various makeup products.  I like finding out about different products to try and how to create various makeup looks.  Her vlogs are great too and it is nice to see what some of your favorite Youtubers are up to when they are not filming.

The Lettered Classroom


Channel:The Lettered Classroom: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFebmxJBh559c8BEcnxL-DQ/featured

I am a teacher and have not realized how many teachers have their own Youtube channels.  It is great to see all of the tips, ideas, struggles, and the positive side of teaching.  I enjoy watching this channel and love how perky and positive she is!  I cannot wait to see what teaching tips and experiences she logs about next!

College Prepster


Channel:College Prepster: https://www.youtube.com/user/collegeprepster

I love Carly’s blog so it makes sense that I would love her Youtube channel!  I like the videos she films and puts up especially the Thanksgiving one.  I live in that area now so it is neat to see that one of my favorite bloggers grew up there.  Although it is vastly different than up north. Love this peak into the College Prepster’s Life!

JaaackJack Vlogs


Channels: JaaackJack: https://www.youtube.com/user/JaaackJack


This channel popped up as a recommended one on Youtube’s main page.  I figured I’d check it out and I loved that channel.  I also found out that she has her own make up channel too. Of course I checked that out and loved her makeup channel as well.  There are new products and looks on her channel that I want to try out.  Love it so check out her channel today!

Readers, who are some of your favorite Youtubers?  Let me know below in the comments section!

Weekly Wonders: Olympic Edition

Rio Olympics 2016

I have waited four years for this Olympics! Especially the swimming events which are exciting to watch especially the relay events!  The competition this year will be fierce and the USA swimmers need to step up their game and give their races everything they have.  The international swimmers are bringing the heat and are extremely fast this year.  There will be stiff competition and

Lily King’s Finger Wag 

lilly king

She must be an up and coming swimmer who I have not heard of before.  She caught my attention,as probably most other viewers of the swimming, when she finger wagged at Russian swimmer Yulia Emifova.  I agree with the finger wag and believe that any Olympic contender who has tested positive for drugs should not be allowed to compete.  There has been tons of controversy surrounding the Russian Olympic team this year and more of the athletes should have been banned. So, thanks Lily King for helping to call out the Russians!  Also, Lily did an amazing job winning gold in the breaststroke!!

Men’s 4X100 Freestyle Relay


Relays are my favorite swimming events to watch because they can be the nail biting, edge of your seat races.  The men dominated this event this year and were able to reclaim their place as first.  I thought it was nice to see first time Olympian,  in a relay who was able to win gold.  It was even more adorable to see his reaction at the medal ceremony.  It is an enormous accomplishment to win and an emotional one at that!  Good work boys!  Hopefully the relay can be won by the USA in the Tokyo Olympics!

Katinka Hosszu


She has been dominating her events at this Olympics!  Her swimming talent is amazing and she will no doubt win some more medals during these games!  So, Ill just have to watch and see what happens during the rest of the Olympics!

Katinka Hosszu’s Husband


He is reactions seeing Katinka win is priceless. He seems like such a supportive husband and enjoys watching her swim and win.  But, I have read some articles saying he can be hard on Katinka as a coach and on how the focus is on her husband and not on her for winning.  I agree that the focus should be on the winners and Katinka and not just on her husband.

Men’s Archery Team


I have never seen an archery competition before and it was pretty interesting.  The amount of skill that the archers need to hold still, aim, and launch their arrow in a certain amount of time.  It was amazing to see such skill in a sport.  No doubt the three men on the archery team worked hard to get here and they did well. The Koreans edged them out of a gold medal but it was a fight well fought!  The Koreans were extremely talented as well and landed 9 or 10s everytime.  This was a well balanced matched and very close at times! Now they can say the are one of the best teams in the world!  Not many individuals can say that!

Gymnastic Team:Final Five


Who could not love the women’s gymnastic team! They are all talented and adorable!  It is amazing how flexible they are and how they keep getting top scores on their events!  They have won gold!  Keep up the good work ladies!  Also, this will be the last team of five girls to compete in the Olympics for gymnastics.  In the 2020 Olympics a team of four will be competing.  It is also Martha Karolyi’s last year as coach for the USA.

Maya DiRado


She has won many medal of this being her first Olympics.  She seems so gracious for her wins and just has a positive outlook about the Olympics.  I loved her reaction to her after she finished the 200 meter backstroke.  She outtouched Katinka to win the gold!  I think this has been an amazing Olympics for her and her attitude has stayed positive throughout the games.  Kudos to Maya!

Anthony Ervin

BARCELONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 02: Anthony Ervin of the USA pepares to compete in the Swimming Men's Freestyle 50m Semifinal heat 2 on day fourteen of the 15th FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi on August 2, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

He is one of the oldest swimmers in the pool but his skill is amazing.  He won a gold medal at thirty five years old!  All of his handwork paid off and it is bitter sweet to see him win!

Weekly Wonders

Weekly Wonders

Patricia Nash Leather Benvenuto Tote

Patricia Nash

This is one of my favorite bags of the summer and helps me carry everything but the kitchen sink.  It is made out of a beautiful brown leather and can match pretty much any outfit.  These are so durable and can fit a ton of items inside.  This is a great tote for a college or high school student.  It is especially great for travel due to its durability and quality.  I have been using this tote daily and getting tons of compliments.  Look into Patricia Nash products!  You will not regret purchasing one of her items I guarantee it!

Summer Olympics 2016


I love when the Olympics come on! It is a fun time and great time to show support for your country.  The athletes work so hard for many years or most of their lives just to have a shot at the Olympics.  Most athletes do not even qualify which must be hard to experience.  But all in all watching some of the top athletes in the country compete against each other during the trials is always surreal for me.  I mean those are the cream of the crop in their sport in the whole USA.  Then the finalists go against rivals from across the globe which just shows how talented the athletes are in their sport. This time is a favorite of mine due to watching the swimming trials and Olympic races.

whiskey words & a shovel II: r.h. Sin

rh sin

I am in love with this poetry book!  I can relate to many of the verses in here and just feel like the writing is real and true.  I discovered r.h. Sin through Instagram and followed his account.  At the time I didn’t know that he had books published.  I love reading his writing and feel that it is fresh and new.  I love his Instagram feed as well.  Go and check both books, I & II, today and see how it makes you feel.  It is different than the typical poetry and has a different focus than traditional poetry.  This a good gift for a friend or relative.

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies


So, I have been loving these cookies!  They are a great treat and fast really good especially dunked in milk.  Try them out today!  There are different kinds available.  The only thing that I do not like is the price.  These cookies are expensive but you get more bang for your buck.  If you like them a lot BJS has them in bulk.

Pedro Iniesta Sandals

I have been loving these sandals!  They are so comfortable and I wear them almost as much as my Birkenstocks.  These are cork made sandals from Spain. They happened to be an impulse purchase and were worth every penny!  I found these beauties in Marshall’s and were on sale for twenty dollars!  Who good go wrong for a price like that!  Glad I picked them up!

Weekly Wonders

Keren Swan



KKandbabyJ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU-ZXqhx1xjsxO1ftXJELdg

Discovered her Youtube channel and loved it!  I like Keren’s style, she is authentic, upbeat, sweet, and has an adorable family.  She covers a variety of topics anything from daily routines, to mommy topics, to family life.  Keren also has another channel called KKandbabyJ which has videos of her family and their daily life.  Check out her channels and videos today!






This is another Youtube channel that I have been loving. OKbaby is about Kyra, Oscar, and their baby Levi.  I discovered this channel through Keren’s channel because Keren and Kyra are best friends. Kyra also has her own channel called Kbaby and it focuses on topics ranging from beauty to daily life and mommy videos. This is another family that is is sweet and I enjoy watching the videos!

Honesty with Friends 


8 ThingsYour Friends Will Never Tell You About Your Relationship


In the past two years many of my friends are got married, got engaged, or are in serious relationships.  Most times I get along well with their significant other and do not have any issues with him.  However I have had issues or concerns in the past and have vocalized them to my friend(s).  Especially if it was an unhealthy relationship and my friend was not being treated right.  The above article references things friends will not say to your face about your current relationship or marriage.  I however think a true friend will say some of things or address those concerns with his or her friend.  If friends do that then they are pretty crappy friends and do not really care about the friend.  This article is what YOU SHOULD discuss with your friend and not just keep these issues hush hush between your friend group.. Break the cycle ofrom this article and help your friends out.

Grace and Frankie


The second season of  this show is on Netflix and I am loving it!  The plot of the show is untraditional and different than what is typically on TV.  It is funny and I love Jane Fonda’s and Lilly Tomlin’s characters!  This show is amazing so check it out and you will be in for some laughs!

DKNY Soho Jeans


I have been buying these jeans since Iw as in high school!  There have been different fits I owned over the years but these are my go to jeans!  I am always able to find a pair that fits my body type and that looks great on me!  Trust me it is so hard to find  jeans that fit well due to my body shape.  But I have always had luck with DKNY jeans!

Weekly Wonders

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups


These are amazing and so addicting!  I hate to say it but these are so much better tasting than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!  They do not taste as sugary as Reese’s and I love the peanut butter used in Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups compared to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  So I think I found my new got to snack when I need pick me up or when I have a chocolate craving.

Michel et Augustin- Two Kooky Cookies


These were at the Starbucks counter and I needed to try them.  Cookies plus chocolate is my kind of snack so I bought them. These are good cookies!  They are not my favorite but good for a nice snack or pick me up when you need a boost.  These cookies remind me of Stella D’oro Swiss Fudge cookies.  Those were some of my favorite growing up!

Stell D’oro Swiss Fudge Cookies & Margherite Cookies


These are great cookies!  I love them and they would be a favorite treat!  My dad would get them from the store and we would have them at night sometimes with tea or milk.  So these were a staple growing up and I still love them today!  two of my favorite cookies right here!

Black Licorice

black wheels

This is an enjoyable treat for me!  Most of my friends think it is weird that I like this type of licorice but I love it!  I used to eat it when studying and do crave it from time to time. This is the perfect movie theatre snack and do not make a mess if it sits in your purse before the movie.  My favorite are the pinwheel kinds and the Scottie dog kind of black licorice!



Let’s just say I had a think for popcorn in college.  It didn’t matter if ti was from the kernel, microwaveable, or from a bag I ate it.  My favorite was Smart Food popcorn and also love making my own.  So this is still one of my go-to snacks.