Music Mood ft. The Dirty Heads

This has been another eclectic week of music.  My taste has varied from Christmas to rock to pop( maybe that’s how it usually is besides the Christmas tunes lol).

  1. Merry Christmas Baby: Bruce Springsteen
  2. Wildest Dreams: Taylor Swift
  3. Stand Tall: The Dirty Heads**  
  4. Check the Level:   The Dirty Heads
  5. Back Home: Andy Grammer
  6. Santa Clause is Coming to Town: Bruce Springsteen
  7. House Party: Sam Hunt
  8. Dominick the Donkey: Lou Monte
  9. Mama’s Broken Heart: Miranda Lambert
  10. Go Big or Go Home: American Authors
  11. Christmas Wrapping: The Waitresses
  12. Babel: Mumford and Sons



** Funny story about The Dirty Heads: In college I discovered them through Youtube and was hooked on their songs. I downloaded all of them!! This was circa 2008 they were not as popular as they are now, their songs were not on the radio, my friends didn’t know who they were, and most importantly I loved the songs I heard.  The songs I downloaded are still on my IPod today  I fell in love with them and their songs but only had their songs from 2008.  When I heard My Sweet Summer on the radio I was like something about this songs, melody, sounds so familiar and when they announced the artist I knew why!

So yes I knew this band before they were cool (JK they were always cool!) and on the radio.  Their older songs are still my favorite!  So guys if you happen to read and or see this Congrats on the success and I still love your music!!

Favorite Dirty Head Songs 

2008 songs (all are still on my iPod and under The Dirty Heads not Dirty Heads)

Check the Level


Lay Me Down

Stand Tall

I Got No TIme

Everything I’m Looking For

Check the Level