Turkey Day!

This has been one memorable and unique turkey day. Growing up my family has always hosted Thanksgiving and we would squeeze 20 people into my small house and just have great time. Now that I live in the South my family still hosts but for less people usually just some neighbors. To us it doesn’t matter because we enjoy cooking and hosting. It is one of our family specialties!

This year has been very different than all the past Thanksgiving because we had to cancel it. My mom got really sick and she tried to make it but we did not want to risk getting our neighbors sick. They only live up the block so we told them it was canceled and that we would deliver to them dinner later. So, this is new for us because we never had to cancel a holiday.

What makes today even more special is that it is my sister (Pep’s) 21st birthday! She is so exited that it fell on a holiday this year! So we celebrated in the morning with balloons and presents! This is the second time she has had a birthday on a holiday. Her sixteenth birthday also fell on Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that she will have more holiday birthdays!

Despite what happened we are still cooking away and enjoying time as a family. I am so thankful to have such an amazing family and love them so much. i treasure this family time because throughout the year we are not able to get together as much as I’d like. So here is to another year in the books! Happy Thanksgiving!!

What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? Funny Thanksgiving stories? Feel free to share in the comment section!


Early Christmas bugs me…

Every year Christmas comes earlier and earlier in the retail industry.   When I go shopping this time of year Christmas music is playing and decorations are hung all before Thanksgiving.  This is insane and it every year I have noticed this happening earlier and earlier.  One store had Christmas ornaments on display after Halloween.  The next holiday is Thanksgiving, thank you very much, not Christmas.  Now that the stores have broken out the holiday music before Thanksgiving all I want to do is avoid shopping and stores.  My mind is thinking about Thanksgiving not Christmas and all I want to do is get through the Thanksgiving holiday: Okay Thanks!

Major kudos to Nordstrom for keeping the actually meaning and excitement of the holidays by posting signs like this in various stores! It is nice to see a store that will not be filled with holiday music or decor before the Thanksgiving holiday!  Now if more stores can take the hint from Nordstrom and do the same!  Thank you  Nordstrom!