Weekly Wonders

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm


Recieved this lip balm in the Vanilla flavor as a Christmas gift and love it.  The smell is just right and not overpowering.  The lip balm hydrates my lips and stays on for longer than typical chapstick.  I am a fan of Lush products because they are natural and do not irritate my sensitive skin. Try out one of their lip products!  I hear they make awesome bath bombs and face stubs/cleansers.

Patricia Nash Poppy Handbag with Map print


I love, love, love Patricia Nash bags.  Received this handbag as a gift and it is amazing.  The quality and design of the bag was designed with function in mind.  The map design is unique and beautiful.  It is so roomy and is my new everyday bag!  I have already gotten so many compliments on it!  Loving this bag so far and will purchase more map design products in the future

Scunci Evolution Hair Bands


My holy grail of hair ties!  A co-worker lent me one of these hair bows three years ago and it was love at first ponytail!  These hair ties are not made of elastic so they last longer, don’t stretch out, and grip hair better.  Once I bought them I haven’t looked back or used elastics since.

Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals in Onyx


Hands down my favorite shoes of all time! I could wear them all day everyday!  They came on my radar in 2008 while I worked at a summer camp.  This was just the beginning of their popularity and now I seem them around town all of the time.  In NY i was not able to wear Birks so I purchased a pair in Florida.  Best amount of money I have ever spent on shoes!  They are so comfortable and durable.  The break in period for Birks hurts like hell when you wear them.  After you break them in it is smooth sailing from there.  Eventually I will purchase another pair because I love them so much!


Weekly Wonders

First Weekly Wonders post!! Check out these posts for things newly discovered or loved by me!

1. Patricia Nash Designs

One of my favorite handbag designers.  The company produces Italian leather handbags of all sizes which will last you a lifetime!  Purchased my first one about five years ago and it has been my go to bag.  They also have a fantastic customer service policy which is: We are happy to offer free repair services to our customers whenever possible. … Once we receive an item for repair, we will inspect the item and advise you on your available repair or replacement options. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of repaired items.

I had to use this policy due to the leather coming off some of the piping on my bag.  I was sad that it could not be repaired but I was able to pick a replacement bag valued at the original cost of my broken bag.  Customer Service Representative replied quickly and courteously to my emails.  You truly get what you pay for and not many companies have policies like this! Basically, this company rocks!

Avellino Crossbody in Distressed Chocolate


Check out her designs: Patricia Nash Designs Website

2. Bobbi Brown

OMG! I have totally fallen head over heals for her makeup products! Her concealer and corrector are the best I have used and they are amazing. Also, her makeup looks natural on me and the color is a good fit for my skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Concealer


Bobbi Brown Corrector


3. Kate Spade

My other top handbag designer!  Her designs are timeless, chic, and classic.  They can be paired with a multitude of outfits and will last you forever.  Kate Spade bags are the total opposite of Patricia Nash Designs but I love both equally!

Some of my favorite Kate Spade Bags

Bon Shopper: Deborah Dots


Sawyer Street Maxi: Large (really want this one!!)



4. Coca Cola Commercial

There is a Coca-Cola commercial circulating around the web and it is very sweet. A good commercial in time for the holidays and makes you feel good.  A must watch so click the link below! Nice job Coca Cola!:)

Coca Cola

5.Florence & the Machine album

I’m in love with the album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful!  Love , Love ,Love it!  Enjoy listening to this Cd on the ride to and from work!  Go check it out!