Tres dates from Tinder …

So, I promised all of you readers out there that I would follow up with you after I went on my first Tinder date. My luck was greater than one because I had three Tinder dates with two different men,  I went on one date with one and two dates with the other.  I approached the dates with with no expectations or pre-conceived notions.   I was quite surprised and I think you will be too.

Date Uno

The first guy out of the two we will call B. I was hopeful about meeting B because we had good conversation over the app and through text. We set a date to meet but details were not finalized until the day of the date. This is a big turn off for me If you ask me out then plan the damn date.  I know I am at fault here too because I could have turned the date down.  I get that he is a busy guy because he is in grad school, works, and has a far commute for his job and school.  I totally understand that but it’s not an excuse for lack of planning and I did not get a good first impression of this guy.  He wanted to do things around his schedule which rubbed me the wrong way and it showed he had no consideration for me.  I had to tell him I could not do the time he originally suggested because I already had plans that night.  Since everything was do so last minute I as in no way canceling my plans.  If he planned earlier that would not have been an issue but i threw out times and he rejected them which annoyed me. I had these plans, a close friends birthday, before he asked me out.  When everything was finally set, I was more at ease.

Basically it was a low key date. We met at a coffee shop, tried to go to hike a local park but couldn’t find parking spots so we wound up going to a pub for a drink.  The date was going well because we were there for two hours and didn’t get kicked out or ask us to leave.  I was late to the party because we just had a good conversation flow going on and when we parted there was a mention of a second date the following weekend.

Update: Even though we clicked with conversation on the first date and chatted thereafter we ha don second date. According to him I will not “clique” with him and he would be too much for me (whatever that means).  It was fine and I’m cool with it.  That is what happens when you date.


Date Uno

The second first date I went on I enjoyed even better then the first one!  We will call this guy T. T planned ahead and picked a great brunch spot for our date.  He looked like his pictures but was defiantly heavier than his photos. Which means his photos were not recent.  But everything else checked out so I could get over the weight issue.  In reality post current pictures guys, it makes a difference.  We hit it off instantly and our conversation was non-stop.  T and I have visited some of the same places so we chatted about that. The waitress did not rush us out considered it was peak brunch time and packed.  We parted ways and that same night he texted me to let me know he had a great time.  Guess it is a good sign.  We chatted throughout the week and nothing was mentioned about a second date. So, I figured I would initiate a second date.  I threw out two options and he didn’t really seem to dig either of them nor did he suggest an alternative that he would like.  I just picked one and we went to a German beer hall/restaurant for our second date.

Date Dos

This date was initiated and planned by me.  It occurred a week after our second date and again we just chatted away and were not rushed out. T said he enjoyed this date was well and will defiantly like to go out again the upcoming weekend.  We have been talking since the second date and that is a another good sign.   I will have to wait and see what happens for a third date.  The ball is in his court now since I initiated and planned the second date.


The two first dates I had showed me that there are decent guys on Tinder.  I found them with a lot of filtering through matches.  I am pretty picky in general but even more so on Tinder due to its reputation.  I was glad that I went  on both dates.  Even if no second date came it was still a good experienced.

Even though the dates turned out good it is so much work to get a response or find decent men.  Sometimes all of the work that I need to go through makes me want to stay single.






Dating Dilemma

It has been such a long time since I have done a dating dilemma post. My dating life was going ok for awhile andI found a guy I really dug and things were just flowing naturally. Then things kind of came to a halt and he pulled the whole I like to take things slow card. So, I figured why not just dip my toe back in to see what’s out there. Compared to up North the dating pool is  different and smaller. I have little hope of finding someone when I keep receiving messages like the following.

Some stellar messages from the men that inhabit the online dating world.

  • If all the stars in the sky were summed, not even words that many times stronger then “beautiful” could ever be used to describe you. trust me.
  • Do you talk?
  • When they said this smile is worth a million dollars I think they forgot to add some more zeros.
  • Damn you ares sexy …I’m not very good at romance but you could sit on my face and I could just eat my way to your heart? (Really?  Theses gross and is not even worth a response)
  • Good with advices?
  • Hey there sexy I just wanted to let you know that I find you incredibly beautiful.
  • I mean if there is one thing that there is enough of in this world, it’s beautiful women.

So, this is why I am destined to be single forever. I am just getting tired of filtering through messages and having my inbox filled with messages like the ones above.  Seriously some men out there need to step up their game and stop writing sub par messages to women.



Dating (Un) Dilemma…

It feels like it has been a very long while since I have done a dating post.  Let me tell you its been a heck of a whirlwind.  Since the last post I had a not so great first date, got stereotypical messages, and had conversations with a man which led to nowhere. All of that was frustrating.  I was ready to throw in the towel and just resign myself to be a wishful thinker about having a relationship but I have had some success!  I reached a message from a potential match and after viewing his profile which had no spelling mistakes and    figured I would give it a shot.  We messaged back and forth for a while before meeting in person.  It went well and we have been on a few successful dates!  I am taking everything slow and am not rushing anything.  I’ll see how this goes and fingers crossed it continues on!


Amusing messages:

I am looking for a woman who loves the finer things in life

Wow I just want to say I love your eyes:)

Hey beautiful you are if I could give your one gift I’d give you my eyes so you could see how beautiful you are

I’m guessing your inbox must be blowing up LOL!

Would you let me kiss you?

If I had a dollar for every girl I saw that was just as pretty as you are I’d be broke.

Recently I have, received some interesting messages and they show that there are definitely characters out there in the online dating world. There are some real winners here too.


LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! My name is _________ … Do you mind my height? I’m 6’2″280 .. as you can see I’m definitely not small… If that’s cool shoot me an email so we can get to know each other better….

This was such a random message.  I hate the use of the … at random times throughout the message and the all caps first sentence.  Plus, it’s a message and not email.  Sorry dude this message just does not cut it

You are so cute that I can’t stop myself from texting u and m not sorry for that

This guy should have proofread his message and used punctuation.  Time for him to go back to English 101.

Can i eat it today:))

Really dude? Next, message please.

Hey, how’s it going?  Sorry I don’t have a pic, my friend made this for me and he didn’t have any pics of me.  I tried uploading some earlier but it didn’t work:(

I’m not buying this for a second and this is a total lie.  First off, I would not have a friend create an online profile for me or upload a picture.  This man is going to have to try a lot better and harder if he wants a woman to respond to his message.

Something about you got me … so here’s who I am.  My name is _____.  I write, I draw, I’m athletic .. I know how to treat a woman. I put an emphasis on woman because I know when a woman needs to be kissed softly, held, and treated like the most precious things in the world and I know when she needs to be thrown down on the bed to have her hair pulled and ass smacked all night till she can’t take it anymore … I’m very honest … I’m not trying to rush into anything … just wanted your attention lol 🙂

Here is another man who likes to use the … in the middle of sentences. Maybe he is related to the man who wrote the first message in this post.  Also, this message is ridiculous and worthy of a response.  There is no way in hell that I would think of sending a reply.  I’m sorry dude but you need to rethink and rewrite your messages because it is totally not getting my attention and makes me think you are one creepy man.

Knock knock

The point of this message is for the woman to respond with who’s there and the answer to that will most likely be corny, creepy, or boring.  I just delete messages like this due to lack of creativity or effort on the part of the man.

Dang your gorgeous

I’m sorry I do not remember meeting you or knowing you well enough for you to call me gorgeous.  I absolutely hate when guys throw out unnecessary comments like this trying to phish for a reply.  Maybe a woman with low self worth, low self esteem, or no confidence will write back but I certainly will not.

Hey got a question for ya

First off it is you not ya and second you need to use punctuation at the end of your sentence.  Another man who could benefit from taking a grammar and English course.  Bad spelling and lack of punctuation is not going to elicit a response from me.


The men who messages ladies should make use of the picture above.  This will help them use certain words correctly and will help become grammatically correct.  Men if you want to woo girls, especially smart and educated women, proper grammar, spelling, and tenses are a must.

All of the messages above show how frustrating online dating is for woman that are looking for someone to potentially date.  So, guys please put some effort and thought when you send messages to woman or at the bare minimum  proofread your messages before you hit send.  With all of that being said the messages definitely make the online dating experience a bit humorous and entertaining.

Dilemmas of Dating 2


So life has its way of throwing curve balls.  For some odd reason I am always the one who finds themselves in the way of these said curve balls.  In this instance it is screwing up my dating life or potential date with a guy.  Basically he is a great guy but it is the distance and timing issues which 100% sucks.

After talking to guys through the dating site and getting, ghosted, asked for a hook up, or dealing with creeps, I believe I found a decent guy.  We finally exchanged #’s and have been texting.  Everything has been going  well and we even want to meet in person.  The only problem is distance.  We live more than an hour apart which basically gives me little to no hope of this actually going anywhere.  Also, the dude is really new to his area down here.  So idk life why- I finally meet a decent guy and we hit it off (and he’s cute too) but distance puts a major wrench in things.  It totally blows because let’s just say we meet up and want to go out again.  The distance would be too much and well only be able to see each other on weekends.  I know what you all are thinking… Why can’t you meet up half way?  The problem with that is there is nothing to do halfway that is worth doing.  That also puts another wrench in the situation.  So I guess this was doomed from the start.

On the other hand I was the foolish one because I realized the distance but figured why not chat with him and see where it goes due to the lack of dudes in my area.  Seriously the same dudes keep rotating through my feed and it’s not like I live in the boondocks.  He messaged me first with a normal message instead of the typical hey or sup.  So that’s how we began talking and we haven’t stopped since.  So yeah that  was a bad move on my part even answering the message knowing how far apart we live.  But I truly thought of the distance factor for like a nano second and then just figured what the hell and answered his message.  Hey if I don’t try things I will not know what could happen or where things could lead even if it turns out to be a friendship or going nowhere.  The fact that he didn’t ghost on me in the middle of the conversation was a plus.  Also, I was not the one carrying the whole conversation due to him asking questions as well.  So I guess when I see a cute guy  and am having a good conversation with him my rational and practical thoughts go out the window. In a way this is bad because now I feel like I was giving this guy false hope due to how new he was to his area and he most likely didn’t know how far we lived from each other.  But in reality there was nothing that said how truly new he was to the area so I assumed he knew how far we lived.  Distance issue aside there is the chance that things with this guy will turn out to be a bust when/if we meet in person.  If we’re not compatible in person it would totally suck but I need to just keep on trucking and start searching again.  That would be a bummer!  So life your curve balls and impeccable timing are horrible as always. I’ve found a nice guy but the distance and timing isn’t right.  Why could we not live closer to make meeting up easier and I couldn’t have found this guy earlier in my searches.  I’ll see how this goes and I hope it works out for the best.  We shall see!


Dilemmas of Dating…


So, recently I jumped back into the world of dating after taking a long overdue break.  It has been nothing short of an adventure.  It has been an interesting run so far with a few weirdos in the bunch.  Figured I’d share my experiences so far and the type of dudes I have encountered. (BTW I am not guy bashing because I’m sure there are girls who do the exact same things listed below to guys)

1.The first I’m sweet, then I turn weird and creepy guy

These guys are matched with you, have a nicely written profile, and send a nice first message (something besides, the one worded hey or sup).  After chatting for awhile they get all weird and ask you to send them pics, ask what underwear your wearing etc.  These are truly weird and creepy guys especially because they seem normal from the beginning and then do a 360 flip.  This type of behavior made think: Am I talking to the same guy I was 5 minutes ago? Steer clear of these guys but I guess at some point you are bound to run into them.

2. The Fade Aways

I really hate these guys more than any other type I mention in this post.  Basically, you hit it off with a guy and you  exchange messages, get to know each other, the convo is flowing, and then silence, nada, nothing, zero.  The guy goes fucking AWOL and just stops messaging you.  No explanation, no anything just radio silence.  Yes, it sucks because you had a good convo, thought you’d exchange numbers, or already did, and the he goes MIA on you.  This guy was most likely keeping you around as a second option until he found better and more attractive girl to talk with.  It sucks but it is what it is and will always be a part of online dating.

3. The Old School Creep

The dude that keeps visiting your profile but never messages you.  Obviously the guy is somewhat interested in you because he keeps taking peeks at your profile.  Dude, if you like what you see just message me instead of stalking my profile throughout the course of the day or week.  When you message him he does not respond and this leaves you scratching your head.  Just get over it and move on.

4. The Old Guys Scoping Out Younger Girls

Really dudes, Really?  It’s nice that you sent me a perfectly spelled  more than one word or phrase first message but the  only problem is you are old enough to be my dad.  An age difference of 8 years or greater is too much for me.  I am flattered that you took time to message me but it is just not going to work out.  I do not want to date someone close in age to my father.

5. The Misspelled Messages

I’m sorry, there is absolutely no excuse for poor grammar or basic spelling mistakes in messages.  I hate receieving messages with capital letters in the middle of words or confusing your/you’re  If you do not know how to use proper capitalization in your 20s then we should not be having a conversation and you need to re-take English 101.  Terrible grammar or spelling will not initiate a response from me and I’ll move on.

6.The Same 

This is so ridiculous and frustrating.  I swear I have seen the same men pop up in my searches  and it sucks.  It just shows how there is literally no one where I and there is nothing to here so that could be why there are not many guys coming up.

7. The One Liners

Guys who send out mass messages of hey to amy woman the see on a dating site in hopes of a response.  This is so lazy and unpersonable.  I hate when men do this because they want the woman to do all of the work and are just plain lazy.  if you are not going to take the time to read my profile then I am not wasting my time getting back to you or checking out yours.

8. The Ever Persistent Guy

The guy who keeps messaging you long after you stopped answering his messages or told him you’re not interested.  You would think he gets the hint from the lack of response/interest but he keeps flooding your inbox with messages. Sometimes requiring you to block him.  These are very annoying guys and if you ever want to land a first date you need to stop.


  Best first messages I have received when online dating(exactly as they typed it):

Hi can I be your SD?

No way me too!

You look good, I look good … let’s make this happen

Can I pay you to kiss your feet

I want to get u pregnant

Can we fuck?

Could you be interested in a sugar daddy?

Well if you want to swing by you can I just ordered some chop suey

I’m just guessing but you must get bombarded with messages

Can I massage your feet

Let’s hook up?

If you were a vegetable you would be a cute-cucumber

If you were a triangle you’d be a cute one!