Turkey Day!

This has been one memorable and unique turkey day. Growing up my family has always hosted Thanksgiving and we would squeeze 20 people into my small house and just have great time. Now that I live in the South my family still hosts but for less people usually just some neighbors. To us it doesn’t matter because we enjoy cooking and hosting. It is one of our family specialties!

This year has been very different than all the past Thanksgiving because we had to cancel it. My mom got really sick and she tried to make it but we did not want to risk getting our neighbors sick. They only live up the block so we told them it was canceled and that we would deliver to them dinner later. So, this is new for us because we never had to cancel a holiday.

What makes today even more special is that it is my sister (Pep’s) 21st birthday! She is so exited that it fell on a holiday this year! So we celebrated in the morning with balloons and presents! This is the second time she has had a birthday on a holiday. Her sixteenth birthday also fell on Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that she will have more holiday birthdays!

Despite what happened we are still cooking away and enjoying time as a family. I am so thankful to have such an amazing family and love them so much. i treasure this family time because throughout the year we are not able to get together as much as I’d like. So here is to another year in the books! Happy Thanksgiving!!

What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? Funny Thanksgiving stories? Feel free to share in the comment section!


Blogtember 19: September 19

Blogtember 19:Something you wish more people knew or believed.

Everyday is Mother’s, Father’s, Sister’s (or any other important person in your life) Day


Since I was little my Dad has instilled that celebrating and appreciating the important people in your life should be done everyday and just on the holidays like Father’s Day.  I never really paid attention to this when I was younger due to the fact that I expected the people close to me to be around for  long time.  As life would have it this would not always be the case.  I heeded this advice as I grew and would email, call, and Skype those closest to me daily, weekly, or monthly.  Once, someone is gone it is not the same and I have regrets like I should have told them this or shared that or maybe visited more.  I can not go back and change the relationship once my loved one has passed away.  SO now I do not take for granted the life of a loved one because circumstances can change at any time.  So, do not be afraid to reach out to the people dear to you because in an instant that can be gone and you do not want to leave anything unsaid.  I celebrate the people I love most everyday and not just on the society dictated holidays!  This is something I wish more people would take the time to think about and act on!

Blogtember Day 7 September 7th

Blogtember Day 7: Five things that bring you joy


My Family


img_1618 img_1596

Half the time they drive me nuts and the other half there are fabulous times but I think any persons can relate to that.  I am so thankful to have my family when there are so many individuals who have no one to lean on.  Throughout my life my family has supported me, cried with me, angered me, yelled at me, gave me the needed reality checks, and most of all always loved me for who I am.  They are everything and they make me so happy!

Sunrises & Sunsets


There is no better way to start and end a day than with these two things.  They always bring me back to vacations because I would sit on the beach to watch both the sunrise and sunset.  It always happens on Montauk beach which is my favorite place in the world.  Many family dinners were had during sunset on our favorite spot on the hill which is now converted to campsites.  That makes me sad because the top of the hill gave the best views of the sunset.  Sunrise is mazing because it means that it is the start of a new day and I have another day to impact people and live my life.  Sunrises are pretty and I love how they look over the water.  I also have to mention


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I am a book nerd and have been since I learned to read!  I will devour anything with words except for sic-fci and romance novels.  There is hardly a time where you catch me without a book in my hand or in my purse.  Reading is like an escape for me and causes me to reflect and think about things.  For the past year I have been part of a book club that has helped bring me out of my shell and also  allow me to discuss books with women who enjoy reading.  Without books I would not be as happy.



At first glance this is so cliche.  Majority of people list this as one of the things that they are thankful or happy about.  The older I get the more thankful I am for my great health.  In the past year I have had a few people close to me go through some health issue that affected their daily routines, independence, and ability to function.  I stood by all my friends and family during their tough times and saw the struggles they faced and how it effected their life and the people around them.  I am grateful to be able to get out of bed and live my life without pain or sickness and hope it stays that way for as long as I can.

Weekly Wonders

Lox Najad


I visited Ikea last weekend and it was fabulous.  I think I loved the food more than the actual items.  There were so many things I wanted to purchase which is good and bad because some of this food it junk food.  While I was there I could not pass up the chance to try the Lox.  I love having Lox for breakfast on a bagel with cream cheese and a slice of tomato.  That is a classic NY style breakfast!  These lox were so good and better than the brand I usually purchase at the supermarket!  I will definitely need to purchase more and try the other types of lox Ikea sells! Maybe it is a good thing that Ikea is a bit of a drive from my house otherwise I might be there a lot more often.

Family Time

My  parents are getting older just like me and that sucks.  I hate thinking about the day my parents will not be here anymore and I have to go on without them.  No one wants to think about the day their parents will pass away and I am lucky to have had both my parents for the past twenty six years.  Our family time is extremely valuable and I cherish all of the moments we spend together be it good or bad.  When my parents do pass on I do not want to regret not spending enough time with them or not appreciating all they have done for me.  Every moment is special and tomorrow is not guaranteed!

John Green Books


I love the books written by John Green!  I have not gotten a chance to read them all but have read The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska.  I loved them both!  Next on my list is An Abundance of Katherines and I will let you know what I think when I complete the book.  I have enjoyed his stories and find that they are relatable to current teens and issues they face as they navigate the world of adolescence.  I wish that these book were around when I was in high school.  They would have been books that I have picked up and favorited for sure.  I think some of the books were around when I was in high school but were not popular.

The Adipositivity Project



This is a different take on body image and focuses on plus sized couples and individuals.  It is nice to see an under appreciated body type as the feature of this project.  Everyone should feel comfortable in their skin no matter their height, weight, looks etc.  This is not the case for many people in society and hopefully the photographs featured in this project will help change people’s view and stereotypes about people who are larger sized.