Let me Get this off my chest… Part 2

My last let me get this off my chest post focused on the difficulty I had getting over my break up and the positive qualities you should look for in a partner.  This post will be dedicated to things that can put wrenches or end a relationship. The issues I list below impacted my relationship and caused its doom.  These two posts are a way for me to process the events  of the break up, an attempt to finally get closure, and to help others struggling through a relationship or break up.

Qualities that can negatively impact a relationship.  Keep in mind every relationship is different and not all of these problems will be present in every relationship.

Value: Make sure that you and your partner value each other.  We both did in the beginning months of our relationship but for him it started to fade the longer we were together.  I kind of felt like he did not value me or my time the longer we dated.  It was a point of frustration for me and on this I should have made my voice heard more.  When I was commuting 45 minutes to his place every for the day (Sat or Sunday) every weekend then it was a problem.  It showed that he did not value me or my time.

Effort: This is a major reason our relationship collapsed.  I always put effort into our relationship. I would drive down to his town for the day or for a few hours just to see him and he would never come up to my area to see me or even give up one Friday night out with coworkers to spend time with me.  He would not put time in to planning dates and we eventually would just hang out at his house and watch Netflix and sports.  Over time I felt like I was constantly putting in effort and he was just coasting along through our relationship.  He just expected me to to all of the work and that is not ok.  Both parties should but all the effort they can into a relationship.

Priority:  This was another major issue in my last relationship.  I would put our relationship first and even gave up plans with my family the day after Christmas so that I could meet his aunt because I knew that was important to him.  In our relationship I would do whatever I could to be with him and he would not reciprocate.   This included me rearranging and giving up plans with family or friends so that I could be with him.  I would make sure that our relationship was one of my top priorities and he did not see things that way.  His priorities were family work, friends, sports, then our relationship.  Our relationship was dead last to him.  He basically fit me in when it was convenient or when it worked for him. I understand family and work  coming before a significant other but friends and sports should come secondary to a long term relationship.  I invited him to events with my friends and their significant others and he never went or reciprocated with his friends.  He would not even give up one Friday night out of the month with his co-workers so that we could spend time together.  He couldn’t do that and it made me mad.

Saying the only time you can spend time with me all week is a Sunday dinner because  you just had to go to your friends  football party in the afternoon or you fit time in with me for five hours on a Saturday because of you had to go see a hockey game with your buddies (the five hours was all the time that we would see each other that week). This was one of the frustrating issues for me because I am a quality time person and I was snot nearly getting enough quality time int his relationship.  I was the back burner or show off girl.  I mean the following puts things in perspective: W were going out for a year never spent a whole weekend together.  This should have been a red flag for me.  I did bring up that I would like to see him more and he agreed but nothing on his end changed.

Communication: This is different for every couple but is something that can be so trivial can greatly impact a relationship. My recommendation is to talk, talk, and guess what talk even more to each other.  Talk about anything and everything.  Open communication is crucial for a relationship to succeed.  If only one party communicates than it will cause cracks within the relationship.

When something bothered me I would always bring it up to my ex me so I could get his thoughts on the issue.  Most times he would not communicate his feelings.  He would say that he is logical and analytical so that is why he did not need to be emotional or talk about certain things.  I would bring up things related to our time spent together, effort, prioritization, and intimacy and he hardly voiced his opinion.  Most times he would say that he was happy in ur relationship or that he had to defend himself over issues and I was not placing blame or attacking him, or he would use the logical/analytical excuse as a reason not to talk about things.  It was so frustrating and his lack of communication caused major rifts and problems in our relationship.

Time spent together: This is fuel that will help your relationship grow and flourish unless you are long distance.  We live a 40 minute drive apart and he rarely drove up to my town or spend the night at my place.  He would always  have an excuse about why he could not stay the night or drive up to my area to hang out.  I loved spending time with him and would drive to him just so that we could be together.  He drove to my area a few times (5 times in all the 10 months we were dating) but he never spent  the night.  I would see him, in person, for about 7 or less hours per week.  We were dating for 12 months and barely saw each other in person!

What I have learned from all of this…

We did not have enough quality time for our relationship survive.  I was tired of only visiting him for one day, if that, a week or for a few hours. I would always drive to his area all the time and it was not fair to me.  HE would make minimal effort with the commenting even after I talked to him about it.  It changed for like a week and then went back to the same old things.  I know people make sacrifices in relationships and make things work be he was not.  I mean we had no pictures together, he would never want to talk to me on the phone unless I called him (he hates the way his voice sounded which is a load of BS),  We did not spend the weekend

I think I covered everything and I feel like I wrote a book!  But, I had to get all of that off my chest and surprisingly it has helped me a lot!  I learned that I did not value myself and let my ex get away with behavior that I was not ok with.  Next time I will communicate more and if the guy chooses not to change or ignores what I say then I will dump him instead of putting forth more effort.  On the other hand I can  scale back my effort and contact to see if it the guy even notices or how he reacts. It know that sounds terrible but maybe it will show me how much the guy values my time, effort, and prioritizes me.  I should have done that with my ex

So guys and gals always make sure your relationship is up at the top of your priority list for it to stay strong and grow!  It is not right for one person to put more effort in to the relationship. For a relationship to fully work both parties need to dedicate time and effort to it, communicate with each other, see each other in person, not make excuses for their behavior, and make each other a priority when you get serious.


This is NOT men bashing because these issues happen with WOMEN and not just men.  Women can do the same things to their significant others as well.  These are just the problems that I experienced in this relationship.  It taught me a lot and realized that both people need to want to communicate with each other and work things our which did not happen when I brought up the issues that bothered me.

Hope all of the above helps some reader out there!  This is just my opinion and my experience form one of my relationships.  Every person experiences and interprets things differently.  SO basically take from this what you will.

TO help me truly get over the break up I think that I should heed the advice of the below phrase


I am important and deserved to be treated well and I should not expect anything less.  All of this falls back on self worth, self value, confidence, and self love.

Let me get this off my chest… Part 1

Apparently my blog posts have focused on certain themes lately which seem to be dating, breaking up, and my ex boyfriend.  So, I figured I would take one or two posts to lay my emotions out on the table in an effort to help me get over him and make peace with everything. Please bear with me because this is a bit long but I feel it is necessary.  Maybe I will even help somebody in the process.

My last break up hit me really hard and it has taken a long time to process and work through the feelings felt.  To be quite frank I am not over him and by this point in time it should be a thing of the past.  For some reason I miss him and memories we had in our relationship.  I know he has moved on because the day we broke up (New Years Eve morning btw) he completely cut contact with me.  I even attempted to wish him a Happy New Year and got no response.  That stung that after a year he just cut me out with no thought at all.  It is like he threw everything we had together, crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash. Talk about being hurt so much and I am still hurting which sucks.

The break up was difficult  for me and  broke my heart.  It hurt more than any other break I have had.  What hurt the most was when he admitted he would not fight for our relationship, he could not break up with me in person because it would hurt him too much to see my face ( he was being a pussy we together for a year and he could not even break up with me in person which I deserved), he said we thought differently, and that I hurt him more than anyone had in his life and he would not be able to get over this.

Short story  is that he was not a good communicator and I tried to work out things that were bothering me to his answers of that he is happy.  After the holidays I blew up at him because I just was frustrated and it wasn’t planned it just happened.  I told him I was sorry and he texted saying he wanted to try to resolve things with me.  Then the next morning I called him to work things out and he broke up with me.  It sucks and it felt like I was sucker punched in the gut and chest.  Basically we both got hurt and it is terrible.

That us how our relationship ended in one long phone call where he said he likes me a lot, a lot, a lot but wouldn’t fight for us because we think differently and that would cause problems in our future.  The thinking differently would cause “the ugly beast to rear its head” his exact wording which in my mind refers to his difficulty in communication and his inability to want to solve problems when issues would arrive in our  relationship.

My ex was not a bad guy and was a gentleman.  We did have to work on certain things in our relationship to help it become even stronger: communication (both of us), prioritization and effort (him), talking about emotions (him), talking about intimacy (me & him).  Those were most of the difficulties  we had and some of the things he would not budge on like communicating with me, and it caused tension.  For me priority and effort were big things that need to be present in order to make the relationship work.  He would not budge on certain things.  When I am the one doing all of the commuting in the relationship there is a problem.  That is one sided and problems can not be fixed that way.  But enough about the issues for now because I am going to focus on the positive characteristics her possessed and save the difficult spots for another post.

The good things that came out of my last relationship are qualities that I will look for in another man.  The positive qualities my ex had are fantastic and any woman should look for them int heir significant other.

Good Qualities in Significant Other

-When picking a woman up get out of the car and walk up to her door instead of texting her that you are outside

-Open the doors for you and others

-Always make sure she gets home safe

-Be selfless at times and do things that she is interested in even though you might dislike or it will be out of your comfort zone.

-Make her feel like she is a part of your life by introducing you to family and friends

-Initiate and plan dates throughout the relationship and not just in the beginning stages

-Be respectful to everyone

-Make an effort to meet and be interested in your partners their friends and family

-Be punctual on your dates and if you are running late have the courtesy to call

-Good morning texts and good night texts mean a lot

-Showing affection in public

-Forehead kisses are the best

-Keeping each other updated about your life is important and do it on the daily

-No secrets and I repeat no secrets unless you want everything to fall apart

-Honesty about everything even if it hurts.  This avoids tons of problems

-Cuddling on the couch while watching your favorite Netlix or TV show

-Be in contact with each other daily

-Be willing to support each other through thick and thin

-Show appreciation for each other every day and not just on special occasions

These are just some things that should be present in a successful relationship and positive qualities that good men should display.

Please bear with me because there will be more to come on this and it is Part 2 about issues that can cause the demise of a relationship even if one or both partners exhibit the qualities above.

What are some tips and tricks that helped you get over a break up?  Has there been a relationship that you have not been able to forget or get over?



Break up Blues and the Single Life

So, as you readers know my boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago.  I’m not going to lie it was not an easy break up and took me awhile to work through the emotions from it.  In fact I am still processing things.  The hardest thing is missing the way he made me feel, his hugs, kisses, cuddling, and the fact that he was alway there to listen and talk things out with me.  It sucks when a person who was such a big part of your life leaves you and does not fight for your relationship.

Since, it has been months since the breakup I have thrown myself back into the dating pool.  It has been so dissapointing and made me miss my ex more than ever.  I am going into everything with an open mind but none of the men I have gone on dates with have lived up to my standards and expectations.  I do my best not to compare my dates to my ex but I wan to find someone who makes me feel like I did when I was with my ex. So far all I have found are guys who have no clue how to plan a date, the socially inept guys, narcissists, and players who just want sex.  My prospects are not looking too good.  I even asked friends if they knew any singles guys or if their significant others did but no luck there.

At times like these I just want my ex and would do anything to change the outcome of our relationship.  I had a connection with him that I did not have with any other guy I ever dated.  He treated me so well but he did not prioritize our relationship. I was like fourth on his list.  it went family, work, friends, sports, me.   I looked passed that for a long time because I loved him.  To me that was  a small problem in our relationship.  I am the one who always gives more without comparing or tit for tat.  But I guess it was causing more issues than I thought I let it all boil up which did not benefit our relationship.

Recently, I have been down and had the breakup blues.  I think of all the memories that we shared and could have shared, how he treated me, and how I felt around him which was always safe and comfortable.  We could just talk about anything together.  If I did not have a certain conversation one day then it would not have spurred him to break up with me.  I know that the last sentence is silly because even if that conversation didn’t take place it does not mean that our relationship would have continued for years and years.  But in my heart I truly feel that if I had decided to have that particular conversation after the holidays things would have worked out better.  Not saying how long we would have lasted because I can not predict the future.

Now, all I need to help me move on and get out of this funk is to find a man who causes me to have the same feelings that my ex did.  I want to experience the same feelings that I felt with my ex.  It’s like we were connected and could just tell how each other felt and what they were thinking without saying a word.  But of course everything wasn’t peachy keen otherwise we would not have broken up. I just want the new guy to make me feel safe, comfortable, listened to, and communicative with me about feelings, issues, and positive things.

I know it is crazy to think this way but since I have started dating again it just hasn’t been the same.  I just wonder where my ex and I would be at this point and how our relationship would have developed.  I know I need to just get over things but it is way more difficult than I thought.      But being back in the dating world has both helped and hindered me. It makes me see what a great man my ex was compared to the guys I have chatted with.  Seriously, there are some douche bags out there in world.

Realistically, I know things between us are done but i do cling to that tiny bit of hope where he will want to talk to me again and we will be friends. But, I know that it will not happen or he would have done it already. I also know that neither my breakup or relationship was as bad as others. Our differences lied in the following our views of relationship priority, his lack of communication skills about various topics and emotions.  But what’s done is done and there is no use crying over spilled milk.

What have you guys and gals done in situations like this?  What has helped you get over an ex? How long did it take you to get over an ex?  Have any of you reunited with an ex after certain period of time?

Last minute Nellys or no date

Last Minute Nellys

So, I have noticed a trend with the men in my area: they either ask you out for a date at the last minute as in the day of the date or they do not have the initiative to actually ask you out.  There have been a few scenarios where the man will ask me Friday late afternoon for date that evening.  I am a planner and would have made plans by that point.  it makes me feel like a fall back option because nothing else worked out.  I totally understand spontaneity which to me goes something like this hey, my friend Joe just gave me tickets for tonight’s hockey game.  Would you be interested in going?  That is totally different than getting asked out a few hours before for date. That irks me because it shows that some guys have no respect for your time.  Spontaneous things I will say yes to but lack of planning for a first date I have no time for.

Non-Aggressive Men 

Now onto the non-aggressive men.  They piss me off too!  I’ll have conversations with guys and they fail to actually ask me on a date.  They hint at it or mention it but never have the balls to ask.  I’ve been there where I have asked the man on the date because he was to timid to do and it was big mistake.   After initiating the first date I had to do it with the second date was well.  Let’s just say that was a short lived relationship..I find that most men I encounter especially online from my area are like this and just with hint at or insinuate things but not get the kahunas to do it.  I mean how bad is it to ask a girl out to coffee or drinks?  the worst that can happen is she says no or you waste and hour or two of your time.  But majority of guys will have a good conversation going with you and then not ask you out.  So, its either don’t waste my time if you do not plan on asking  me out or just be a man and ask because you have nothing to lose.   I know it may cause and anxiety and can be scary but I have asked guys out and got over myself.  once you do it its not so bad.  Hey if you don’t ask her out for a first date then you could be missing out on and you could start dating a good person or make a new friend.

Men if you are reading this put more effort into to planning an actual date.  I’m not saying fancy restaurant but at least the basics such as date, time, and place and if you have been talking to a woman you really like ask her out instead of just using innuendos.  Last minute Nellys and you non-aggressive men take not and

I happened to find an article that summed up my feelings and beliefs about the these too timid men:



Has anyone else experienced this down South?  How have you dealt with any of the types of men above? I know that I have not talked to them after awhile or gave them the boot.


The Margarita Confessionals

So, I was looking stuff up on the internet and stumbled upon this website Sound Cloud  featuring podcasts of The Margarita Confessionals.  The name was catchy and the topics were right up my alley so there was nothing else to do besides  hit play.  Of course their focus is on dating, current dating trends, online dating apps, and dating struggles.  Majority of the topics covered are relatable to me in my life at this time and my dating situation.  I enjoyed what I heard and thought both Ali & Lauren were entertaining.  Since it was a site called Sound Cloud, as its I was not that familiar with, I googled Margarita confessionals to see if their was website.  There was and of course I clicked around.  It is a nicely designed website and I liked reading how both women created the idea for The Margarita Confessionals.  It is very creative name and it is crazy to see how a simple idea they had came to fruition for both women.  If you are in a dating rut, have dating on your mind, or are looking for something interesting to listen to definitely check out their website and take a listen to what they have.

The Margarita Confessionals: http://www.themargaritaconfessionals.com

The Margarita Confessionals Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/themargaritaconfessionals

Go check out the above links today!


All across the board…

Since, I seem to be on a roll of using various dating apps/sites I have come across common themes across majority of apps and sites.  It is freaky how similar things are across the board.  So, here you have it, the things that are the same throughout online dating

Men with their puppies, cats, monkeys, tigers etc.

There are so many pictures of men with some type of animal it is so annoying.  It is like guys think this is the new thing since sliced bread.  There are more men and animal pictures than I can count and it does make me want to swipe right or message the guy.  I am sick of seeing these photos on dating sites.  These photos are not cute anymore because most men I see are posting photos with one of the animals listed above.  The most annoying photos of this category are the monkey and tiger photos.  First off tigers are animals that are supposed to be looked at and admired.  They are not supposed to be petted or featured in online dating photos.  Also, the monkey pictures freak me out.  Most of them are with squirrel monkeys on leashes that are climbing on the men or the men are holding them. These are not attractive and these should not be on a dating site.  If there are any of the latter two types of photos in a man’s profile I will move on to the next profile.  Something about men with animals photos just rubs me the wrong way.  The dog and cat cat photos are acceptable if the pet is not featured in every photo on the profile.  But overall majority of profiles have at least one animal photo.  It is too much and overrated at this point.

Gym Selfies

I hate gym selfies!  Big do I loather gym selfies.  When I go to gym I am going to get healthy and actually work out.  I am not there to pose for selfies in the mirror.  I see so many of the gym selfies posted on online dating profiles and it these photos also cause me to move on to the next profile.  To me the photos portray a man as conceited, vain, and too caught up in their looks.  Yes, I get that going to the gym is good and helps keep you healthy but I do not need to see you working out or your big muscles.  This might attract many women but it does not attract me.  Yes, looks are important in a relationship but to me personality and intelligence trump looks.  You can be the hottest man in the world and be a jerk or a drip.  I would take a man who has a great personality and can hold a conversation over a man who looks like a model.  So, gym selfies do not impress me.  Men just post normal pictures of you and your life.  You might get more messages and attract some nice girls.

Mirror and Shirtless Selfies

Mirror and shirtless selfies are pictures are hates just as much as the gym selfies.  I hate seeing you take a picture in a mirror or of your abs.  Again I will reiterate the point of intelligence and personality ranking higher than looks for me.  I would take an average looking man who can make me laugh and talk with me over a hot dude who is all about his looks.  I am one of the woman who is realistic about her looks and knows what type of men will be attracted to her and plus it is so superficial and egotistical to post shirtless or mirror selfies.

Junk pictures

Guys, just do not post this picture!  This is a big no-no especially for me.  To me these guys are just looking for sex or want to display there manliness in case women are into that.  I mean there are women who are into those photos but they are the ones who are just looking for casual sex or hook ups.  Also, I would be extremely leary of a man who openly posts photos like this on any dating site.  They are not worth my time and I just pass by their profile.  I just can not believe that there are douchey men out there and it is such a big turn off for me.  Sites should ban these photos or disable the profile of men who post these types of photos.

The that is not my kid but my niece, nephew, or God-child  photos

These photos annoy me so much.  I guess men are trying to portray that they are good with kids or something to that extent but it is annoying.  These men always feel the need to explain or put a caption that those are not their kids in the pictures.  If you do not want women to think that those are your kids just do not post photos with the kids or cut them out of the pictures.  It is so annoying to see photos like this with the comment.  I am sure that there are other photos that can be posted instead of ones where you feel like you have to put something about it not being your kids. Just do not do it guys, just don’t.

Just the head or chest up photos

What is this a modeling agency or something.  Headshots or top body shots are just silly to post.  Potential dates want to see you doing things and with friends etc.  It is ok to have one or two of your photos like this but when all of the photos are head shots it is worrisome.  Are you that afraid of your looks or how you will be perceived that you cannot post one full shot of your body.  Everybody has issues with their bodies and still post photos.  I have issues with my body but I post current .  There should be a variety of pictures and not just  only head shots.  Post more pictures so that men and women can see the full you.

I am not ranking on men in this post but am merely writing what I have observed throughout my online dating experience.  Yes, women are guilty of posting all of the above types of photos on their profiles. The types of pictures mentioned above can be applied to men and women.  I would not post any of the above pictures currently but I have posted a mirror selfie before.  Both women and men are guilty of the above and can generate better responses and quality of the viewers  if they did not post many of the photos listed above.  These are just the trends I have seen while trying my luck at online dating.

Dating Apps Decoded

So, since I decided to jump back into the online dating world I figured I would put myself out there and try a variety of dating apps and websites. I figured I would write about my experience and see what some of my readers experiences were when using online dating apps.  Also, heads up that this will be one of my longer posts on the blog.


Word in the street is that this app is the Tinder for women.  The females have all of the power on this app.  Women can swipe left or right, need to initiate the conversation with their matches within twenty four hours or they will lose the match.  Once a conversation is started the match has twenty four hours to respond or the match will be closed.  I like how women need to get the conversation flowing on Bumble.  It is the role reversal of Tinder.  Women need to think of good conversation starters and opening lines to entice men to repsond.  That is what men would do on Tinder and other sites.  Maybe women will realize that being the first to start a conversation with something besides hey can be difficult and daunting.  Now the women need to wait for responses and the men get to filter through the messages and decided if they would respond or not.  On Bumble the shoe is now on the other foot for both men and women while using this app.

 I have been on here for about two weeks and have not any success yet.  I have managed to match with men and begin convo with them and then they just ghost on me.  Also, I have encountered people who are just in the area for business or vacation etc..  Their  location says they are in my area and then when we start conversing they are upfront and say they are in the area for a short time or just looking for a hook up  while they are here.  That is totally fine but that is not what I am looking for on this app.  So far I have not had any dates due to most people I conversed with not being from the area or the man would stop responding.   Another thing I have noticed is that there are not many guys in my area or within the radius that I would prefer.  I have to keep increasing my radius to find matches which sucks because I really do not want to travel that far.  I could just be really picky but a: there are not many choices for my preferred radius which is pretty generous (25-30 miles) and b: I am not finding a ton of men that I am attracted to on this app.  So, as of yet no success on this app but I will keep plugging away and see if anything happens.  How have your experiences been using Bumble?  Have any of you found success or met anyone in person or off of the site?  If yes, How did it go?


The infamous hook up app.  I was very leary before trying out this app due to its reputation but I figured,what the hell can happen?  The worst case scenarios are that I have some crazy stories to tell, I delete the app, or fins another app to use.  Since this is Tinder I understand that I will get hook up requests and boring messages that I do on other sites but thats cool because that happens on any dating site.  One reason I am trying this app besides curiosity is that one of my best friends found success on Tinder despite its rep.  She has been dating her boyfriend for about eight months and things have been great between them.   Finally after her nagging me for a bit to just try it out I caved and gave Tinder a shot.  To my surprise I have hit it off with a few guys on Tinder.  Some of the conversations have been so good that we have moved to texting and I have a date set up with one of the guys.  I am excited to see what happens but am hesitant because it is online dating and you never know what is going happen. As of now I will see how the date goes and am hopeful that it will go well and lead to a second date.  As of now I am going with no expectations and expecting some awkwardness and weirdness but overall I am interested to see where this goes.  I’ll do a post about how the date goes and if the guy is a creep or just your average joe looking for love.

 I have surprised myself and have found some decent guys on Tinder who are not out for a hookup or friends with benefits.  So, ladies there is hope out there in the Tinder universe for dating  but it does take screening and time to find the good guys.   Readers, let me know your Tinder experiences and what you think of the app?


This app was all the rage in NYC starting about three years ago.  I have heard of this app for  a while but was not looking to date at the time so I never downloaded it or looked into how the app works.  Since I am back into the dating world again I looked into what all the hype was about CoffeemeetsBagel.  I liked that point off the app is to get the man and woman to exchange numbers and get off of the app and meet in person.  The way the app works is that you set up a profile and then everyday at noon you receive bagels (matches) that you can like or pass.  If you do not receive a bagel (match) then you get a free pick and choose from a bunch of matches.  When I first had this app I found that I was getting a good amount of matches to pick from each day but the longer I had the app the less matches I would receive.  I have had some good conversations with guys on here and have went on a date with  a man who I met on this site.  The date went well and we did go on a few dates but it didn’t work out long term.  I do not know anyone that has used this app before so I just kind of tried it on a whim to see how the app worked.  How have your experiences been with the app?  Have you met anyone in person from the app?  How did it go?  Thoughts in general about the app?  Let me know in the comments below.


This is not a bad site.  It does require a lot of filtering of men and messages.   I have gotten men uncreative, rude, or creepy.  It does require you to actually read the profile, look at pictures etc. and not just messaging back and forth without checking the profile out.  I have mixed feelings about this site.  From my experience let’s just say that there are weirdos and creeps out there.  There are a lot of them and it total changed my attitudes this site and dating people from this site.  I mean I am just picky and really filter who I message and talk to on here.  So, far my experiences here have been decent but I have not been using this app as much as I have in the past.  Now I am using some of the newer apps that I have found.

 I have gone on dates with guys from the site.  They weren’t bad but I am picky with who I meet and talk to on the site.  That is just me I am picky and don’t want to waste my time. This is a good site to try if you do not want to pay for a membership and know what you are looking for then you can hopefully find success on this site.

What are your opinions of using OkCupid?  If there are success stories or horror stories I want to hear about it so leave a comment in the comment section below.  Let me know!


I saved the best for last!  This is one of the most successful dating site I have heard of.  I know of two people that have met their significant others or current spouse using this site.  I have tried this site and have a love hate relationship with it.  I have had a long term relationship from this site almost a year long.  They guy I dated was great and that we were a good pair but there were some differences that could not be worked out which led to our break up.  Despite us not working out the quality of matches were a bit better than other sites I have tried and were in the radius that I specified on my settings preferences.  I did pay for a subscription for this app and it is pricy.  I only did the one month subscription because I did not want to get locked into three months of payment and dislike the site.  I know if I paid for three months than I would not get my money back whereas if I only paid for a month then I would be totally done after the month was up.

Since the above is a bit wish mossed here is what I like about the site.  The matches were better than other sites I have tried and more educated.  Also, the matches were sent to me and I did not have to filter through matches as much as I did on other dating sites.  This part is nice and many of the men I chatted with have had common topics to discuss.  The one thing that I did not like is that you could not tell who is a paying member and who is not.  That frustrated me because many of your matches might be using the site anymore.  This is a waste of everyones time and eHarmony should get rid of the profiles of non paying members or those who are no longer subscribed.  Also, I would get a bunch of matches who are outside of my radius and way too far to meet in person.  I am not looking for a long distance relationship and it frustrated me that I would get a decent number of matches who are out of state.  I did not specify that I was looking for someone out of state and eHarmony should follow the radius I set as best it can.  I would rather get less matches who meet my criteria than many matches who are out of state and way to far to commute to. But overall I did have a pleasant experience sign this site and would consider joining again in the future but at this time it is way to expensive for me to re-subscribe.  In the future I would consider re starting my subscription.  I would recommend that people try this site at least once due to its high success rate and less filtering and crazy messages received on this site.  Most people are looking for long term relationships on this site so odds are better at finding a match than OkCupid or Tinder.

How have your experiences been using eHarmony?  Have anyone have any success stories from eHarmony?  if you did I would like to hear about it.  Leave a comment below with you experiences.

Now you have it and that is my opinions and experiences on various dating apps and sites.  Feel free to comment to what site and apps you like or have used.