Cheers to One Year!


So, it has been one year since I started this blogging adventure!  Ian so excited that I was able to stay dedicated and blog for one whole year!  It has been a goal of mine for years to create and post on my own blog.  Now I have been successful at this after multiple failures in the blogging world.  To top it all off the one year anniversary aligned with my birthday which was yesterday and made the one year milestone that much sweeter!

At the beginning of this journey I thought that I would have no followers or readers by the end of the year and boy was I wrong.  I have been able to connect to many different individuals and it has been fantastic!  I have realized there are others that share the same views, likes, and struggles that I have and it is almost therapeutic  writing on my little corner of the internet.  It is my goal to keep this blog going for another year and continue to improve my posts.  Since I have turned another year older I have debated changing the name of the blog.  Here are some ideas below.  What do you all think?


Beyond the Quarterlife

Charming the South

Northern Girl in a Southern World

Maybe my next job should become a blog name generator.  I have a notebook full of blog names that I have thought of on the fly.  That would be one cool job and I would love it!

Cheers to One Year!

I am also open to ideas so what would you readers love to read or what posts would you like to see?

Does any readers and followers out there have any tips for another successful year blogging?  What strategies have worked for you?  I would love to know!


Now it’s time to say goodbye to the age of 25

As I sit here contemplating this post the hours and minutes are ticking by as my twenty fifth year comes to a close.  Who would have thought that twenty-five years of my  life have squeaked by in the blink of an eye.  I for one didn’t think I would be sitting here or inching my way closer to thirty so soon.  It feels like yesterday that I graduated college, turned 21, and began my life in the real world without the comfort and safety of my small college campus.  Now things have changed and as I get farther into adulthood I am reflecting on my life so far and the rest of it yet to live.  This birthday really hit me hard and caused me to reevaluate what I have been doing with my life and was a much needed wake up for me to start living more, become proactive, and set goals for the years ahead.  Int he past twenty five years I have accomplished numerous things and goals I had but need to have some new goals and dreams for the next chapter of my life. well, I’ll see how it goes.

So, now it’s time to say goodbye to the year of twenty five, embrace the age of twenty six, and enjoy the last part of my twenties.  In not such a long time I’ll be thirty … yikes, not looking forward to that day!


In case this does not go as planned … here’s why

So a year ago I started a blog with good intentions and figured I would blog a few times a week.  That did not happen and as most of you know life got in the way.  This “life gets in the way dilemma” frequently happens and this time I am set on changing it.  With that typed, there are no promises for post frequency or topics of this blog.  The beginning stages will be very trial and error while I figure things out.  So here is to a great start and the above is typed in case things do not go as planned … there’s why.


Let’s Do This Thing

So, I guess it is time that I started making use of my little space on the web.  This “original” idea of blogging came to fruition from a few past failed attempts at it and my quarter life crisis.  Oh the joys of the quarter life crisis where one thinks they are a failure and compares their present state of life to others of the same age.  After, many nights fretting over this realized that it was not worth obsessing over (It is not so don’t do it)   Anywho, figured this would be a way to  de-stress, document my life, and just vent about random topics because let’s face it I am not getting any younger and need to get this blogging thing right at some point.

So here are to the years beyond 25… here’s to 25 and counting!