Now it’s time to say goodbye to the age of 25

As I sit here contemplating this post the hours and minutes are ticking by as my twenty fifth year comes to a close.  Who would have thought that twenty-five years of my  life have squeaked by in the blink of an eye.  I for one didn’t think I would be sitting here or inching my way closer to thirty so soon.  It feels like yesterday that I graduated college, turned 21, and began my life in the real world without the comfort and safety of my small college campus.  Now things have changed and as I get farther into adulthood I am reflecting on my life so far and the rest of it yet to live.  This birthday really hit me hard and caused me to reevaluate what I have been doing with my life and was a much needed wake up for me to start living more, become proactive, and set goals for the years ahead.  Int he past twenty five years I have accomplished numerous things and goals I had but need to have some new goals and dreams for the next chapter of my life. well, I’ll see how it goes.

So, now it’s time to say goodbye to the year of twenty five, embrace the age of twenty six, and enjoy the last part of my twenties.  In not such a long time I’ll be thirty … yikes, not looking forward to that day!