Weekly Wonders Lush Edition

I was fed up with my usual night and morning routine face cleanser. I needed a change and went to the local Lush store to see what goodies they had. My skin was in a funk and in need of a change in products and figured to go more natural and find products that wouldn’t disrupt my skin.  Here are the products that I found.*This post is NOT sponsored by Lush and I am not affiliated with Lush in any capacity.  All opinions are my own and I love share products that I have tried with my readers.

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

This is an easy breezy cleansing lotion that also removes makeup.  I enjoy using this product because it is convieniet and leaves my skin feeling refreshed after I use it.  Also, it is fantastic at removing makeup too!.  There is no need for makeup wipes anymore.  This lotion smells nice and my skin is not irritated by this product.  I have been using it for two weeks now and I am in love with it.  I threw out the remainder of my old facial lotion.  This is great for the busy college student or working professional.

Mask of Magnaminty

This body and facial scrub smells so good and works just as well!  I do not use this often usually when my skin is really having a bad day.  This helps soothe and calm mt skin when it is red or when I have acne.  The best part is that it smells amazing!  I love the smell of mint because it is so refreshing!  Try this scrub out!

Cup O’ Coffee

This is another amazing smelling scrub.  I like the smell of this one better than the Mask of Magnaminty.  This scrub essential works the same way as the magnaminty mask it just smells differently. It leaves your skin feelings refreshed and rejuvenated.  This mask helps liven up the skin and will make it look and feel better.  Coffee is one of my favorite things to drink and this product smells just like the perfect cup of jo.

Chocolate Lip Scrub

Over the years I have neglected the care of my lips.  Since I live in the South and the sun is a lot stronger than up North I have decided to care for my lips as well.  I use this twice a week and it is amazing.  It cleanses m lips and removes the head skin that has accumulated.  The best part is you can lick off the excess scrub because this product is natural.  It smells and tastes like chocolate and I love it!  This product will help my lips stay healthy during the hot summer months.

Ambrosia Shaving Cream

This is the first shaving product that I have used from Lush.  I usually use Barbasol or SKintimate shaving cream but my legs kept getting irritated from some ingredients in the shaving cream.  I decided that I had enough and I could not stand the itchy bumps that formed after I used the the other shaving creams.  I picked out this shaving cream from Lush to help with the irritation.  This cream has totally helped with the irritation but I do not love it.  I need a lot of product to cover my legs and it wastes so much of the product.  On the bright side my legs have not been irritated.  When this product runs out I will try another shaving cream from Lush and let you know how it works.

Products to Try

Shower Jelly

This product looks awesome!  It comes in a variety of scents, colors, and just looks like a fun product.  It is different than what is out there and it is made by Lush so you know it is good quality!  Pines and Needles looks like an amazing smelling jelly.  I love a woodsy or piny scent because it reminds me of Christmas trees.  But sadly this scent is not going to be produced anymore so that Lush can make room for new products.  I will get one before it goes and also look into its new scents and colors.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel

I came cross this product while searching the web for some good Lush products.  This is looks interesting and moisturizing.  The reviews on the Lush website are great.  When I run out of my current shower gel I will need to try this one.

What Lush products do you love?  What are your thoughts of the ones that I have used? Any recommendations of Kush product that I should try out?





Weekly Wonders: Beauty Products

Fresh: Rose Face Mask

I was expecting a stellar performance from this product due to the quality and popularity of the Fresh brand.  It underwhelmed me a whole bunch.  I received this product as sample from Sephora and figured I would give it a try.  It smelled great and had pieces of rose petals in it.   It is gel like, goes on smoothly, and is not clumpy.  It dries naturally so you can forget you put it on your face if you are not timing the length of wear.  I was not happy with it because I did not recognize any difference in my skin.  I used it for about two weeks and didn’t feel like it actually did anything except make my face feel clean.  Let me know if you have used the product before and what you have thought of it.  Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Origins: Charcoal Mask

I love this mask!  It is amazing and I have been using it for years!  My skin looks and feels great after it’s use. This product does not irritate my skin which is a plus because tons of products do leave my skin red, blotchy, or broken out.  This product is thick and messy when applying but stays on the skin and is not watery.  Once the mask is applied you let it sit on your face still it is dry and cracking.  After you wash it off and it does take a bit of time to get off all of the charcoal mask.  After using this for a few weeks I have noticed a difference in my skin although this charcoal mask does not remove all of the blackheads.  This mask works great for me and remains a staple in my beauty routine. What are your reviews on this product?  What are some recommendations of other Origins products to try?

LORAC: Black Tie Affair Eyeshawdow Palette

I ordered this product from Ulta during their Black Friday sale.  I have been trying this product since i have received it and have liked it so far.  I like to experiment with my shades and mix colors.  I am not a fan of dark colors due to my fair skin coloring.  Usually I use the lighter shades for my daily look and will occasionally put on a dark hue on a night out or fancy event.  The shadows on this palette are natural, silky, and have lasted most of the day.  I like how the colors are natural and how the colors work well with a natural look.  So far I am loving this palette so go try it out today!  FYI, I own both palettes and love them!  I use the darker shaded palette for nights out or fancy events. Any other users of this particulate palette on here?  If so, what are the pros and cons of it? Just seeing what others like and love about these eyshawdows.

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer

This is a new primer for me.  Previous to this one I have not consistently used primer as part of my makeup routine.  I went to Sephora and was recommend this primer.  It is very pricy and I took a leap of faith on this one.  I  do like that it feels lightweight on my skin and does not feel heavy.  Honestly I cannot tell if it makes a difference in my makeup application or if it makes my makeup goes on smoother.  It is lightweight and does not feel heavy on my skin.  I will need to use this product more to see how it works.  Reviews of this hydrating primer?  Does it help your makeup routine?

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Waterproof Mascara

My go-to mascara by Tarte is quite expensive so I figured I would try a drugstore one for the time being.  My eyes are extremely sensitive to mascara so this limits me to certain brands mainly ones that are hypoallergenic.  I saw Neutrogena and waterproof in the name and I had to grab this product and try it out.  My Tarte mascara would always run or smudge during the day  or night.  I wanted to try a waterproof mascara to see how it will last during the day or night. I used it for a day and night and it lasted and did not irritate my eyes.  I applied the mascara  I started my day and it lasted until late into the night. There was no smudging or running of the mascara.  I was able to get good length by applying a few coats of the product and it was a bit clumpy.  But all of that was worth it for it to be waterproof and not cause my eyes to be red.  I will definitely be adding this to my makeup routine.  I do not like it as much as I do my Tarte mascara but it comes pretty close.  Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this product. 


Recently I have finished a container of moisturizer and I figured that a review of past and current moisturizers needed to be done.  The good, the bad, and the ugly of what I have used is below.  Remember to like and comment with your favorite and least favorite moisterizers.

Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion8d19cdc5-be1f-4c18-8a3f-ab03e12437be_51UUgHm55yL.jpg.ashx

This has been my go to moisturizer since high school.  Sadly, when I moved down south my cheeks would become extra dry when using this moisturizer.  They become red and irritated which never occurred when living up north.  This was annoying me especially during the summer months and when I needed to apply makeup.  It was sad that this product was no longer working for my skin since I have used it forever but there are times when you just need to throw in the towel and move on.  So that is what I did and I found a new product which is the one below.

Sephora Collection: Intensive Instant Moisturizer + Cream


I just finished this moisturizer today and have had a love-hate relationship with this product.  This product was recommended by one of the saleswomen at Sephora and due to its price I took a chance on it.  In the beginning I loved this moisturizer due to the facts that it didn’t cause breakouts, kept my face hydrated throughout the day, and was the perfect consistency.  After about two months of use I noticed that my t-zone area would become very oily.  I thought it was a one time thing but it kept happening and then I started to break out.  This might not happen to everyone that uses the product but it did happen to me.  FYI: I have combination skin that is dry in the cheeks and oily in the t-zone.   The search was started for a new moisturizer once this one was finished because I could not stand being oily any longer.  This was an average moisturizer and would have liked it were it not for messing with my t-zone.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

repair cream

As you can tell my relationship history with moisturizers is extremely brief.  That is because I have been using one moisturizer for years and was sad when I had to go and get a new one.  This moisturizer was discovered through a First Aid Beauty kit from Sephora.  I used my Beauty Insider points to get this kit.  Compared to my previous moisturizer this one was better.  It was similar constancy as the Sephora brand moisturizer and also came in a jar which I like better than tubes.  This had no fragrance, was a cream (not runny), and lasted during the day!  It has not left my cheeks dry on t-zone oily and both are great things in my book.  After I finished the sample size of this product I headed out to Sephora and bought the full size product.  So far I have been loving this product and it is my go- to moisturizer for now.  I hope the luck continues with this product.

Avenue Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer Broad Spec. SPF15


I used this for a while in high school and college when I took a break from the Clinique moisturizer. I wasn’t a fan of this brand because it didn’t work for my skin.  I know that if has worked well fro some friends but not for me.  I didn’t see a significant difference in my skin and my cheeks were not mistreated that well when using this moisterizer.

Empty Products

Ogx shampoo


This shampoo has lasted me a long time!  I ordered it as a Black Friday deal in November and it lasted me from then until now.  That could have something to do with the fact that I do not wash my hair with shampoo everyday.  Somedays I just use conditioner in my hair so it does not get too dry.  Anyway, this shampoo smells amazing and really helped my hair!  My hair has become shinier and healthier due to the use of this shampoo!  I do have another shampoo ready to try from this brand and it is the Vitamin E shampoo.  I am so excited to start using this product and will update you on how it works on my hair.

L’oreal  La Palette Nude 2


This is my favorite eyeshadow palette!  I have not used all of the colors yet but the first two colors on the palette are pretty much gone.  Those are my go to colors and really make my eyes pop!  It is sad that they are all used up 😦  Now I will have to experiment with the remaining colors in this palette and see how it goes.  In a way I am excited to try new colors on my eyes.  Maybe I will come out with a new look.

Cetaphil Cleanser


I just finsihed a bottle of this cleanser because it works so well with my skin.  The bottle I get is so big that it literally takes me forever to finish using it.  This is one of the best cleansers I have used and I will be opening another bottle but am hesitant because I want to start using my First Aid Beauty products on my face.  But I already have another bottle of Cetaphil to use up.  Ugh, the decisions I face lmao.

Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara


This is my holy grail of all mascaras I have used!  To think that it all started when my sister gave the original one to me as a gift for Christmas many years ago.  it was love at first use and I haven’t looked back since that day.  I have tried the new one in brown and quickly started using it daily.  I used it so much that I ran out of product!  My frequency of use shows that this is an amazing mascara and works wonders on eyelashes.  It lasts all day and does not smudge or run!  It is so good in fact that it is a pain to get off at night.  I have to use a few makeup pads with eye makeup remover just to get all of the product off of my lashes.

Saving Skin

Throughout the years I have tried various products on my skin and these are the ones I have loved the most!  My skin routine fluctuates but these are products I have gone back to more than once and sometimes even twice or more.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic


This is one of the best toners I have used in a very long time!  This is gentle on my skin, does not make it red, or cause my skin to break out which are all positive things.  The best part is that I can actually see the gunk that came off of my face on the remover pad I used.  This has a nice smell to it but it non-irritating and is not overpowering.  Both good things for women with sensitive skin.  This product has been a staple in my skin routine and I love it!

Cetaphil Cleanser


My skin, especially my cheeks, is sensitive to ingredients and the smells of products, gets extra dry, breaks out, or turns red with certain product use.  Most cleaners I have tried in the past have done one of the above things to my skin and it sucked.  I heard and read good things about Cetaphil and decided to try it for myself.  It has worked wonders on my skin and does not irritate my cheeks.  This cleanser has helped my skin stay clear, does not dry out my skin, and helps it look refreshed.  It has been in my skin routine for about four years now and I do see a difference in my skin due to its use.  This is one of my holy grail cleansers and I recommend it to friends and family members.  I only endorse products I have used and   Women with sensitive skin should try this cleanser and you will see a difference, I promise!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


For years I have used this moisturizer on my face and it has helped keep my skin hydrated.  I loved it and it worked great in skincare routine for a long time  until about a year ago.  Maybe my skin changed or I used this lotion for too long but for some reason the lotion kept drying out the skin on my cheeks and it sucked.  My cheeks would become dry and break out.  So, I wound up changing my moisturizer a few times and currently use First Aid Beauty Repair Cream.

Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion


This is one of the best pimple creams I have used. I was lucky and never had bad acne besides some bad break outs during  high school and during a certain time of the month.  Whenever a zit pops up I use this lotion and it helps dramatically reduce the redness of the pimple and it goes away faster when I compared it to other creams I have used.  A go to for pimples for sure!  It is best used overnight and I have seen a difference in the morning!  This can be more expensive than other products but it truly works and I have seen a difference in my acne when using this product.

First Aid Beauty Repair Cream


This recently became a staple in my beauty routine.  I wanted to change up my moisturizer to a better one that does not dry out my cheeks.  This is it and originally tried it in a sample kit I got at Sephora.  I loved it and use it on my face.  This cream last throughout the day and gives my skin a healthy appearance.  When I used the Clinique moisturizing lotion my cheeks would appear red and flaky.  So I enjoy using this cream and urge you to try it today!

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water


I have used this type of cleanser for awhile and it is gentle on my skin.  This does not dry out my skin, make it red, or cause me to break out.  This gets much of the dead skin and dirt off of my face and it is visible on the remover pad I use with this product.  This product does not have alcohol which helps stop the skin fro becoming dry and products with alcohol dried out my skin and really irritated it.  It is best for me to stay away from skin products that contain alcohol or other substances that can dry out my skin.  One of the reasons I love this product  is due to it’s non-irritating skin components.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub


This scrub is used once or twice a week to clean my pores, remove dead skin, and exfoliate my face.  This works well with my skin and does not irritate it.  Some other face exfoliators I used in the past would make my skin feel tight, over dry my skin, or cause a lot of redness.  It is tough yet gentle and helps keep my skin clear from breakouts.  Enjoy using this as part of my facial skin care routine!

Beauty Find: First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty has become popular in the beauty world and so far I have been reading positive reviews of their products.  I am always hesitant at trying full sized versions of products in case they don’t work well with my skin or I do not like them.  While at Sephora last weekend I used my Beauty Insider points to get a First Aid Beauty Kit.  This is a great way for me to test their products and see if I like them.  It was one of the best deals that I have seen in a long time for the Beaty Insiders.  I am one of those Beauty Insider point hoarders and I save up my points to use on a good reward!

First Aid Beauty Kit 

Face Cleanser


Love the way this cleanser smells and it is gentle on my skin.  My skin has felt refreshed after I wash my face.  Have seen a difference in my skin since using this cleanser.  My skin has been less red, dull, and more smooth.  I am highly considering replacing my current face wash with this cleanser.

Facial Radiance Pads 


The pads work well and are not drying like similar wipes or pads that I used in the past.  A big plus is there is minimal fragrance which usually irritates my sensitive skin.  These pads do not dry out my skin and leave it feeling nice.  I will be purchasing these radiance pads to use in my daily skin routine.

Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum


Out of all the products in the First Aid Beauty kit I like this one the least.  Probably because it was the smallest out of the kit and I ran out of this faster than the other products.

Ultra Repair Cream


I loved this cream!  It was very hydrating and did not irritate my skin which is a big plus.  I used this on my face and body and it left my skin feel hydrated and smooth.  It did last all day too which is great!  Will be purchasing a full sized tube once I run out of my current lotion.

So far I am loving most of these products and this might become my new skin routine. This kit came at a good time because I was in the midst of looking for a new beauty cleanser and routine for my face.   After using these products for the past week I have seen a difference in my skins brightness, less dryness, and  overall appearance.  Have any of you tried products from this brand?  If, so what were they and how did you like them?  Let me know below in the comments section!