Music Mood

It was forever ago that I published one of these posts!  I became inspired to write one again after listening to an old iPod I  found.  On it was all the music I listened to in high school and college.  It definitely gave me nostalgia and was a blast from the past!  I love when stations play older songs!

All The Small Things: Blink-182

Sugar We’re Going Down: Fall Out Boy

I Write Sins Not Tragedies: Pan!c at the Disco

How To Save a Life: The Fray

American Idiot: Green Day

Gives You Hell: The All American Rejects

Independence: The Band Perry

Anything but Ordinary: Avril Lavigne

The Great Escape: Boys Like Girls

Let it Rock: Kevin Rudolf

Mr. Brightside: The Killers

Trouble: P!nk

Rhythm of Love: Plain White T’s

What are some of your favorite songs or bands from back in the day?


Hometown Homebodies…

This post is so true!  I have seen it for myself in friends who have  stayed in my hometown.  It is like they have not changed since high school and college.  Most of my longest friends are in my hometown even if though they said a million times they are going to up and move out.  It never happened and yes their worldview is the same as it was in the past which is just scary.  I have thought people were meant to grow, learn, and change, over time but these individuals haven’t.  When I go to visit it is like high school deja vu except everyone is an adult and not a teen. I am the only one of my high school friends to go away to college and move out of state and both have benefitted me in major ways.  I have learned so much about people, the world, life, and various cultures.  As I grew older I realized how those things have shaped me and how my friends’ and my views have greatly changed.  I have dubbed them hometown homebodies who have no intention of leaving our hometown or broadening their views of the world.  They always say they want to but talk is cheap now a days.

The article below sums up some of my feelings and thoughts.  Go check it out. / wundervisualsI feel I can say this as someone who is from a relatively small town, someone who has lived in other countries and someone who comes from a place where most people don’t leave. By staying in your hometown you never grow, you never change and you never challenge yourself. Ever. You might…

via Please, Please Leave Your Hometown If You Care About The World At All — Thought Catalog


The One Reason I Quit Teaching

This post is great! I am a teacher and part of it sums up some things I think especially the “we are in a people business not a numbers business.  This piece highlights the current frustrations that teachers face and how politics is beginning to take over the teaching realm. No longer can the teacher be creative or free spirited; now they are bound by rules, regulations, common core, and unfair evaluations.  This article sums up the current things teachers face and how Teachers as well as others should read this!


Ellie R. Schreiner


September means apples, bulletin boards, foliage, name tags, a new class and everything else about going back-to-school! After over thirty years of starting the fall in a classroom, as a student or teacher, I decided to take a break this year. I taught for thirteen years all over Oregon, and it was not an easy decision to take a year off from teaching. We moved from Oregon to Texas and I knew that now was the time to step back. It’s now been two months since school started for the rest of my world, and I have had time reflect upon the decision to change careers. I can now articulate the many things I miss about teaching and the one thing that I do not.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. There were moments when I saw myself as a lawyer, a rodeo cowgirl, a photojournalist, a…

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Blogtember 19: September 19

Blogtember 19:Something you wish more people knew or believed.

Everyday is Mother’s, Father’s, Sister’s (or any other important person in your life) Day


Since I was little my Dad has instilled that celebrating and appreciating the important people in your life should be done everyday and just on the holidays like Father’s Day.  I never really paid attention to this when I was younger due to the fact that I expected the people close to me to be around for  long time.  As life would have it this would not always be the case.  I heeded this advice as I grew and would email, call, and Skype those closest to me daily, weekly, or monthly.  Once, someone is gone it is not the same and I have regrets like I should have told them this or shared that or maybe visited more.  I can not go back and change the relationship once my loved one has passed away.  SO now I do not take for granted the life of a loved one because circumstances can change at any time.  So, do not be afraid to reach out to the people dear to you because in an instant that can be gone and you do not want to leave anything unsaid.  I celebrate the people I love most everyday and not just on the society dictated holidays!  This is something I wish more people would take the time to think about and act on!

Blogtember 18: September 18

Blogtember 18: An item that simplifies your life

I hate when I just have to pick one thing:( There’re always so many things I want to list and there is not just one item that makes my life easy. I will list a few that simplify my life.



Seriously, kudos to whoever invented these things!  They are a life saver whenever I need to quickly throw my hair back and keep it out of my face.  It is crazy how many times  day I use it especially down in the South.  It is convenient and I always haven on my wrist.



It tastes so good and I am literally addicted to it!  I have at least one cup every day but no ore than two cups of coffee. i do not want to overdo it and become a crazy coffee addict. I had a roommate who was ands would have like four cups a day.  It was insane and she would literally shake whence did not have enough caffeine in a day. But coffee definitely helps make mornings better!



Of course I had to mention this! Books help make life a whole lot simpler!  They allow me to escape and read about various times, places, people, and events.  There have been books which have shaped my life and those which seemed to mimic the situation I was going through at the time. I am not sure what it is about them but books sure make life a lot more bearable and simple!

Blogtember Day 6 September 6th

Blogtember 6: Create a playlist. What you’re listening to now, what encourages you, holiday favorites,etc.

A playlist of oldies and new tunes:


American Idiot: Green Day

Big Parade: The Lumineers

Unwritten: Natasha Bedingfield

Bat Out of Hell: Meatloaf

Mary’s Place: Bruce Springsteen

My House: Flo Rida

Awake My Soul: Mumford & Sons

Dirty Little Secret: All American Rejects

The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance

Only the Good Die Young: Billy Joel

Maggie May: Rod Stewart

House of Gold: Twenty One Pilots

Paradise by the Dashboard Light: Meatloaf

Flowers in Her Hair: The Lumineers

Goodbye Earl: The Dixie Chicks

Somethin’ Bad: Miranda Lambert

I Will Wait: Mumford and Sons


What are some of you got to songs and music fills your iPod?

Blogtember Day 5 September 5

Blogtember Day 5: What was your most memorable birthday?

It is truly hard to pick one memorable birthday!  I will write about a few of my favorite birthdays that I have had.

Thanksgiving Party


My family has tons of November birthdays.  When we would host Thanksgiving we would get a large ice cream cake and sing happy birthday to everyone who has a November birthday.  This was a special time for me because I was able to celebrate with family!  It was one big party!  I miss these times because everyone is spread out around the country and East Coast now.

Consecutive Numbered Birthday


One of my birthdays fell on a consecutive numbered day 11/12/13.  It is special because it will never happen again and not many people can say they celebrated a birthday on a consecutive numbered day.  It was fun!

Birthdays at College


I did not dorm far from home so my family would come and visit me during  or around my birthday weekend. We would go shopping at the outlets or see a football game at West Point.  Those football games were always so much fun to watch!  We would end the day by going to one of two of my favorite restaurants in the area which were the Alexis Diner or Brothers Trattoria.  Both are delicious but serve totally different types of food.

21st Birthday


This was one of my favorite birthdays!  No, I did not have the typical 21 year old birthday of getting wasted!  yes, I did go out with friends but not to get trashed.   I spent it with family and was surprised with a small get together!  We went out to a fantastic restaurant called Tanoreen in Brooklyn and my room was decorated. It was a birthday to remember!