All across the board…

Since, I seem to be on a roll of using various dating apps/sites I have come across common themes across majority of apps and sites.  It is freaky how similar things are across the board.  So, here you have it, the things that are the same throughout online dating

Men with their puppies, cats, monkeys, tigers etc.

There are so many pictures of men with some type of animal it is so annoying.  It is like guys think this is the new thing since sliced bread.  There are more men and animal pictures than I can count and it does make me want to swipe right or message the guy.  I am sick of seeing these photos on dating sites.  These photos are not cute anymore because most men I see are posting photos with one of the animals listed above.  The most annoying photos of this category are the monkey and tiger photos.  First off tigers are animals that are supposed to be looked at and admired.  They are not supposed to be petted or featured in online dating photos.  Also, the monkey pictures freak me out.  Most of them are with squirrel monkeys on leashes that are climbing on the men or the men are holding them. These are not attractive and these should not be on a dating site.  If there are any of the latter two types of photos in a man’s profile I will move on to the next profile.  Something about men with animals photos just rubs me the wrong way.  The dog and cat cat photos are acceptable if the pet is not featured in every photo on the profile.  But overall majority of profiles have at least one animal photo.  It is too much and overrated at this point.

Gym Selfies

I hate gym selfies!  Big do I loather gym selfies.  When I go to gym I am going to get healthy and actually work out.  I am not there to pose for selfies in the mirror.  I see so many of the gym selfies posted on online dating profiles and it these photos also cause me to move on to the next profile.  To me the photos portray a man as conceited, vain, and too caught up in their looks.  Yes, I get that going to the gym is good and helps keep you healthy but I do not need to see you working out or your big muscles.  This might attract many women but it does not attract me.  Yes, looks are important in a relationship but to me personality and intelligence trump looks.  You can be the hottest man in the world and be a jerk or a drip.  I would take a man who has a great personality and can hold a conversation over a man who looks like a model.  So, gym selfies do not impress me.  Men just post normal pictures of you and your life.  You might get more messages and attract some nice girls.

Mirror and Shirtless Selfies

Mirror and shirtless selfies are pictures are hates just as much as the gym selfies.  I hate seeing you take a picture in a mirror or of your abs.  Again I will reiterate the point of intelligence and personality ranking higher than looks for me.  I would take an average looking man who can make me laugh and talk with me over a hot dude who is all about his looks.  I am one of the woman who is realistic about her looks and knows what type of men will be attracted to her and plus it is so superficial and egotistical to post shirtless or mirror selfies.

Junk pictures

Guys, just do not post this picture!  This is a big no-no especially for me.  To me these guys are just looking for sex or want to display there manliness in case women are into that.  I mean there are women who are into those photos but they are the ones who are just looking for casual sex or hook ups.  Also, I would be extremely leary of a man who openly posts photos like this on any dating site.  They are not worth my time and I just pass by their profile.  I just can not believe that there are douchey men out there and it is such a big turn off for me.  Sites should ban these photos or disable the profile of men who post these types of photos.

The that is not my kid but my niece, nephew, or God-child  photos

These photos annoy me so much.  I guess men are trying to portray that they are good with kids or something to that extent but it is annoying.  These men always feel the need to explain or put a caption that those are not their kids in the pictures.  If you do not want women to think that those are your kids just do not post photos with the kids or cut them out of the pictures.  It is so annoying to see photos like this with the comment.  I am sure that there are other photos that can be posted instead of ones where you feel like you have to put something about it not being your kids. Just do not do it guys, just don’t.

Just the head or chest up photos

What is this a modeling agency or something.  Headshots or top body shots are just silly to post.  Potential dates want to see you doing things and with friends etc.  It is ok to have one or two of your photos like this but when all of the photos are head shots it is worrisome.  Are you that afraid of your looks or how you will be perceived that you cannot post one full shot of your body.  Everybody has issues with their bodies and still post photos.  I have issues with my body but I post current .  There should be a variety of pictures and not just  only head shots.  Post more pictures so that men and women can see the full you.

I am not ranking on men in this post but am merely writing what I have observed throughout my online dating experience.  Yes, women are guilty of posting all of the above types of photos on their profiles. The types of pictures mentioned above can be applied to men and women.  I would not post any of the above pictures currently but I have posted a mirror selfie before.  Both women and men are guilty of the above and can generate better responses and quality of the viewers  if they did not post many of the photos listed above.  These are just the trends I have seen while trying my luck at online dating.


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