Dating Apps Decoded

So, since I decided to jump back into the online dating world I figured I would put myself out there and try a variety of dating apps and websites. I figured I would write about my experience and see what some of my readers experiences were when using online dating apps.  Also, heads up that this will be one of my longer posts on the blog.


Word in the street is that this app is the Tinder for women.  The females have all of the power on this app.  Women can swipe left or right, need to initiate the conversation with their matches within twenty four hours or they will lose the match.  Once a conversation is started the match has twenty four hours to respond or the match will be closed.  I like how women need to get the conversation flowing on Bumble.  It is the role reversal of Tinder.  Women need to think of good conversation starters and opening lines to entice men to repsond.  That is what men would do on Tinder and other sites.  Maybe women will realize that being the first to start a conversation with something besides hey can be difficult and daunting.  Now the women need to wait for responses and the men get to filter through the messages and decided if they would respond or not.  On Bumble the shoe is now on the other foot for both men and women while using this app.

 I have been on here for about two weeks and have not any success yet.  I have managed to match with men and begin convo with them and then they just ghost on me.  Also, I have encountered people who are just in the area for business or vacation etc..  Their  location says they are in my area and then when we start conversing they are upfront and say they are in the area for a short time or just looking for a hook up  while they are here.  That is totally fine but that is not what I am looking for on this app.  So far I have not had any dates due to most people I conversed with not being from the area or the man would stop responding.   Another thing I have noticed is that there are not many guys in my area or within the radius that I would prefer.  I have to keep increasing my radius to find matches which sucks because I really do not want to travel that far.  I could just be really picky but a: there are not many choices for my preferred radius which is pretty generous (25-30 miles) and b: I am not finding a ton of men that I am attracted to on this app.  So, as of yet no success on this app but I will keep plugging away and see if anything happens.  How have your experiences been using Bumble?  Have any of you found success or met anyone in person or off of the site?  If yes, How did it go?


The infamous hook up app.  I was very leary before trying out this app due to its reputation but I figured,what the hell can happen?  The worst case scenarios are that I have some crazy stories to tell, I delete the app, or fins another app to use.  Since this is Tinder I understand that I will get hook up requests and boring messages that I do on other sites but thats cool because that happens on any dating site.  One reason I am trying this app besides curiosity is that one of my best friends found success on Tinder despite its rep.  She has been dating her boyfriend for about eight months and things have been great between them.   Finally after her nagging me for a bit to just try it out I caved and gave Tinder a shot.  To my surprise I have hit it off with a few guys on Tinder.  Some of the conversations have been so good that we have moved to texting and I have a date set up with one of the guys.  I am excited to see what happens but am hesitant because it is online dating and you never know what is going happen. As of now I will see how the date goes and am hopeful that it will go well and lead to a second date.  As of now I am going with no expectations and expecting some awkwardness and weirdness but overall I am interested to see where this goes.  I’ll do a post about how the date goes and if the guy is a creep or just your average joe looking for love.

 I have surprised myself and have found some decent guys on Tinder who are not out for a hookup or friends with benefits.  So, ladies there is hope out there in the Tinder universe for dating  but it does take screening and time to find the good guys.   Readers, let me know your Tinder experiences and what you think of the app?


This app was all the rage in NYC starting about three years ago.  I have heard of this app for  a while but was not looking to date at the time so I never downloaded it or looked into how the app works.  Since I am back into the dating world again I looked into what all the hype was about CoffeemeetsBagel.  I liked that point off the app is to get the man and woman to exchange numbers and get off of the app and meet in person.  The way the app works is that you set up a profile and then everyday at noon you receive bagels (matches) that you can like or pass.  If you do not receive a bagel (match) then you get a free pick and choose from a bunch of matches.  When I first had this app I found that I was getting a good amount of matches to pick from each day but the longer I had the app the less matches I would receive.  I have had some good conversations with guys on here and have went on a date with  a man who I met on this site.  The date went well and we did go on a few dates but it didn’t work out long term.  I do not know anyone that has used this app before so I just kind of tried it on a whim to see how the app worked.  How have your experiences been with the app?  Have you met anyone in person from the app?  How did it go?  Thoughts in general about the app?  Let me know in the comments below.


This is not a bad site.  It does require a lot of filtering of men and messages.   I have gotten men uncreative, rude, or creepy.  It does require you to actually read the profile, look at pictures etc. and not just messaging back and forth without checking the profile out.  I have mixed feelings about this site.  From my experience let’s just say that there are weirdos and creeps out there.  There are a lot of them and it total changed my attitudes this site and dating people from this site.  I mean I am just picky and really filter who I message and talk to on here.  So, far my experiences here have been decent but I have not been using this app as much as I have in the past.  Now I am using some of the newer apps that I have found.

 I have gone on dates with guys from the site.  They weren’t bad but I am picky with who I meet and talk to on the site.  That is just me I am picky and don’t want to waste my time. This is a good site to try if you do not want to pay for a membership and know what you are looking for then you can hopefully find success on this site.

What are your opinions of using OkCupid?  If there are success stories or horror stories I want to hear about it so leave a comment in the comment section below.  Let me know!


I saved the best for last!  This is one of the most successful dating site I have heard of.  I know of two people that have met their significant others or current spouse using this site.  I have tried this site and have a love hate relationship with it.  I have had a long term relationship from this site almost a year long.  They guy I dated was great and that we were a good pair but there were some differences that could not be worked out which led to our break up.  Despite us not working out the quality of matches were a bit better than other sites I have tried and were in the radius that I specified on my settings preferences.  I did pay for a subscription for this app and it is pricy.  I only did the one month subscription because I did not want to get locked into three months of payment and dislike the site.  I know if I paid for three months than I would not get my money back whereas if I only paid for a month then I would be totally done after the month was up.

Since the above is a bit wish mossed here is what I like about the site.  The matches were better than other sites I have tried and more educated.  Also, the matches were sent to me and I did not have to filter through matches as much as I did on other dating sites.  This part is nice and many of the men I chatted with have had common topics to discuss.  The one thing that I did not like is that you could not tell who is a paying member and who is not.  That frustrated me because many of your matches might be using the site anymore.  This is a waste of everyones time and eHarmony should get rid of the profiles of non paying members or those who are no longer subscribed.  Also, I would get a bunch of matches who are outside of my radius and way too far to meet in person.  I am not looking for a long distance relationship and it frustrated me that I would get a decent number of matches who are out of state.  I did not specify that I was looking for someone out of state and eHarmony should follow the radius I set as best it can.  I would rather get less matches who meet my criteria than many matches who are out of state and way to far to commute to. But overall I did have a pleasant experience sign this site and would consider joining again in the future but at this time it is way to expensive for me to re-subscribe.  In the future I would consider re starting my subscription.  I would recommend that people try this site at least once due to its high success rate and less filtering and crazy messages received on this site.  Most people are looking for long term relationships on this site so odds are better at finding a match than OkCupid or Tinder.

How have your experiences been using eHarmony?  Have anyone have any success stories from eHarmony?  if you did I would like to hear about it.  Leave a comment below with you experiences.

Now you have it and that is my opinions and experiences on various dating apps and sites.  Feel free to comment to what site and apps you like or have used.


8 thoughts on “Dating Apps Decoded

  1. The flaw with Bumble is the women get bogged down – girls around here say every right swipe is a match. I signed up 2 days ago, I got 6 matches first day and now its dead. I think girls stop swiping to reply or it gets out of hand. I am in a big city, so it might not be like that elsewhere.

    • Thank you for commenting and checking out this post. Btw, I checked out your blog and like it. Oh, the dating stories I can write too lol. Some of the stories are relatable and it must be interesting to go back and re-read old posts.

      I haven’t used Bumble for that long and am not a fan so far. Most of the messages that I send go unanswered or the match responds that they are in town for vacation or business. I live in growing urban area. I am more picky when swiping right and do not do it to every match that comes up. There do not seem to many matches in the radius I set so I do increase it. So far no dates or success on here. Plus it is weird to see the distance change for matches. I wish it just stated the town and state they are currently in like other dating sites. I’ll keep it for a little longer and then I might delete it for good.

      • Today I had a match and 5 waiting, which turned into another one. Apparently new male members have to be right swiped many times in order to be shown to the women that get right swiped all the time. Like a vetting process or something.

      • I had no clue that happened on Bumble. It is interesting to hear the male perspective of the app. In a way that kind of limits a guys choice of matches on the app. Are men able to swipe right on Bumble?

  2. I have tried Coffee Meets Bagel a couple of times. The first time I tried it, I never got any matches. Then I tried it again for some reason, and all I got were messages from fake people or scammers. So I deleted it again.

    I met Mr. Right on eHarmony. And then he dumped me for no reason. It still stings.

    I have tried Match and POF and Our Time (’cause I’m almost 50), and I hated all of them. I met a couple of nice guys on POF, but haven’t found anyone special yet.

    • Thank you for commenting! I enjoy reading your blog. i have been reading it for awhile now! I have had the opposite thing happen on CoffeemeetsBagel. In the beginning I got a lot of bagels to select from but as time wore on it lessened and then wen to none at all. Now I just get to select the match I want to connect with. On this app there do not seem to be many matches in my area. Some matches I have seen on other dating sites too. I have gone on a few dates with a match from here but we didn’t work out.

      I had success on eHarmony and had a long term relationship with a man I met from the site. We were very compatible! I found the matches were better and more communicative on eHarmony compared to other dating sites. I am sorry that it did not work out with Mr. Right and I am sure you will find someone else who share a similar connection with.

      I was not a fan of POF. I tried that back in college and it was a disaster. I kept getting messages from older men and scammers. One of my close friend’s sister met her husband from POF.

      I wish you luck in your dating adventures. I am sure something will wind up working out! I have not had that much luck online dating either but I do have some funny stories.

      • Thanks for reading my blog. I follow yours as well. 🙂 I think the problem with eHarmony is that there is so much pressure. You’re told that you are compatible from the beginning, and it seems like you are. It’s easy to move too fast, because you feel like you know each other. I’m considering trying it again, but I dunno.

  3. Thank you! I felt the pressure to an extent. I didn’t move that fast but a bit slower bc of my ex. I am debating trying it again as well but am not sure about it. I have friends that are currently on it and they say they have been unhappy with the match selection eHarmony has been giving them. I did have success once on the site so I imagine that I can have it again.

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