Dating Dilemma

It has been such a long time since I have done a dating dilemma post. My dating life was going ok for awhile andI found a guy I really dug and things were just flowing naturally. Then things kind of came to a halt and he pulled the whole I like to take things slow card. So, I figured why not just dip my toe back in to see what’s out there. Compared to up North the dating pool is  different and smaller. I have little hope of finding someone when I keep receiving messages like the following.

Some stellar messages from the men that inhabit the online dating world.

  • If all the stars in the sky were summed, not even words that many times stronger then “beautiful” could ever be used to describe you. trust me.
  • Do you talk?
  • When they said this smile is worth a million dollars I think they forgot to add some more zeros.
  • Damn you ares sexy …I’m not very good at romance but you could sit on my face and I could just eat my way to your heart? (Really?  Theses gross and is not even worth a response)
  • Good with advices?
  • Hey there sexy I just wanted to let you know that I find you incredibly beautiful.
  • I mean if there is one thing that there is enough of in this world, it’s beautiful women.

So, this is why I am destined to be single forever. I am just getting tired of filtering through messages and having my inbox filled with messages like the ones above.  Seriously some men out there need to step up their game and stop writing sub par messages to women.




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