Hometown Homebodies…

This post is so true!  I have seen it for myself in friends who have  stayed in my hometown.  It is like they have not changed since high school and college.  Most of my longest friends are in my hometown even if though they said a million times they are going to up and move out.  It never happened and yes their worldview is the same as it was in the past which is just scary.  I have thought people were meant to grow, learn, and change, over time but these individuals haven’t.  When I go to visit it is like high school deja vu except everyone is an adult and not a teen. I am the only one of my high school friends to go away to college and move out of state and both have benefitted me in major ways.  I have learned so much about people, the world, life, and various cultures.  As I grew older I realized how those things have shaped me and how my friends’ and my views have greatly changed.  I have dubbed them hometown homebodies who have no intention of leaving our hometown or broadening their views of the world.  They always say they want to but talk is cheap now a days.

The article below sums up some of my feelings and thoughts.  Go check it out.


istockphoto.com / wundervisualsI feel I can say this as someone who is from a relatively small town, someone who has lived in other countries and someone who comes from a place where most people don’t leave. By staying in your hometown you never grow, you never change and you never challenge yourself. Ever. You might…

via Please, Please Leave Your Hometown If You Care About The World At All — Thought Catalog



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