Dating Dilemma

It has been such a long time since I have done a dating dilemma post. My dating life was going ok for awhile andI found a guy I really dug and things were just flowing naturally. Then things kind of came to a halt and he pulled the whole I like to take things slow card. So, I figured why not just dip my toe back in to see what’s out there. Compared to up North the dating pool is  different and smaller. I have little hope of finding someone when I keep receiving messages like the following.

Some stellar messages from the men that inhabit the online dating world.

  • If all the stars in the sky were summed, not even words that many times stronger then “beautiful” could ever be used to describe you. trust me.
  • Do you talk?
  • When they said this smile is worth a million dollars I think they forgot to add some more zeros.
  • Damn you ares sexy …I’m not very good at romance but you could sit on my face and I could just eat my way to your heart? (Really?  Theses gross and is not even worth a response)
  • Good with advices?
  • Hey there sexy I just wanted to let you know that I find you incredibly beautiful.
  • I mean if there is one thing that there is enough of in this world, it’s beautiful women.

So, this is why I am destined to be single forever. I am just getting tired of filtering through messages and having my inbox filled with messages like the ones above.  Seriously some men out there need to step up their game and stop writing sub par messages to women.




Black Friday 2016


Black Friday is one day where I stay away from stores.  i avoid them like the plague and that is fine by me.  On that day I wills scour the internet for online deals and I have found a few this year!  Usually there is nothing that I desperately need to purchase and that saves me a bunch of money.  See below for my Black Friday purchases. * This post is NOT sponsored by any brand,store, or company.  All reviews and opinions are my own and I like to share my likes and opinions with readers!*



I enjoy browsing through Ulta’s store, catalog, and website.  I knew that I would find some good deals this year.  Last year I purchased ogx shampoos and conditioners because Ulta had a buy one get one free deal going on.  This was a a good buy because the ox shampoo and conditioner are expensive! SO that was good deal.  This year I bought makeup and skin products.

Lora Black Tie Attire Eyeshadow Palette


This will be my first Lorac makeup purchase.  I have never purchased their products before.  The colors on both of these palettes were just too good to pass up!  They fit with my style and makeup look.  When doing makeup I stick to neutral and natural colors.  I do not go too out of the box with my makeup look.   Both of these palettes are $18 each.  i think these are a steal based on the quality of the product and the normal pricing.  I will have to do a review once I have used the product for awhile.  I am so excited to use this palette and am highly considering getting the second palette because the colors are just so gorgeous!  If any of you readers have tried this product let me know your experience and how it is?

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream


I love most of the First Aid beauty products.  They smell good are parabin free and do not irritate my skin.  Currently I use the First Aid Beauty Repair Cream as my moisturizer and I love it!  I had to get these two mini products when I saw them listed on Ulta’s site.  This is a great stocking stuffer gift for anyone who loves First Aid Beauty.  The cost $20 bucks and was a steal in my eyes because the full sized product is $ 3o per jar.  So you get two products for less than the price of one!  What is your favorite First Aid Beauty product?

Mario Badescu: Holiday Multi Masker Set


This was a great find!  There are three small tubs of the following masks: Super Collagen, Flower & Tonic, Whitening.  You get to try all three masks and for a great price too! The whole set was only $12.  If there is one mask you like best you can then buy the full sized mask!  It is also a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or a great site for traveling!

First Aid Beauty: Fab Cleanse & Exfoliate Kit


First Aid Beauty is one of my favorite brands so far and I just could not pass this kit up either! The kit includes a Face Cleanser and Facial Radiance Pads. I did not get this for me but for my sister who loves their  products as well.  She is traveling and this kit is perfect for luggage and a purse.  This is perfect holiday gift for First Aid Beauty lovers or just and individual that want to try out First Aid Beauty products.


Stunning Support Balconet Bra


Sensuous Lace Majesty Lace Balconet Bra


For a large chested girl bra shopping is no joke.  I gave up on Victoria’s Secret bras long ago.  For the record they are cheap, over priced, not supportive for large chested women, and the consultants always measure me wrong.  My new love for bras comes form Soma.  They cover all the sizes and actually make supportive bras for big chests!  I love it!  They are expensive but it is well worth the price!   On Black Friday Soma had a buy one get one half price so I had to get some bras.   I also had a gift card from my birthday so I could not pass up the opportunity to get some bras.  The Stunning Support Balconet is my everyday bra an looks nice, is comfortable for long wear, and truly supportive.  They are worth every penny you spend on them!  I am trying the Lace Balconet for the first time and will need to let you know how it is  Has any reader ever used Soma?  If you have, what is your favorite bra?

What are some of the Black Friday deals you purchased this year?

Any recommendations for good makeup brushes will be much appreciated!  I am on the hunt for some great brushes for liquid foundation, eyes, and powder.  Leave a comment below if you know of any  good brands!

Weekly Wonders: Youtube Edition

Wow!  It has been forever and a day since I have done a weekly wonders post.  I have felt an urge to do one because I think it would be fun to look back on and share some of my favorite things with my readers!  This weekly wonder post will feature Youtubers!  I have been on an Youtube kick lately and have discovered some fabulous bloggers this past month.  I was never much of a Youtube person but lately I have been exploring the site.

Sarah Rae Vargas


Channels: Sarah Rae Vargas:

Sarah Rae Vlogas:

I absolutely love both of Sarah’s channels.  She is authentic and real especially on her vlog channel.  It is also nice to see someone who portrays their actual life happenings as opposed to others who I feel embellish or potry their lives differently.  I love her clothing hauls.  I am a bigger than average girl and I like knowing where to find some good clothes. Also her makeup is on point and I like her makeup looks.  Sarah keep up the great work and cannot wait to see the future videos you post!

Loey Lane


Channels: LoeyBug:


Loey Lane is another Youtuber that I have been watching lately. She has such an upbeat and positive personality!  She is also great at applying and reviewing various makeup products.  I like finding out about different products to try and how to create various makeup looks.  Her vlogs are great too and it is nice to see what some of your favorite Youtubers are up to when they are not filming.

The Lettered Classroom


Channel:The Lettered Classroom:

I am a teacher and have not realized how many teachers have their own Youtube channels.  It is great to see all of the tips, ideas, struggles, and the positive side of teaching.  I enjoy watching this channel and love how perky and positive she is!  I cannot wait to see what teaching tips and experiences she logs about next!

College Prepster


Channel:College Prepster:

I love Carly’s blog so it makes sense that I would love her Youtube channel!  I like the videos she films and puts up especially the Thanksgiving one.  I live in that area now so it is neat to see that one of my favorite bloggers grew up there.  Although it is vastly different than up north. Love this peak into the College Prepster’s Life!

JaaackJack Vlogs


Channels: JaaackJack:


This channel popped up as a recommended one on Youtube’s main page.  I figured I’d check it out and I loved that channel.  I also found out that she has her own make up channel too. Of course I checked that out and loved her makeup channel as well.  There are new products and looks on her channel that I want to try out.  Love it so check out her channel today!

Readers, who are some of your favorite Youtubers?  Let me know below in the comments section!

Turkey Day!

This has been one memorable and unique turkey day. Growing up my family has always hosted Thanksgiving and we would squeeze 20 people into my small house and just have great time. Now that I live in the South my family still hosts but for less people usually just some neighbors. To us it doesn’t matter because we enjoy cooking and hosting. It is one of our family specialties!

This year has been very different than all the past Thanksgiving because we had to cancel it. My mom got really sick and she tried to make it but we did not want to risk getting our neighbors sick. They only live up the block so we told them it was canceled and that we would deliver to them dinner later. So, this is new for us because we never had to cancel a holiday.

What makes today even more special is that it is my sister (Pep’s) 21st birthday! She is so exited that it fell on a holiday this year! So we celebrated in the morning with balloons and presents! This is the second time she has had a birthday on a holiday. Her sixteenth birthday also fell on Thanksgiving. I have a feeling that she will have more holiday birthdays!

Despite what happened we are still cooking away and enjoying time as a family. I am so thankful to have such an amazing family and love them so much. i treasure this family time because throughout the year we are not able to get together as much as I’d like. So here is to another year in the books! Happy Thanksgiving!!

What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? Funny Thanksgiving stories? Feel free to share in the comment section!

Hometown Homebodies…

This post is so true!  I have seen it for myself in friends who have  stayed in my hometown.  It is like they have not changed since high school and college.  Most of my longest friends are in my hometown even if though they said a million times they are going to up and move out.  It never happened and yes their worldview is the same as it was in the past which is just scary.  I have thought people were meant to grow, learn, and change, over time but these individuals haven’t.  When I go to visit it is like high school deja vu except everyone is an adult and not a teen. I am the only one of my high school friends to go away to college and move out of state and both have benefitted me in major ways.  I have learned so much about people, the world, life, and various cultures.  As I grew older I realized how those things have shaped me and how my friends’ and my views have greatly changed.  I have dubbed them hometown homebodies who have no intention of leaving our hometown or broadening their views of the world.  They always say they want to but talk is cheap now a days.

The article below sums up some of my feelings and thoughts.  Go check it out. / wundervisualsI feel I can say this as someone who is from a relatively small town, someone who has lived in other countries and someone who comes from a place where most people don’t leave. By staying in your hometown you never grow, you never change and you never challenge yourself. Ever. You might…

via Please, Please Leave Your Hometown If You Care About The World At All — Thought Catalog


Cheers to One Year!


So, it has been one year since I started this blogging adventure!  Ian so excited that I was able to stay dedicated and blog for one whole year!  It has been a goal of mine for years to create and post on my own blog.  Now I have been successful at this after multiple failures in the blogging world.  To top it all off the one year anniversary aligned with my birthday which was yesterday and made the one year milestone that much sweeter!

At the beginning of this journey I thought that I would have no followers or readers by the end of the year and boy was I wrong.  I have been able to connect to many different individuals and it has been fantastic!  I have realized there are others that share the same views, likes, and struggles that I have and it is almost therapeutic  writing on my little corner of the internet.  It is my goal to keep this blog going for another year and continue to improve my posts.  Since I have turned another year older I have debated changing the name of the blog.  Here are some ideas below.  What do you all think?


Beyond the Quarterlife

Charming the South

Northern Girl in a Southern World

Maybe my next job should become a blog name generator.  I have a notebook full of blog names that I have thought of on the fly.  That would be one cool job and I would love it!

Cheers to One Year!

I am also open to ideas so what would you readers love to read or what posts would you like to see?

Does any readers and followers out there have any tips for another successful year blogging?  What strategies have worked for you?  I would love to know!

Just need to come to Jesus or maybe end this …



Yesterday was my breaking point in a lot of things in my life especially concerning my friends and with my significant other.  I want to say boyfriend but I do not know how long that label will last.  So, as you can see from my blog I have not posted a ton about online dating or dating in general.  That is because I have gotten bored and frustrated with the online dating.  Also, I began dating the guy I am seeing now.  It has been going well but lately  things have been going downhill.  There have been little red flags popping up and things have not improved.  The guy and I live a distance apart (40 mins. ) but for me it is not enough to qualify as a long distance relationship.  I have been putting in effort to make things work by visiting him, not being put as priority in his life, seeing him only once per week (btw it sucks), dealing with his major health issue in the beginning of our relationship, and just putting up with stuff that maybe I shouldn’t have such as never talking on the phone with me and hardly planning dates anymore.

My mistake is not speaking up enough. Now, there is this lump in my stomach that this is the end of the road and I am seriously thinking that it is time for us to part ways.  But  I need to give one last ditch effort to see if it’s me blowing things out of proportion.  So, in the tradition of my family it is time for me to have the come to Jesus talk with him.  I need to say what I need to say and see how he feels.  If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.  There are more fish in the sea and I am done wasting my time and putting in effort for someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

We are either going to fix things during this come to Jesus talk or its done and we part ways.  What sucks even more is that this is all going to be happening over the weekend that I get to celebrate just me and it sucks. For the record he didn’t remember my birthdate.  He could have been sly and been pretending to not remember so that I will not suspect what he had planned.  But I honestly think he didn’t remember the exact date which for me is a red flag.  I don’t want this come to Jesus to happen this coming weekend but I do not want to prolong things to the week after.  But I just need to grab the bull by the horns because I cannot go another week without having this talk.  It’s eating me up inside.  This is just another reason why I should stay single because guys just suck and do not truly care.  Well some do but most I met have not.  Let’s hope this come to Jesus talk works and I can work on fixing things or just peacing out of this relationship.  In some ways I was probably better being single in the first place.

Any advice for this type of thing?  Thanks!