Blogtember 24: September 24

Blogtember 24: September 24

I am not that great a re-creating things myself so I will change it up and post about blogs whose designs I love! There are so many awesome blogs and blog designs that I feel compelled to share ones that I find attractive and would love have one just as good one day.

Classic Catherine


I love how simple her blog design is and how it doesn’t overtake or distract form her writing. I love it! Plus she has good style too!  I love one of Catherine’s recent post on her She Plans To-Do List Planner.  It looks so cute and useful!

Happily Ever Ashley Rogers


This is a new blog and I love it! I discovered this blog through The College Prepster blog. There are some things that i can relate to on Ashley’s blog such as her struggles with teaching. I am facing similar problems in my teaching journey now and am wrestling with leaving the classroom in the next school year. Her design is also clean and simple! I love the design around her blog title on the main page of the blog. This is a fabulous start to a great blog. I think I was guided to her blog at the right time because I was I am struggling with things in my classroom and considered not doing teaching next year.  So I’ll see what happens.

With All My Affection


This is another pretty but simple blog.  I love the touch of color on the top of the blog as well as the script font for the title.  I follow her blog to see her makeup and beauty reviews.  One of her recent posts I like in on the O.P.I. Washington D.C. collection. The colors are gorgeous and perfect for the fall season.  There is another post which caught my attention and it is about organic makeup from Vapor Beauty.  The review was good and I would like to try those products.

What are some of your favorite blogs or blogs with great designs?


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