Blogtember 22: September 22

Blogtember 22:Fall favorites. Share your must-haves for this season.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, and more Pumpkin


I love baking during the fall and will always bake a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins a few days before fall begins.  I also like to bake pumpkin bread and this year will try  my hand at pumpkin chocolate chip oat cookies.  I also love pumpkin picking in the fall!  I miss this because there are no pumpkin patches where I live now.  It is not the same without a traditional pumpkin patch.

Apple Picking


Since I was a little girl my family has always gone apple picking every year.  We would pick various types of apples and then make pies with them when we got home.  We had a go to orchard when I lived in NY and another one by where I went to college.  Since being down here I have not been able to go apple picking because they do not have apple orchards whomp, whomp.

Leaves Changing Color


This was one of my favorite events of the fall season especially in college.  My college was situated right across the river form mountains and I was able to see the leaves on the trees change throughout the seasons.  Fall was my favorite because I was able to see the green leaves change to brown, orange, and red!  The whole color scheme of the mountain changed and instead of looking at an all green place I saw bright fall colors.

Boots & Sweaters


Fall was the season where I would break out my boots and sweaters from my wardrobe and put them to good use.  Sadly, the South is too hot for me to make use of these items and it makes me really sad.  In all of the time I have been down here I have not wore a sweater or my boots because it is way too hot and it sucks.  So, no fall clothes for me.  I am sure one day I will live somewhere where the seasons are more visible again.


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