Stuck Like Glue



So, there are times in my life where I feel stuck and like my life is going nowhere. This is currently occurring in my life and it sucks. Many people around me are hitting their goals, growing within their career, finding love, and just progressing in their life and here I am just watching it all happen. While good things are occurring for others my life is on a standstill and no matter how hard I try nothing is going in my favor.  Just when I think I have conquered something  I get knocked backwards.  It is frustrating and hard not to wonder when it be my time to shine and actually have something positive happen. This year has been a tough one and one of the toughest ones full of setbacks and lots of let downs.  I at least want to end it with something positive. So far I am stuck like glue in mediocre job, lack of a love life, friends who are not truly there for me, and some health issues.  I know there are a lot of things for me to be grateful for this year but it is hard watching others be successful and I’m still stuck and am trying my hardest to fix things in my life.  I guess I will just need to try even harder and keep on trucking and much as it sucks.  As I do that I will wonder when I will finally catch my big break and when the pieces will fall into place for me. For now I will be the girl stuck in limbo and doing my best to keep it all together while trying not to fall apart.



6 thoughts on “Stuck Like Glue

  1. As Baz Luhrman says in that song of his: “Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind, the race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself.” I try not to compare myself with other people’s careers and love lives. Firstly, because it’s depressing. I suck on both fronts. But more importantly, everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Others may look like they’re better off, but in reality, they could be going through some kind of personal hell that you’d never guess existed.

    • You are correct. I should not be comparing myself to others but it is difficult not to do. It is depressing like you mentioned and just makes me feel bad at the point I am at in life. I am also struggling with being successful in my career and dating as well. That is true about other’s struggles. Some of the most put together people could really be suffering. I need to focus more on the positive things in my life, be thankful for the good things, and just keep improving myself/career without comparing the progress to other individuals.
      Thank you for your like and comment!

      • No problem. I wrote a physical list of the good things about my own dead end job and I read it whenever I get bored/frustrated with work. It actually helped. Cheesy but it might help you too!

      • I have too and there are more negatives than positives unfortunately. But the positives are good like I luckily have great co-workers. It does help and sometimes I find myself re-writing the list.

      • You’re braver than I am – I don’t even acknowledge the existence of the negatives! I guess it’s not just about quantities of each like having great co-workers might count for a lot while, for example, shitty hours might be annoying but not a disaster.

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