Blogtember 19: September 19

Blogtember 19:Something you wish more people knew or believed.

Everyday is Mother’s, Father’s, Sister’s (or any other important person in your life) Day


Since I was little my Dad has instilled that celebrating and appreciating the important people in your life should be done everyday and just on the holidays like Father’s Day.  I never really paid attention to this when I was younger due to the fact that I expected the people close to me to be around for  long time.  As life would have it this would not always be the case.  I heeded this advice as I grew and would email, call, and Skype those closest to me daily, weekly, or monthly.  Once, someone is gone it is not the same and I have regrets like I should have told them this or shared that or maybe visited more.  I can not go back and change the relationship once my loved one has passed away.  SO now I do not take for granted the life of a loved one because circumstances can change at any time.  So, do not be afraid to reach out to the people dear to you because in an instant that can be gone and you do not want to leave anything unsaid.  I celebrate the people I love most everyday and not just on the society dictated holidays!  This is something I wish more people would take the time to think about and act on!


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