Blogtember 18: September 18

Blogtember 18: An item that simplifies your life

I hate when I just have to pick one thing:( There’re always so many things I want to list and there is not just one item that makes my life easy. I will list a few that simplify my life.



Seriously, kudos to whoever invented these things!  They are a life saver whenever I need to quickly throw my hair back and keep it out of my face.  It is crazy how many times  day I use it especially down in the South.  It is convenient and I always haven on my wrist.



It tastes so good and I am literally addicted to it!  I have at least one cup every day but no ore than two cups of coffee. i do not want to overdo it and become a crazy coffee addict. I had a roommate who was ands would have like four cups a day.  It was insane and she would literally shake whence did not have enough caffeine in a day. But coffee definitely helps make mornings better!



Of course I had to mention this! Books help make life a whole lot simpler!  They allow me to escape and read about various times, places, people, and events.  There have been books which have shaped my life and those which seemed to mimic the situation I was going through at the time. I am not sure what it is about them but books sure make life a lot more bearable and simple!


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