Blogtember 17: September 17

Blogtember 17: Vlogging!

I do not blog so I will not be doing vlogging for this post.  There are tons of people who are fantastic at logging and unfortunately I am not one of them.  So, instead of trying to put my tech skills to goos use I will feature some of my favorite vloggers of the internet.



Keren, Khoa, and Jackson are such a sweet and adorable family. I love watching their blogs and their positivity.  I discovered them while browsing around the internet and loved what I saw!  It is nice to see people around my age being positive and that seem like good people!  They also live in the South not too far from where I am.  Keep doing what you are doing Keren and Khoa! Btw, can not wait for the new little one to join your family!

Katherout & Katheroutings




I wish there was a blogger like her when I was in college!  She offers great college tips for incoming freshman and high school seniors!  Also, she gives and honest and fresh perspective of what it is like to be a college student at a large university.  I find it helpful to get advice from peers around my age.  She also has a blog channel called Katheroutings which focuses on trips and her day to day activities.  If you are a college student or know someone in college watch and or  recommend Katherine’s channels  to get awesome college advice.



Katy’s blogs are awesome and honest!  One thing I love about her blogs is that she is true to herself and doesn’t sugar coat things.  Some of her personality reminded me of my younger sister which is awesome.  I think she has impacted many teens and college students through her videos and vlogs. Her blogs are honest and do focus on real topics that occur in high , college, and life.  It is good to see someone who is creating blogs because they want to and not because they want to get famous.  I have seen so many fake bloggers and she is not one of them!  Go check out her vlogs today!

I know that some these vloggers are younger than me but to me that’s ok but no at the same time.  I like people that are real, positive, and are posting content that they believe in!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?


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