Blogtember Day 9: September 9

Blogtember Day 9: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

Montauk, NY

montauk point lighthouse

img_1126img_1122 img_1125

This is a loaded question for me and one that caused me to ponder a lot and the what ifs of the this questions. Did this question refer to now or the future? I will go with the now and answer this question in that way.  The one place I would travel to out of the whole world is Montauk,NY.  This is my second home and I truly love this place.  I could live there if I could afford to and I would love every minute of it.  Well, not when it snows around 3ft and I have to be the one to shovel all of that snow.  That would be a total bummer.  On the bright side: I could go fishing, go camping at Hither Hills whenever I wanted in the summer time, be right by the ocean, learn to surf, enjoy the endless sunrises and sunsets that this place has to offer, and most of all enjoy the peace and quiet during the off seasons.  The summers can get pretty crazy and over the years they have gotten more and more crowded and yuppified.  That is that part I do not like.  I remember Montauk as a middle class vacation spot for people who could not afford to travel far but just wanted to get away!

I would not need a spectacular, over the top, or renovated house to have my life there be complete.  All I would want is moderate sized house, condo, or apartment, and all wheel drive car, a fantastic coffeemaker, washer & dryer, internet, and I’d be all set.  The summer months you would mainly find me on the beach, exploring town, or hosting friends and family members for vacation.  This would be my ultimate bliss and I do not care how desolate it becomes in the colder months because I love this place with all my heart!  This would be the place I would pick anyway hands down out of anywhere in the world!  One day hopefully my dream can come true!  One can dream right?



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