Blogtember Day 13: September 13

Blogtember  Day 13:If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Why?


I would switch lives with an Olympic swimmer preferably, one who specializes in distance events.  I have always wanted to be an elite swimmer but sadly that goal did not happen for me.  It’s all my fault btw, like with bad decisions  and not putting in enough effort until it is too late.

I think it would be awesome to live their daily routine see how they train, what they do in their down time, maybe I’ll even be able to compete in race.  I think that would be awesome and I would to experience that life for a day.  I know I will be exhausted by the end of the night but it will be worth it.  The Olympic hopefuls dedicate numerous hours to the sport that they love in hopes of winning an Olympic medal.  Just to get a glimpse into their life would be a delight and something I would love to do.  On the other hand I do not now if the Olympic athlete would be impressed with what I do or how I live because my life is just ordinary.  I’m just  a Plain Jane and am doing nothing noteworthy.  I sort of wish I was doing something that would get me noticed but sadly that might not happen in my life.

Out of curiosity who would you swap lives with for a day?


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