Blogtember Day 11: September 11

Blogtember Day 11: Round up of your favorite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?



I love following this feed!  This is one of my favorite makeup brands ever!  I love her posts of new items and about how it’s ok to just be who you are!  Majority of the looks featured are natural and truly compliment the woman in the picture.  I love how her makeup look natural on me and really enhances features instead of making me look all dolled up.  I love natural over looking overdone any day!  Her posts are great and this is a must follow if you are a makeup lover!  Go ahead and follow this account today!



Yoga is peace for the soul, helps ground me, and helps me focus on the here and now, and is just good for my soul.  It is amazing how yoga can change the whole flow of my day.  I somewhat discovered this account on Instagram and just had to follow it.  The pictures of yoga poses and inspiration sayings help brighten my day and do often cause me to think about things.  Most of all it helps put things into perspective for me and causes me to focus on the present.  The only things I can change are the things happening in the present time.  The past is done and gone and the future has yet to come.  If you are looking to get your mojo up during the day then add this account to your follow list.  You will be surprised at how this can help change the course of your day!



Patricia Nash is one of my favorite handbag designers of all time!  Her bags are stunning, versatile, my style, and last a lifetime!  Plus, the company has a lifetime guarantee and will replace the bag you have with another one or with one worth the same price!  I have used it because I used one of my Patrica Nash bags to the point where some of the leather was coming off of the bag.  I had a pleasant experience and have purchased a few more Patricia Nash bags!  They are fantastic!  The instagram allows me to keep abreast on the upcoming styles, colors, and trends with her handbags.  The photos of the bags are beautifully done and I usually like a ton of the photos!  A must follow for handbag lovers!



If you knew me you would know that I am pretty much obsessed with quotes.  I have a few books that contain my favorite quotes from books and people.  I believe I found this account through another isntagrammer I follow.  I loved the quotes that were posted so of course I just had to follow this account.  The quotes are fabulous and sometimes apply to my life it is freaky.  So I guess I was meant to follow this account.  I am sure I will wind up following more of these accounts in the  future.



I first heard of The Way We Met through an article I read on Huffington Post.  I was so intrigued that I checked out and then followed the Instagram page.  It has something to do with variety of stories and couples featured on the page.  I am a sucker for a good story of how a couple met.  Sadly, none of my stories about how I met significant others can top any of the site.  There are some stories that I wish would happen to me but on the other hand I want my story to me an original instead of trying to relive somebody else’s magical moment.  I guess I want the whole romance of meeting a man, we click, and then our story never ends.  But not everyone is lucky enough to have that type of moment.  The one thing I wish that would be featured on the site are more online dating stories.  These can be just as romantic as face to face meetings of people.  The photos are adorable and the stories are even better.  If you need a pick me up or to brighten your day then you must follow and look at this account!



I would never have thought that I would be following one of these accounts but it is so good and refreshing to see two peers’ commitment to marriage. t he creators of the account are Jermey and Audrey Roloff from Little People Big World.  Not only are they focused on staying married and working through the tough stuff of marriage but are inspiring other couple to do the same.  There are so many divorces nowadays its crazy!  I have heard of at least a handful and it is mainly by couples who have rushed into the engagement/marriage or an unfaithful spouse.  It is sad to see people divorce but that is a part of life.  Most people do not go into a marriage thinking that it will fail or end in divorce. But the inevitable does happen and it is what it is.  The posts on this Instagram help me see that there are others who care about forming positive relationships with a significant other and fixing things when they become broken.


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