Blogtember Day 10: September 10

Blogtember Day 10: A day in your life! Take us through it with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.

I am not much for doing this type of stuff hence why I am not a vlogger.  To me this is personal, just like the room post. I will give an overview of my day and will not share many personal photos.  Sorry guys but that’s just how I roll.

7:45: Begin workday.  It’s a pretty fun place to work but the company has it’s share of problems just like anywhere else.

4:00: End work and head for home

5:15: Hit the gym!  Have to get that cardio in after working all day!

6:45: Back from gym and prep dinner.

7:15: Dinner time and catch up on some emails/texts

7:45: Prep stuff of the next day. Clean etc.

Rest of the night: consists of relaxing, blogging, or reading.  I try to get to bed by 10:30 so I can be up and not grumpy the next day.  For my current job I am so not a morning person and wish I could have a hater hour to come into work.   Even 45 min later would make a huge difference in my morning.

That’s all  there is folks!  My routine does vary depending on meetings and social engagements etc.



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