Blogtember Day 7 September 7th

Blogtember Day 7: Five things that bring you joy


My Family


img_1618 img_1596

Half the time they drive me nuts and the other half there are fabulous times but I think any persons can relate to that.  I am so thankful to have my family when there are so many individuals who have no one to lean on.  Throughout my life my family has supported me, cried with me, angered me, yelled at me, gave me the needed reality checks, and most of all always loved me for who I am.  They are everything and they make me so happy!

Sunrises & Sunsets


There is no better way to start and end a day than with these two things.  They always bring me back to vacations because I would sit on the beach to watch both the sunrise and sunset.  It always happens on Montauk beach which is my favorite place in the world.  Many family dinners were had during sunset on our favorite spot on the hill which is now converted to campsites.  That makes me sad because the top of the hill gave the best views of the sunset.  Sunrise is mazing because it means that it is the start of a new day and I have another day to impact people and live my life.  Sunrises are pretty and I love how they look over the water.  I also have to mention


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I am a book nerd and have been since I learned to read!  I will devour anything with words except for sic-fci and romance novels.  There is hardly a time where you catch me without a book in my hand or in my purse.  Reading is like an escape for me and causes me to reflect and think about things.  For the past year I have been part of a book club that has helped bring me out of my shell and also  allow me to discuss books with women who enjoy reading.  Without books I would not be as happy.



At first glance this is so cliche.  Majority of people list this as one of the things that they are thankful or happy about.  The older I get the more thankful I am for my great health.  In the past year I have had a few people close to me go through some health issue that affected their daily routines, independence, and ability to function.  I stood by all my friends and family during their tough times and saw the struggles they faced and how it effected their life and the people around them.  I am grateful to be able to get out of bed and live my life without pain or sickness and hope it stays that way for as long as I can.


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