Blogtember Day 5 September 5

Blogtember Day 5: What was your most memorable birthday?

It is truly hard to pick one memorable birthday!  I will write about a few of my favorite birthdays that I have had.

Thanksgiving Party


My family has tons of November birthdays.  When we would host Thanksgiving we would get a large ice cream cake and sing happy birthday to everyone who has a November birthday.  This was a special time for me because I was able to celebrate with family!  It was one big party!  I miss these times because everyone is spread out around the country and East Coast now.

Consecutive Numbered Birthday


One of my birthdays fell on a consecutive numbered day 11/12/13.  It is special because it will never happen again and not many people can say they celebrated a birthday on a consecutive numbered day.  It was fun!

Birthdays at College


I did not dorm far from home so my family would come and visit me during  or around my birthday weekend. We would go shopping at the outlets or see a football game at West Point.  Those football games were always so much fun to watch!  We would end the day by going to one of two of my favorite restaurants in the area which were the Alexis Diner or Brothers Trattoria.  Both are delicious but serve totally different types of food.

21st Birthday


This was one of my favorite birthdays!  No, I did not have the typical 21 year old birthday of getting wasted!  yes, I did go out with friends but not to get trashed.   I spent it with family and was surprised with a small get together!  We went out to a fantastic restaurant called Tanoreen in Brooklyn and my room was decorated. It was a birthday to remember!



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