Be an NVLD resource!



Recently, I published a post focusing on Nonverbal Learning Disabilities  and promised a follow up post with resources about NVLD and now I feel like it is time to make good on that promise.

As you know I have struggled with NVLD for most of my life and it is something that will not go away so throughout the years I have found ways to compensate in my areas of weakness.  It has been a difficult journey and there were virtually no resources or knowledge about NVLD.  It was a lot of trial and error and discovering strategies as I went along.  I am thrilled that there are lots of resources available today and much more awareness about this learning difference.  Below you will find a variety of sources to use to learn and bring awareness to this overlooked disability.

Friends of Quinn

friends of quinn

This site is not focused solely on NVLD but numerous learning differences.  I discovered the site by chance a few years ago and loved the site.  It is a site devoted to learning differences and is like a community for individuals of all ages and with any learning differences.  There are daily blog posts, a Q&A section for people to ask questions to each other, and information about a variety of learning differences.  Check it out today!


This site is focused on numerous disabilities and has a wealth of information about each one.  It includes the definition, testing, strategies, conditions that are related to the disability etc.  This is one of the more informative sites I have discovered and has helped me understand NVLD as well as other disabilities I did not know much about.  A great resource for teachers, family members, parents, and to help a person be a self advocate for themselves.

The NVLD Project


I absolutely love this website!  It is solely focused on all aspects of NVLD and was founded by Dr. Laura Lemle.  Her daughter is about my age and has NVLD and that was her inspiration to start the site.  I like her daughter have struggled with NVLD and this site has been a blessing. I have recommended it to people who have not heard of NVLD and for my immediate family who still does not seem to grasp what NVLD is and the definition of it.  I am glad this site was started and I go on it all of the time to see what’s there and try and keep abreast on NVLD.

Dr. Lemle was the focus of an interview with Devin Thrope, on  Dr.Moira Ryan from Columbia University is also featured as well  it is a great interview and really breaks NVLD down in a way that people can understand.  During the interview you see Dr. Lemle’s passion about NVLD awareness shine through.

Link to the interview:


This is another great site with tons of resources for people with NVLD.   Some of the items on here are dated but there are a variety of resources here and tons of info regarding NVLD.

Those are my go to sites for learning and becoming more knowledgeable about NVLD!  If you have any other resources please let me know in the comments or through email!



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