Blogtember 21: September 21

Blogtember 21: If you were a flavor of ice cream what flavor would you be?

Mint Chocolate Chip


This is y favorite flavor of ice cream!  I always pick it no matter where I go well except for Denali Moose Tracks or Phish Food.  I just find this flavor of ice cream so refreshing and a non-changing one.  The only things that does differ is the color of the ice cream.  At some places it is green and at others it is white but it to me the taste doesn’t vary that much.  So I guess this post is pretty simple, short, and sweet!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Blogtember 20: September 20

Blogtember 19: A list of your favorite blog posts

My Beacon & NYC posts

635932734909157496651194192_nyc-letters beacon-ny

This helped me document my NY trip as well as the places love in NY. NYC will always be my home and it is nice to know that I can go back there anytime.  Also, I love sharing my favorite places with others

FOMO: Yes I have it and it sucks


This is one of my real posts!  It was what I was going through at the time and I just felt that I had to express it.  Social media has played less of a role in my life and I am highly considering deleting my Instagram account.  I do not post photos on my account and just use it to keep up with friends from home,actors, artists, and brands I like.  But it is causing some issues with FOMO concerning my friends.  But anyway, it is a real post and I am happy that I wrote it because I connected with others who experienced the same thing.

NVLD, What is that?

This is a post that is dear to me because NVLD is something that I struggle with everyday. I will have it for the rest of my life and I have had to found different ways of completing tasks. I also want to get the awareness out there about the learning disability.

Blogtember 19: September 19

Blogtember 19:Something you wish more people knew or believed.

Everyday is Mother’s, Father’s, Sister’s (or any other important person in your life) Day


Since I was little my Dad has instilled that celebrating and appreciating the important people in your life should be done everyday and just on the holidays like Father’s Day.  I never really paid attention to this when I was younger due to the fact that I expected the people close to me to be around for  long time.  As life would have it this would not always be the case.  I heeded this advice as I grew and would email, call, and Skype those closest to me daily, weekly, or monthly.  Once, someone is gone it is not the same and I have regrets like I should have told them this or shared that or maybe visited more.  I can not go back and change the relationship once my loved one has passed away.  SO now I do not take for granted the life of a loved one because circumstances can change at any time.  So, do not be afraid to reach out to the people dear to you because in an instant that can be gone and you do not want to leave anything unsaid.  I celebrate the people I love most everyday and not just on the society dictated holidays!  This is something I wish more people would take the time to think about and act on!

Blogtember 18: September 18

Blogtember 18: An item that simplifies your life

I hate when I just have to pick one thing:( There’re always so many things I want to list and there is not just one item that makes my life easy. I will list a few that simplify my life.



Seriously, kudos to whoever invented these things!  They are a life saver whenever I need to quickly throw my hair back and keep it out of my face.  It is crazy how many times  day I use it especially down in the South.  It is convenient and I always haven on my wrist.



It tastes so good and I am literally addicted to it!  I have at least one cup every day but no ore than two cups of coffee. i do not want to overdo it and become a crazy coffee addict. I had a roommate who was ands would have like four cups a day.  It was insane and she would literally shake whence did not have enough caffeine in a day. But coffee definitely helps make mornings better!



Of course I had to mention this! Books help make life a whole lot simpler!  They allow me to escape and read about various times, places, people, and events.  There have been books which have shaped my life and those which seemed to mimic the situation I was going through at the time. I am not sure what it is about them but books sure make life a lot more bearable and simple!

Blogtember 17: September 17

Blogtember 17: Vlogging!

I do not blog so I will not be doing vlogging for this post.  There are tons of people who are fantastic at logging and unfortunately I am not one of them.  So, instead of trying to put my tech skills to goos use I will feature some of my favorite vloggers of the internet.



Keren, Khoa, and Jackson are such a sweet and adorable family. I love watching their blogs and their positivity.  I discovered them while browsing around the internet and loved what I saw!  It is nice to see people around my age being positive and that seem like good people!  They also live in the South not too far from where I am.  Keep doing what you are doing Keren and Khoa! Btw, can not wait for the new little one to join your family!

Katherout & Katheroutings




I wish there was a blogger like her when I was in college!  She offers great college tips for incoming freshman and high school seniors!  Also, she gives and honest and fresh perspective of what it is like to be a college student at a large university.  I find it helpful to get advice from peers around my age.  She also has a blog channel called Katheroutings which focuses on trips and her day to day activities.  If you are a college student or know someone in college watch and or  recommend Katherine’s channels  to get awesome college advice.



Katy’s blogs are awesome and honest!  One thing I love about her blogs is that she is true to herself and doesn’t sugar coat things.  Some of her personality reminded me of my younger sister which is awesome.  I think she has impacted many teens and college students through her videos and vlogs. Her blogs are honest and do focus on real topics that occur in high , college, and life.  It is good to see someone who is creating blogs because they want to and not because they want to get famous.  I have seen so many fake bloggers and she is not one of them!  Go check out her vlogs today!

I know that some these vloggers are younger than me but to me that’s ok but no at the same time.  I like people that are real, positive, and are posting content that they believe in!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Blogtember 16: September 16

Blogtember 16: How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?

Reading and Writing

8941047 tumblr_mljdtwtuif1s0aujao1_500

Life can be stressful and it takes loads of energy just to get through the day.  To help combat stress I read a book and write in a journal.  Reading helps me just chill out and relax and it takes my mind off of things in life.  Writing helps gets thoughts out of my head and onto paper.  When I write in a journal I just write to get things out of my head which helps me ease my mind.  When I am finishing writing I just close the book and move on with my day.  Once the writing is done I do not go back and re-read what I wrote down.  For me it is better than way and really helps met!

What ways do you de-stress? Let me know in the comments section!

Blogtember 15: September 15

Blogtember 15: What is the craziest adventure you have ever been on?


milan milan2 st-peters trevi

Traveling to Italy with my family is by far the craziest trip I have ever been on! It was crazy due to the fact that my family planned the trip ourselves without the help of a travel agent.  We did a lot of research and relied on the reviews of places on Airbnb.  It literally was a gamble on whether things would work out they we wished.  None of my family had ever gone abroad and the fact that we did everything ourselves could wind up being a total crapshoot, especially since we were all flying separately.  This would be the first time I would be leaving the country solo and I was a bit nervous.  I would be making the journey by myself and would be meeting the rest of my family in the Milano Central which is essentially the Italian version of Grand Central Terminal in NYC.  It went well but was crazy none the less.  My trip began with a bang when the international flight terminal got switched and the plan wound up sitting on the runway for about 2 and 1/2 hours.  It was crazy and I lost so much time getting to Italy.  It all worked out in the end which was fantastic!  Now I just need to go back and visit this lovely country again before I die!