A Perspect about Tech

Recently I have been pondering about my relationship with technology.  I feel that it still consumes a good chunk of my time and causes me to waste lots of hours.  In the past two years I have successfully cut out my Facebook use.  I still have one to keep the pictures and to keep up with friends from home.  But, I still spend a ton of time texting, using Instagram, and use my phone to research things on the internet.  Those are all habits that I need to break and use my time more efficiently and make time for human interaction.  I feel that I am on my phone a lot which takes time away from making connections with others.

The homily given at my church this week focused about humility and technology.  The priest talked about technology impacting the way people communicate with each other and how people live their life.  Technology affects how people interact with the world and cause people to miss things, like the sunset, or a chance to meet a new person.  It was freaky how this was the homily that was given on the day I decide to attend mass.  It really reinforced my thoughts about technology and how I should work on cutting down on its use. I also realize that when out in public it may make me seem like I am uninterested or unapproachable in social situations.

Also, The Wall Street Journal featured an article titled Teens Who Say No To Social Media focusing about teenagers who do not use social media.  It showed how the interviewed teens like face to face contact with friends and would rather talk to them in person as opposed to liking their picture or status.  I am so used to seeing teens and preteens glued to their phones or laptop screens that I automatically assumed majority of them will have a panic attack if they lost or broke their phone.  It is nice to read something about “normal” adolescents who like to socialize with out tweeting, texting, or taking selfies.

What I learned from both the thins above is that I need to continue to decrease my use of social media because it is not benefitting me.  My use of social media cases me to compare my self to others, wastes time, and interferes with my productivity.  i am going to put my phone done a lot more frequently!


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