Liar Liar Pants on Fire


Oh Ryan Lochte how you have lost my respect.  He is a 32 year old liar who can not even let the word, liar, roll off of his tongue during an interview with Matt Lauer.  Lochte has disgraced his country, his teammates, and himself with the lie he told a few weeks ago.  It is a shame that Lochte’s teammates had to get pulled off of a U.S.A.plane and Lochte was home safe in the U.S.  I was appalled that a swimmer of this caliber would have the nerve to lie on live media, to fans, and to his parents.

Young swimmers and teammates look up to Ryan Lochte for his talents as a swimmer and here he is trying to cover up his despicable actions with a lie.  It seems that hardly any action was taken against Lochte and he got off scott free.    Yes, he got sponsorships revoked but on the other hand got other deals from Dancing With the Stars.  It is just disgraceful that Lochte does not fully apologize or admit that he made false statements not even in the interview with Matt Lauer.  Lochte did not care that he lied and that is the saddest part.  As a parent I would be embarrassed and infuriated.  Here is my grown son who can  barely apologize genuinely and still has not made anything right in this situation.  He could not spare any of his money to donate to a charity in Rio/Brazil like his teammate had done. I am just infuriated at this and was even more enraged by the fact that Matt Lauer did not have the guts to call Lochte out in the interview.  I would be damn sure to have done that.  Al the interview showed was how disrespectful, unapologetic, insincere, Lochte was about the situation.  it was blatantly obvious that lawyers wrote the apology on Instagram and told Lochte key words to use during the interview.

This situation pissed me off because  American swimmer, Lilly King, made a point of calling out Russian swimmer, Yulia Efimova, on doping allegations which caused a spetacle in the media for a bit.  Here is King’s teammate Ryan Lochte who told a blatant lie about an event that took place and nobody seems to be calling him out as dramatically as King did to Efimova.  I would be embarrassed if I were Lochte and doing whatever I can to make the situation right and I would take 100% responsibility for being untruthful!

The only person who was publicly blunt about the Ryan Lockte situation was Al Roker.  Kudos, to him for saying what tons of people were thinking and the truth about the situation.  He basically said what Ryan Lochte did not have the guts to admit to the public: that what was told was a lie!  It needed to be done by somebody and I think AL Roker was fed up that people were sugar coating things and just being blunt and saying it like it was.  Thank you Al Roker for giving the honest truth and clearly being bothered by everybody beating around the bush.  His co-workers on the show should have respected Roker’s opinions because he was saying what needed to be said.  At least there was someone in this world who said it like it is!




5 thoughts on “Liar Liar Pants on Fire

  1. If you ever saw Ryan Lochte’s reality show from soon after the 2012 Olympics, you would not have been as surprised that he acted like such a jackass. He was a womanizing idiot through the entire run of the show, and his mother basically enabled him. I could go on a rant about how our culture idolizes athletes to the extent that we too often excuse their behavior. But I’ll save the ranting for another time. 😀

    • I did see one episode of his show and it was absolutely terrible. I could not watch another episode. First off, his tagline was jeah which is ridiculous. I was so infuriated by the incident especially since there were no repercussions besides Lochte losing some sponsorships. I can not even believe he is going to be on dancing with the stars. He needs a serious ass kicking and has a lot of growing up to do.

      • I agree. Now it is old news when in reality Lochte did a bad thing. I do not watch Dancing With the Stars either and was never into it. I saw an article about how Lochte is going to be on the next season. I would not want someone like him on my show after what he did.

      • My parents used to watch DWTS when it first came on, and I kept watching it with my dad after my mom went to the nursing home. But neither one of us really likes it anymore, so we will probably be finding something else.

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