A Magical memory Making Place By the Sea

montauk point lighthouse

My posts have been sort of solemn lately so I figured I would do a more sentimental post on my favorite place.  There is one place in this world where I would always rather be than my current location.  This magical, peaceful, and beautiful place is way out by the ocean full of salty air, endless nights, fishing boats, surfers, and a huge summer crowd.  The place in which I could live out the rest of my life is nestled at the far end of Long Island and it is called Montauk.  For the the past twenty five years my family has piled up the car and made the four hour drive to this place by the sea.  For us it was a journey away from life and its stresses and anywhere from a long weekend to our annual two weeks stay to just chill, spend time as a family, and sit by the beach.  This is my favorite place ever because there are so many memories that have happened in this place such as learning how to drive, first time riding a two wheel bike, catching my first wave, and going on my first fishing trip, and being the destination of a south to north road trip.  I mean who else will drive from the farthest point on the east coast to the farthest point in NY to go on vacation?  The family that is crazy about MTK.  We always visit  our favorite spots and places.  I did not think I could love a place more and do not think I ever will!

There are so many places that I love in this town, well technically a village, so look out for a Montauk favorites post soon!  You will see some of my favorite places to eat, things to do, and places to see!  What is your favorite place to travel to or your favorite vacation spot?

hither hills


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