Beating 50 percent


It is nice to see a married couple, Audrey & Jermey Roloff, trying to get other couples to stay together and work through things in their marriage.  I think their website is awesome and they have created a great idea to try and help couples off the road of divorce.  Divorce is so prevalent in our society and I feel like I hear about people plotting up as often as I do somebody getting engaged or entering a new relationship.

The website promotes couples fixing things as opposed to just walking away which many people tend to do when things get tough.  That is absolutely the wrong idea and it can lead to a failed marriage.  My parents went through tough times and they worked it out.  They stayed by each other and fixed the problems.  More couples should do that and at least try and see if they can find a solution before quitting.

One of the articles that I love on beating5opercent is Giving More to you Marriage Always More written by Audrey.  I am always the person that gives more in a relationship and sometimes it works and sometimes its a bust.  I always love to learn about the person I am with and what makes them tick. Not he other hand finding out about their fears and past is good too and I’ll always be there to support my significant other.

Before I begin rambling check out Jeremy and Audrey’s site: it has great articles, gifts for significant others, features their love story, and vows from young married couples.

Also, Audrey runs a blog called AujPoj and it is definitely worth the time to look at.  You can visit it here:


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