Weekly Wonders: Olympic Edition

Rio Olympics 2016

I have waited four years for this Olympics! Especially the swimming events which are exciting to watch especially the relay events!  The competition this year will be fierce and the USA swimmers need to step up their game and give their races everything they have.  The international swimmers are bringing the heat and are extremely fast this year.  There will be stiff competition and

Lily King’s Finger Wag 

lilly king

She must be an up and coming swimmer who I have not heard of before.  She caught my attention,as probably most other viewers of the swimming, when she finger wagged at Russian swimmer Yulia Emifova.  I agree with the finger wag and believe that any Olympic contender who has tested positive for drugs should not be allowed to compete.  There has been tons of controversy surrounding the Russian Olympic team this year and more of the athletes should have been banned. So, thanks Lily King for helping to call out the Russians!  Also, Lily did an amazing job winning gold in the breaststroke!!

Men’s 4X100 Freestyle Relay


Relays are my favorite swimming events to watch because they can be the nail biting, edge of your seat races.  The men dominated this event this year and were able to reclaim their place as first.  I thought it was nice to see first time Olympian,  in a relay who was able to win gold.  It was even more adorable to see his reaction at the medal ceremony.  It is an enormous accomplishment to win and an emotional one at that!  Good work boys!  Hopefully the relay can be won by the USA in the Tokyo Olympics!

Katinka Hosszu


She has been dominating her events at this Olympics!  Her swimming talent is amazing and she will no doubt win some more medals during these games!  So, Ill just have to watch and see what happens during the rest of the Olympics!

Katinka Hosszu’s Husband


He is reactions seeing Katinka win is priceless. He seems like such a supportive husband and enjoys watching her swim and win.  But, I have read some articles saying he can be hard on Katinka as a coach and on how the focus is on her husband and not on her for winning.  I agree that the focus should be on the winners and Katinka and not just on her husband.

Men’s Archery Team


I have never seen an archery competition before and it was pretty interesting.  The amount of skill that the archers need to hold still, aim, and launch their arrow in a certain amount of time.  It was amazing to see such skill in a sport.  No doubt the three men on the archery team worked hard to get here and they did well. The Koreans edged them out of a gold medal but it was a fight well fought!  The Koreans were extremely talented as well and landed 9 or 10s everytime.  This was a well balanced matched and very close at times! Now they can say the are one of the best teams in the world!  Not many individuals can say that!

Gymnastic Team:Final Five


Who could not love the women’s gymnastic team! They are all talented and adorable!  It is amazing how flexible they are and how they keep getting top scores on their events!  They have won gold!  Keep up the good work ladies!  Also, this will be the last team of five girls to compete in the Olympics for gymnastics.  In the 2020 Olympics a team of four will be competing.  It is also Martha Karolyi’s last year as coach for the USA.

Maya DiRado


She has won many medal of this being her first Olympics.  She seems so gracious for her wins and just has a positive outlook about the Olympics.  I loved her reaction to her after she finished the 200 meter backstroke.  She outtouched Katinka to win the gold!  I think this has been an amazing Olympics for her and her attitude has stayed positive throughout the games.  Kudos to Maya!

Anthony Ervin

BARCELONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 02: Anthony Ervin of the USA pepares to compete in the Swimming Men's Freestyle 50m Semifinal heat 2 on day fourteen of the 15th FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi on August 2, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

He is one of the oldest swimmers in the pool but his skill is amazing.  He won a gold medal at thirty five years old!  All of his handwork paid off and it is bitter sweet to see him win!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders: Olympic Edition

  1. In all fairness, the Russian swimmer was training in the U.S. at the University of Southern California for 4 years, and her positive drug test was due to a supplement that she bought from GNC at the mall. According to her story, the problem was due to an issue of translation and not understanding the clerk at GNC. She wasn’t actually one of the ones caught up in the whole Russian drug thing. I felt the same as you until I read the story, and then I realized I had been somewhat unfair.

    • I did read a few articles about Yulia. Yes, she was training in the US but if she knew there was a language barrier about understanding ingredients in products she could have double checked specifics/ingredients with her coaches and trainers besides the GNC clerk. I do not think Yulia is mean spirited and she is talented. I do think there was negative thinking about Russian athletes in light of the doping scandal that surrounded the Rio Games.

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