Overdue Update & Other Things

life update

Boy oh boy have I been seriously slacking in the writing department!  It has been a combination of life, work, and summer events that have gotten in the way.  But I guess life happens to everyone and it did not help that I wound up going into a rabbit hole.  A rabbit hole is what I refer to as a sad place that I used to find myself going into all the time sitting and ruminating over the past, how I could have done things better, and worrying about the future.  I am getting better and stopping those thoughts and just giving life.  It’s amazing how much time and life living I have missed out on because my mined kept wondering into that dark place.  It is getting better everyday and is an internal battle I need to fight with myself!

rabbit hole

To me writing on this blog is kind of therapeutic and a way for me to hone my writing skills, and just get the thoughts out of my head. So, this little space on the internet has helped me edit, create, enhance my writing, and share my thoughts with others.  Now I am no novelist but improving skills is important to me!

I am glad that I have been keeping up with the blog this long and posting as much as I have.  In my past attempts at starting this blog fell off of the wagon rather quickly and never got back on.  This time I vowed to make a change and keep the blog going.  This is not an attempt at trying to get blog famous or popular through the use of social media.  25 and Rambling was devised as a way to document my thoughts, events, and life happenings after the quarter life.  It is a platform to share my thoughts and connect with others who are going through similar things or just a way to get my thoughts out there.  I honestly thought that I would have no followers and that was fine by me but I have about 28 right now.  Who knew people would read my posts or be interested in what I am doing? I had no clue that I would even get comments on my blog. I love getting comments and interacting with other bloggers.  25 and Rambling is still in the beginning stages and everything is scattered and random.  Sort of mimicking the stage and thought process of this part of my life.  Sometimes blogging on here helps me eradicate negative thoughts and work things out.  This blog will continue on and I can not wait to see how it grows!


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