NY Adventure: NYC

 New York City

My hometown and it holds a special place in my heart!  Here are some things that my family loves to do in the city area!



sahadis sahadis 2

I love going here whenever I am in Brooklyn.  it was a go-to place to get special treats and foods whenever we would visit my Grandparents.  My go to treats are the Cocoa dusted almonds, chocolate milk balls, black licorice, and chocolate covered cashews.  Food my family loves: stuffed grape leaves, Hummus, Spinach Pies, Wild rice Salad, Lentils and rice, Baba gang.  I miss this place and wish they could ship all of this food down here to the South.  This is a must stop shop if you are in the Brooklyn area.


New Grimaldis Grimaldis

One of the best slices of pizza I have ever had.  It is not my favorite that honor goes to Denino’s pizza on Staten Island but it comes pretty close.  They make pizza in a real coal oven!  Just look at the place during the day and you can tell how popular it is by the ver present line.  They became so popular that the pizza shop moved locations!  They did not move far at all just right around the corner.  The old location has the awning and the new location is the white building.  No matter where they move I am sure that they will have a line going around the corner!  A true Brooklyn staple!

Coney Island

IMG_0071 IMG_0072  IMG_0089 IMG_0093 IMG_0095

This is such a fun place to spend the day!  We visit the aquarium, Astroland (now Luna Park), Nathan’s hot dogs, the beach, and of course you cannot forget a ride on the Cyclone! The Cyclone is one of the highlights of a Coney Island trip even though the fare keeps increasing.  The last time I rode this roller coaster my sister and I were in the front row!  It is a fun and nostalgic place to visit and I love spending time there!  Go and just experience all that Coney Island has to offer!  It is a must see if you are in the Brooklyn/NYC area!

Nathans Famous


The one and only original Nathan’s.  We always stop here for hot dogs and fries!  This is a treat and I love coming here especially after walking on the boardwalk or after seeing a Brooklyn Cyclones game!


Govenors Island


One of my favorite places to visit in NYC!  It is a gem of a place in the middle of  the East River!  You can only get there by boat which you can catch  right down the street from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.  We went on opening day 2016 and it was amazing!  When I lived in NY I loved spending time here just walking around and exploring the island.  My friends and I picniced here and it was a fun memory.

This time my family and I rented a four person bike to ride around the island!  It was a ton of fun and was a quick and easy way to get to all ends of the island and explore.  This definitely beat walking around the whole island because it took less time.  The day was absolutely gorgeous and my family and I got tons of pretty photo ops!  I truly felt like a tourist because we never took pictures featuring the NYC skyline or SI ferry but we could not pass up the opportunity or beautiful weather.  If you are in lower Manhattan Governors Island is a must see!

Wo Hop: 17 Mott Street

The best and I repeat the best Chinese food I ever had! BTW, this is the downstairs restaurant and not to be confused with the Wo Hop at 15 Mott St.  The two are not the same place or connected so make sure you are entering 17 Mott street!  It is a small little place with cheap food and big portions!  It is also opened 24/7 so it is a great place to go after a night around town!  Some of my favorite dishes are: Fried dumplings!! You must get these!! These are the best friend dumplings I have ever had and thoroughly enjoy them whenever I am at Wo Hop!  Roast Duck Chow Mai Fun: I love it and it is a total comfort food and great way to end a night or late afternoon! Moo Shu Pork: This is my sisters favorite dish and she gets it overtime we visit Wo Hop!  I love it and we always wind up taking the leftovers home!

Di Paolo’s Fine Foods

di paolo

My family has been coming to Di Paolo’s for the last 30 years.  My grandparents came here to get cheeses and meats for holidays and everyday use.  My mom and dad shopped here and then it transferred down to my sister and I.  So my family, technically my moms side of the family, has made this place a staple and tradition in our family!  Every family gathering, holiday, or special occasion featured goodies from Di Paolo’s!  It is a family run store and I love going in and talking to Lou about the cheeses!  Many of the cheeses are fro Northern Italy which is the region that my grandparents are from! Go to treats: Fontina cheese, Taleggio cheese, Soppersatta, Sausages, Parmigiano cheese grated, Romano cheese grated, Mortadella, Mozzarella cheeses.  One thing my family does is ask for some cheese rinds so that we can use it in our Italian white bean stew which we make once a year at Thanksgiving!

Piemonte Ravioli


This is our go to place for pasta!  they make it fresh and it is easy for a person to tell!  We love this pasta and I wish I could have it all the time!  Our go to pastas are: Pumpkin Ravioli, Cheese Ravioli, Tortellini, gnocchi, and Spinach fettucini.  My personal favorites are the pumpkin ravioli (don’t knockout until you have tried it) and the spinach fettucini.  We eat the spinach fettucini with ricotta cheese instead of sauce and it is amazing!  The pumpkin ravioli is enjoyed plain with a bit of olive oil.


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