Delish Delights of the Windy City

One of my favorite things is to try new sweet treats!  Chicago has plenty of snazzy snacks to fit anyone’s fancy!  Just like restaurants there are numerous choices for the sweet or more savory treat lover.

Stan’s Donuts


Toffee crunch, Blueberry Bischoff, Lemon Pistachio

One of my favorite traditions when visiting Pep is getting breakfast at Stan’s!  We order three donuts and split them!  I love their donuts and try a new one every time I visit! These are the best donuts I have had and there is a variety so that there is a new one to have overtime I go. My favorites are: lemon pistachio, toffee cake, chocolate old fashioned.  If this place was near me I would be in big trouble!  These donuts are hard to resist.

Glazed and Infused

This is another fantastic donut shop!  This is just as good as Stan’s but with a different type of donut.  Their cake donuts are not crumbly and mist when compared to Stan’s cake donuts.  I am in love with the red velvet cake donut! The frosting is just heavenly and it is a great companion to a cup of coffee!  Pep happened to go towards the end of day and got a discount on donuts!  This meant more for us to try!  The chocolate donut with the chocolate shavings was amazing too as well as lemon poppy!  The lemon poppy donut did not have an over abundance of lemon flavor of too many poppy seeds!

Garett’s Popcorn

Garetts popcorn

I have waited so long to try this and have heard it is such a touristy thing but I do not care.  I got a small cheese and caramel popcorn.  The cheese popcorn is so addicting!  I loved it and it was hard to stop popping them in my mouth.  I do not even want to fathom the calories that I ingested when eating them. The caramel corn was ok but not as good as the cheese popcorn.  It would be bad if this place was near my home because I would like to get the cheese popcorn which was so good!  But this is my Chicago treat!  I am glad I tried it and will bring some back home on my next visit.  Loved it!

Annette’s Italian Ice & Ice Cream


This is a place that reminds me of home!  When I was growing up my family and I would go to an Italian ice place called LaRocca’s to have amazing Italian ice and ice creams!  Sadly, the building was flooded and then closed due to Hurricane Sandy.  We were saddened at LaROcca’s closing because it meant the end of a family tradition of getting ices int he summer.  Pep took me here and it was exactly like LaRocca’s!  Annette’s was family owned, small order only place, all cash, and had a variety of flavors!  I ordered a Cookie Jar scoop in a sugar cone and it was delicious.  I loved coming across the M&M’s and cookie dough pieces!  This was delicious ice cream and a great ending to summer day!  I’ll hit up this place when I return!  My next flavor to try is the blood orange ice!  I sampled it and it was just as good as the Cookie Jar flavor!

Peet’s Coffee & Tea


This was very close to my sister’s place and I went there after my early morning walks around the neighborhood!  I enjoy the coffee better than I do Starbucks!   I loved just sitting here sipping my coffee or iced coffee.  My sister and I came in for breakfast one day before she had to head out to work!   We got the Blueberry Lemon Scone and Coffee Cake Muffin.  Both were good and I though better than Starbucks food!  If I lived in the area I would gladly go back and make this my go to coffee shop!  Sadly there are not any by me here in the South:( Maybe one will open up in the future!

Jenni’s  Splendid Ice Cream

The best ice cream I have had in along time!  They have creative and unique flavors that definitely intrigue me.  On this trip I happily waited on line and ordered a waffle cone which are home made btw with a Atlantic Beach Pie (amazing and refreshing) and Brambleberry Crisp.  Both flavors are amazing and I love, love , love Atlantic Beach Pie! I could eat a whole quart of that flavor!  My sister got Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and Sun Popped Corn.  She said bother were good but she preferred the strawberry over the popcorn flavors.  Another refreshing end to a hot summer day!  Do not let the line scare you off because it went really fast! A nice ending for hot day!  Oh, and definitely get your ice cream in a waffle cone!  Jenny’s home makes those cones and they are delicious!!


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