A Perspect about Tech

Recently I have been pondering about my relationship with technology.  I feel that it still consumes a good chunk of my time and causes me to waste lots of hours.  In the past two years I have successfully cut out my Facebook use.  I still have one to keep the pictures and to keep up with friends from home.  But, I still spend a ton of time texting, using Instagram, and use my phone to research things on the internet.  Those are all habits that I need to break and use my time more efficiently and make time for human interaction.  I feel that I am on my phone a lot which takes time away from making connections with others.

The homily given at my church this week focused about humility and technology.  The priest talked about technology impacting the way people communicate with each other and how people live their life.  Technology affects how people interact with the world and cause people to miss things, like the sunset, or a chance to meet a new person.  It was freaky how this was the homily that was given on the day I decide to attend mass.  It really reinforced my thoughts about technology and how I should work on cutting down on its use. I also realize that when out in public it may make me seem like I am uninterested or unapproachable in social situations.

Also, The Wall Street Journal featured an article titled Teens Who Say No To Social Media focusing about teenagers who do not use social media.  It showed how the interviewed teens like face to face contact with friends and would rather talk to them in person as opposed to liking their picture or status.  I am so used to seeing teens and preteens glued to their phones or laptop screens that I automatically assumed majority of them will have a panic attack if they lost or broke their phone.  It is nice to read something about “normal” adolescents who like to socialize with out tweeting, texting, or taking selfies.

What I learned from both the thins above is that I need to continue to decrease my use of social media because it is not benefitting me.  My use of social media cases me to compare my self to others, wastes time, and interferes with my productivity.  i am going to put my phone done a lot more frequently!


Liar Liar Pants on Fire


Oh Ryan Lochte how you have lost my respect.  He is a 32 year old liar who can not even let the word, liar, roll off of his tongue during an interview with Matt Lauer.  Lochte has disgraced his country, his teammates, and himself with the lie he told a few weeks ago.  It is a shame that Lochte’s teammates had to get pulled off of a U.S.A.plane and Lochte was home safe in the U.S.  I was appalled that a swimmer of this caliber would have the nerve to lie on live media, to fans, and to his parents.

Young swimmers and teammates look up to Ryan Lochte for his talents as a swimmer and here he is trying to cover up his despicable actions with a lie.  It seems that hardly any action was taken against Lochte and he got off scott free.    Yes, he got sponsorships revoked but on the other hand got other deals from Dancing With the Stars.  It is just disgraceful that Lochte does not fully apologize or admit that he made false statements not even in the interview with Matt Lauer.  Lochte did not care that he lied and that is the saddest part.  As a parent I would be embarrassed and infuriated.  Here is my grown son who can  barely apologize genuinely and still has not made anything right in this situation.  He could not spare any of his money to donate to a charity in Rio/Brazil like his teammate had done. I am just infuriated at this and was even more enraged by the fact that Matt Lauer did not have the guts to call Lochte out in the interview.  I would be damn sure to have done that.  Al the interview showed was how disrespectful, unapologetic, insincere, Lochte was about the situation.  it was blatantly obvious that lawyers wrote the apology on Instagram and told Lochte key words to use during the interview.

This situation pissed me off because  American swimmer, Lilly King, made a point of calling out Russian swimmer, Yulia Efimova, on doping allegations which caused a spetacle in the media for a bit.  Here is King’s teammate Ryan Lochte who told a blatant lie about an event that took place and nobody seems to be calling him out as dramatically as King did to Efimova.  I would be embarrassed if I were Lochte and doing whatever I can to make the situation right and I would take 100% responsibility for being untruthful!

The only person who was publicly blunt about the Ryan Lockte situation was Al Roker.  Kudos, to him for saying what tons of people were thinking and the truth about the situation.  He basically said what Ryan Lochte did not have the guts to admit to the public: that what was told was a lie!  It needed to be done by somebody and I think AL Roker was fed up that people were sugar coating things and just being blunt and saying it like it was.  Thank you Al Roker for giving the honest truth and clearly being bothered by everybody beating around the bush.  His co-workers on the show should have respected Roker’s opinions because he was saying what needed to be said.  At least there was someone in this world who said it like it is!



Montauk The End

Montauk, NY is my favorite place ever and if I could afford to live out there all summer long I most definitely would do it in a heartbeat! The only complaint I have about Montauk is the invasion of the yuppies in the past few years.  Montauk has always been a blue-collar, middle class, vacation town that was not yet infiltrated by stuck up rich people.  Unfortunately it has been taken over by

But, any who onto my favorite places of Montauk the End!!

Hither Hills State Park

hither hills Hither Hills campgrouns

My family has been camping here for about the past 18 years and have been visiting Montauk for the past 25 years.   Hither Hills was out go to vacation spot!  It is the place that I would count the days until our annual two week vacation.  Every summer we would load up the car, squeeze in, and make the four hour trek from our NYC home to this campground.  These were the best summers of my life and nothing in the world could replace the memories my family and I have had here.

Hither Hills is one of NY’s State Parks which features a campground for popups, tents, and campers located right on the beach.  It is so insanely popular that you need call about 6 months in advance to book a campsite.  It is extremely tough to get a campsite now days unless you do the CAP program where you volunteer to run softball, arts & crafts, the bonfire, rec room, and sandcastle contest and you camp free for two weeks.  My parents did this for years I think until I was about 19/2oish.  It was an absolute blast of a two weeks and one time we stayed three weeks!  A lifetime of memories and friendships were formed by traveling out east!  This place has become so intimate and you get to know like the back of your hand.  It is truly my second home and will always be.  My first home is NYC area and my second is Montauk.  There is no place else like it in the world!  I cannot wait for my next adventure here and it has not been this year but surely next summer or fall!  Also, there is a general store located at the campground which sells food, ice, and snacks.  Most of the items are way overpriced so you are better off getting things you need from town.  Also, the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from the grill is awesome!  That is something you should try!!



This is the grocery store in town and nothing is summer in Montauk for us until we make a trip to IGA. It is small and crowded at times but it is the only place to go for groceries.  I think we still have a few plastic fork, spoons, and knives from IGA from our last trip to Montauk.

John’s Drive In

john;s drive in

One of our favorite stops in town!  This place is like a time trip and has not been updated for at least the past 15 years possibly more.  I swear the decor has been the same year after year and I do not mind that at all!  It is nice to go to a place that remains unchanged because it adds to the nostalgia of the place.   The ice cream is delicious and my go to flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip.  Fun fact in “03 during the major blackout in NY John’s was giving out free ice cream because it was going to melt anyway due to lack of of power.  BTW, this is a cash only place so make sure you have some dinero before you dine here.

Herb’s Market

herb's montauk

Only one of the yummiest bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches.  It used to be my favorite around town but the bacon egg and cheese sandwich at the general store in Montauk beats it by a landslide.  This is one of my family’s traditions!  We go here for breakfast during our stay and after fishing trips in the fall!  They have decent coffee and fried chicken too.  Worth the stop in if you are in town!

The Movie

the movie

The movie was the only movie theatre in Montauk. It showed one movie at a time and changed the film about every two weeks.  Sadly, it has closed down and the building is now a Soul Cycle.  It’s ok because most people went to East Hampton to see movies anyway.  They have a larger theatre.  FYI I saw Wedding Crashers at the East Hampton theatre with my friends while my sister, mom, and friend’s mom saw March of the Penguins.  It was awesome.  My friends and I felt so cool because we were seeing an R rated movie.  Oh, how the teenage mind works.

The Montauk Bake Shoppe

bake shoppe

This is the only bakery in town and it has jelly croissants which are amazing with a cup of coffee. I am not a fan of the muffins because I find them too greasy.  Never tried any of their breakfast or lunch sandwiches so I cannot comment on those items.  But I will always stop in for some jelly crossings.  If you plan on visiting here get there early because the line is short, staff is friendlier, and your bare items will most likely be in stock.  The line and crowds get worse and longer as the morning wears on especially at peak breakfast times.

St. Therese of Lisieux 

st. terese

One of my favorite churches ever!  I have seen this church change over the years.  When we first started attending mass in the summers the service was held in the basement of the nursery school across the street.  Then the service moved into the new church which was built across the street. The church is absolutely stunning and is so pretty.  I love looking at all of the stained glass in the church especially the fish jumping out of the water.

 I want to get married at this church and in Montauk.  That is my non-negotiables.  Well, I do not have to have a church service but I definitely want to tie the knot int Montauk.  I do not care if it is just me and my fiancee but it has to happiness Montauk.  That has been my dream for years.  I love this place so much that I would get married here and I don’t care what it takes it will happen!

The Harvest

the harvest

One of thefts restaurants around.  it is a family style restaurant so the dishes are meant to be shared.  Have been here three times and loved it every time I have been here!  Most dishes I have had are delicious!  The best time to go is right around sunset because you get a fabulous view of the settings from some tables since it overlooks the lake.  This is a popular restaurant so definately make reservations before you go.  I look forward to the next time I get to dine here!

White’s Drugstore


We have gone here to get the sunscreen and other toiletry needs we have forgotten.  We stop in every summer we go and just look around and sometimes purchase a thing or two.  Love looking around the store and it has not changed since I have been going t Montauk.

O’Murphy’s Pub & Restaurant (the original location)


Right down the block from White’s used to be O’Murphys Pub & Restaurant.  This place had the best mussels I have ever had!  I could eat them as my whole meal and then after dip bread in the remaining sauce.  O’Murphy’s still exists but the original location was in the heart of town.  It had a corner lot with a green glowing shamrock in the window.  Sadly, due to high rents O’Murphy’s  Pub & restaurant has moved farther out of town near Gosman’s dock.  But it is worth the drive to eat those mussels and shapers pie!  You must check out this place if you go to Montauk!  Best mussels around for sure!

Gosman’s Dock


A bunch of shops and restaurants right near where the fishing and commercial  fishing boats dock.  I used to go here a lot more when I was younger and we would eat by the water.  We would not go to the restaurant but would order from the to go window and sit near the water.  When I was little we would always stop in the toy store which had a large boat wheel out front that you could drive!  It is a draw for the youngsters.  This is a great place to end a night and there is even a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop to get a sweet treat!  Part of the Montauk experience and place that is perfect to visit around sunset.

The Viking & The Lazy Bones

viking lazy bones

Every time we would come to Montauk my dad would take my sister and I on fishing trips.  We would go int he summer, fall, and on some weekends.  I have many memories fishing and learned a new skill.  i am by no means a fishing expert but do know how to bait a hook and cast a line out.  I am not afraid to get dirty or messy so fishing was no problem for me.  Both boats are family friendly especially The Lazy Bones which does day trips.  I have caught fluke, flounder, striped bass, bluefish, and even a tuna during my time fishing.  Take your kids, family, or significant other!  It is a fun thing to experience and it is always awesome to see people get their first fish!

The Dock

the dock 2 the dock

We heard about this hole in the wall place from a family camping friend.  We decided to give this place a shot and were not disappointed.  It is a simple place with interesting decor.  We go for the beer and nachos.  Their nachos are fully loaded, amazing, and can be a whole meal.  If you come to Dock’s be prepared to eat and have an empty stomach!  Now it is not a hole in the wall and tons of people know about Dock’s but we love going there and even hit it up after we drove all the way from the South.  I swear on that trip the wait staff probably thought we have not eaten in weeks.  I would do anything to go back and get a glass of beer and order of nachos!

The Montauk Yatch Club

yatch club

Now this is an expensive place to stay in Montauk!  It is pricey and used by the rich people but has beautiful views and rooms.  We stayed here for my parents anniversary weekend and loved it.  It was the same weekend as the Montauk St. Patrick’s day parade.   We had a room right on the lake/pond!  It was amazing and offered great views and plenty of photo ops.  Even if you do not stay for a weekend definitely  drive out here just to check it out.

Montauk Lighthouse

montauk montauk point lighthouse

We go here every year and climb the lighthouse!  It has amazing views of Montauk and the water on clear weather days.  There a few things that are traditions in my family that we do: sit on the large rock out front of the lighthouse and have our picture taken, climb the lighthouse, and climb the rocks surrounding the lighthouse.  We do all of those things overtime we go to Montauk.  I have been to the Lighthouse more times than I can count and all of them have been memorable.  This is one of my favorite spots in Montauk and I love driving all the way out here.  it is beautiful and it is the tip of Long Island.  You can not go any further or you will be in the water.

A Magical memory Making Place By the Sea

montauk point lighthouse

My posts have been sort of solemn lately so I figured I would do a more sentimental post on my favorite place.  There is one place in this world where I would always rather be than my current location.  This magical, peaceful, and beautiful place is way out by the ocean full of salty air, endless nights, fishing boats, surfers, and a huge summer crowd.  The place in which I could live out the rest of my life is nestled at the far end of Long Island and it is called Montauk.  For the the past twenty five years my family has piled up the car and made the four hour drive to this place by the sea.  For us it was a journey away from life and its stresses and anywhere from a long weekend to our annual two weeks stay to just chill, spend time as a family, and sit by the beach.  This is my favorite place ever because there are so many memories that have happened in this place such as learning how to drive, first time riding a two wheel bike, catching my first wave, and going on my first fishing trip, and being the destination of a south to north road trip.  I mean who else will drive from the farthest point on the east coast to the farthest point in NY to go on vacation?  The family that is crazy about MTK.  We always visit  our favorite spots and places.  I did not think I could love a place more and do not think I ever will!

There are so many places that I love in this town, well technically a village, so look out for a Montauk favorites post soon!  You will see some of my favorite places to eat, things to do, and places to see!  What is your favorite place to travel to or your favorite vacation spot?

hither hills

Beating 50 percent


It is nice to see a married couple, Audrey & Jermey Roloff, trying to get other couples to stay together and work through things in their marriage.  I think their website is awesome and they have created a great idea to try and help couples off the road of divorce.  Divorce is so prevalent in our society and I feel like I hear about people plotting up as often as I do somebody getting engaged or entering a new relationship.

The website promotes couples fixing things as opposed to just walking away which many people tend to do when things get tough.  That is absolutely the wrong idea and it can lead to a failed marriage.  My parents went through tough times and they worked it out.  They stayed by each other and fixed the problems.  More couples should do that and at least try and see if they can find a solution before quitting.

One of the articles that I love on beating5opercent is Giving More to you Marriage Always More written by Audrey.  I am always the person that gives more in a relationship and sometimes it works and sometimes its a bust.  I always love to learn about the person I am with and what makes them tick. Not he other hand finding out about their fears and past is good too and I’ll always be there to support my significant other.

Before I begin rambling check out Jeremy and Audrey’s site: http://beating50percent.com it has great articles, gifts for significant others, features their love story, and vows from young married couples.

Also, Audrey runs a blog called AujPoj and it is definitely worth the time to look at.  You can visit it here: http://www.aujpoj.com.

The Realizations of a Lonely Girl


So, this will be a venting post.  Just a forewarning to those who hate these type of posts or don’t care.  I have felt so lonely in love and friendship lately.  The people who should be there for me have not been.  Those people have only cared about themselves and contact me during their time of need, when they want something, or when it is convenient for them which totally sucks.  It hurts even more because I am not like that and will always listen and check in to see how one of those friends is doing.  But lately all is quiet on the home front and I have not heard a peep from my so called friends.  I have had a better time with new friends than with my oldest ones.  Go figure how that works.  I have been friends with these chicks since high school and once I moved they have not wanted to maintain the friendship.  It hurts so much to just move and try and try to keep the friendship going but it is them who do not want it to continue.  I seriously did nothing wrong and have gotten left out of so many things.  I know distance is a factor but when they “friends” come by my town they always want me to be the one to drive to them or go out of my way.  It  was frustrating and in the process caused me to reflect and question the friendships.  Basically, I reanalyzed how and who I make friends with and have become a lot more cautious and leary of people.  It’s bad in the long run but don’t want to rush into friendships anymore.

This past year I have learned a major lesson regarding friends and just keep most people at arm’s length.  That’s a safe distance until I know I can trust them.  Not the best strategy but it’s one that seems to work for me.



In love I have been the lonely spinster for a long time.  I am now at the age where people are getting married, engaged, or in relationships.  It sucks to see others so happy and here I am still looking for a guy.  At this point I have been single for so long it seems fruitless to keep going on bad first date after bad first date.  I feel like I have exhausted online dating with not much luck.  There are more crazies, sleaze balls, and weirdos in the cyberworld for me.  All I want to do is be with someone who cares and who will stand by me no matter what.  Most of my friends and co-workers are married, in love, or in relationships and it is awkward to be the lonesome one.  I know some people are happy single and that is totally cool so I am not knocking being single.  I have friends who are happy single women.

During long term relationships I was the one who went out of their way all of the time and always listen but its all for nothing.  I am the sucker and the one who gets screwed all of the time.  Some things I do because I am a genuinely nice person and most times I do not expect things in return.  Maybe I should just start calling people out on their shit.  My niceness is most likely the root of part the problem there.  But, for now I’ll settle on being single while still looking for the man who compliments me.

This has been a post where I just get my thoughts down but it is these types of posts that lead to realizations for me.  In this case it is friendships, niceness, and relationships.  Hopefully they all lead to positive changes in those aspects of my life.


Weekly Wonders: Olympic Edition

Rio Olympics 2016

I have waited four years for this Olympics! Especially the swimming events which are exciting to watch especially the relay events!  The competition this year will be fierce and the USA swimmers need to step up their game and give their races everything they have.  The international swimmers are bringing the heat and are extremely fast this year.  There will be stiff competition and

Lily King’s Finger Wag 

lilly king

She must be an up and coming swimmer who I have not heard of before.  She caught my attention,as probably most other viewers of the swimming, when she finger wagged at Russian swimmer Yulia Emifova.  I agree with the finger wag and believe that any Olympic contender who has tested positive for drugs should not be allowed to compete.  There has been tons of controversy surrounding the Russian Olympic team this year and more of the athletes should have been banned. So, thanks Lily King for helping to call out the Russians!  Also, Lily did an amazing job winning gold in the breaststroke!!

Men’s 4X100 Freestyle Relay


Relays are my favorite swimming events to watch because they can be the nail biting, edge of your seat races.  The men dominated this event this year and were able to reclaim their place as first.  I thought it was nice to see first time Olympian,  in a relay who was able to win gold.  It was even more adorable to see his reaction at the medal ceremony.  It is an enormous accomplishment to win and an emotional one at that!  Good work boys!  Hopefully the relay can be won by the USA in the Tokyo Olympics!

Katinka Hosszu


She has been dominating her events at this Olympics!  Her swimming talent is amazing and she will no doubt win some more medals during these games!  So, Ill just have to watch and see what happens during the rest of the Olympics!

Katinka Hosszu’s Husband


He is reactions seeing Katinka win is priceless. He seems like such a supportive husband and enjoys watching her swim and win.  But, I have read some articles saying he can be hard on Katinka as a coach and on how the focus is on her husband and not on her for winning.  I agree that the focus should be on the winners and Katinka and not just on her husband.

Men’s Archery Team


I have never seen an archery competition before and it was pretty interesting.  The amount of skill that the archers need to hold still, aim, and launch their arrow in a certain amount of time.  It was amazing to see such skill in a sport.  No doubt the three men on the archery team worked hard to get here and they did well. The Koreans edged them out of a gold medal but it was a fight well fought!  The Koreans were extremely talented as well and landed 9 or 10s everytime.  This was a well balanced matched and very close at times! Now they can say the are one of the best teams in the world!  Not many individuals can say that!

Gymnastic Team:Final Five


Who could not love the women’s gymnastic team! They are all talented and adorable!  It is amazing how flexible they are and how they keep getting top scores on their events!  They have won gold!  Keep up the good work ladies!  Also, this will be the last team of five girls to compete in the Olympics for gymnastics.  In the 2020 Olympics a team of four will be competing.  It is also Martha Karolyi’s last year as coach for the USA.

Maya DiRado


She has won many medal of this being her first Olympics.  She seems so gracious for her wins and just has a positive outlook about the Olympics.  I loved her reaction to her after she finished the 200 meter backstroke.  She outtouched Katinka to win the gold!  I think this has been an amazing Olympics for her and her attitude has stayed positive throughout the games.  Kudos to Maya!

Anthony Ervin

BARCELONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 02: Anthony Ervin of the USA pepares to compete in the Swimming Men's Freestyle 50m Semifinal heat 2 on day fourteen of the 15th FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi on August 2, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

He is one of the oldest swimmers in the pool but his skill is amazing.  He won a gold medal at thirty five years old!  All of his handwork paid off and it is bitter sweet to see him win!