Good Eats in the Windy City

I swear Chicago has such good food and I find new places to try everywhere I go to this city.  I need to develop four extra stomachs just to get through my stay in this windiest of cities.  It seems that my stays always focus around food and majority of places are delicious.  I cannot take all of the credit for the restaurant choices because my sister Pep is the one who picks most of them.  She lives int he city year round and keeps a running list of the places she has heard about or discovers on her own.  Trying new restaurants is one of the highlights of my trip to Chicago and the places get better and are never-ending every time I make the trek to this city.


This is a local place in Pep’s neighborhood and looks extremely inviting from the outside.  This was the first place we ate at during my vacation and it was the worst.  To start off our night the waiter had the nerve to correct my sister’s pronunciation  of cocina when she was ordering.  He corrected her This was extremely rude and a big turn off.  I have never had a server ever do that at a restaurant.  We brushed it off and waited for our app and meals to arrive.  To start we got the guacamole which was not good. It tasted funny and we did not like the added balsamic vinegar and feta cheese.  We didn’t even finish all of it.  We were more hopeful for the truffled mushroom and pineapple pork.  The pork tacos were spicy, I can handle spice well, this was not mentioned on the menu and the mushroom tacos were bland.  We were unimpressed.  It was a big let down. It was not the most terrible place I have eaten at but the food did not have much flavor and was not memorable and the service was lacking  The decor, vibe, and bar were spot on but unfortunately the food was not which was extremely disappointing.  This is a place you can come to for a happy hour or just for drinks before a night out.  The atmosphere is fabulous for fun and drinks but not for the food.


This is also located in Pep’s neighborhood and it is just a gem.  Since the weather was gorgeous we ordered sandwiches to go and ate by the lake.  The sandwiches were delicious and I loved it until the last bite.  I go a special which was roast beef, muenster cheese, and tomatillo sauce and my sister got their version of a caprese.  Both of these sandwiches were delicious and it made the dinner at the lake more memorable.  If you are in the neighborhood try this place out!  They have a variety of sandwiches for many palettes.

Lincoln Park Farmer’s Market

I absolutely loved this market!  They are so hard to find here in the south and it felt like a piece of home.  In NY there were good farmer’s markets with fresh fruits and veggies.  We perused the stands, produce, and other goodies.  We came hungry and decided to eat grilled cheese from Grace’s and split a raspberry pie from Hoosier Mama Pie Company.  Both things were banging and i could have eaten another grilled cheese and pie.  Good thing we skipped breakfast and ate on an empty stomach.  We needed all of the room and possibly even more.  If this market was happening on Sunday I would have hands down gotten another grilled cheese and pie.  That pie though OMG it was the bomb!  Thank goodness there is nota Hoosier Mama by me bc I would gain like 20 lbs.  Anywhoo, I would do much of my vegetable and fruit shopping at this market and support farms.  I love getting things fresh and the prices are not so bad either.  This is a must stop place if you are in the area of Lincoln Park.  Come hungry because there are a bunch of places to get lunch or a treat besides the two I mentioned.  They have pizza, iced tea, Spanish food, tamales, etc.

5411 Empanadas

I loved this little hole in the wall place.  I went to the Lakeview location and it is such adorable!  We went here for a quick bite to eat and each ordered an empanada.  They were yummy and I loved how the outside had a good crunch going on.  These are a bit pricy but are worth the bang for your buck.

BIG & littles

By far my favorite place of the trip!  I loved this place!  We went there on a whim before I had to catch my flight!  It has any home cooked, greasy, late night type of food you could want.  They have everything from po’boys, burritos, burgers, fries (the truffle ones are delicious), and sandwiches.  I loved this place and will go back the next time I visit my sister!  I want to try the soft shell crab o’boy and the tacos. Those truffle fries though no they were delicious.  I could eat those everyday!  Try the fries they are delicious!  A must stop if you are by Belmont. Also, my sister and her friends are on the look out for big and little based not he murals on the side of the building.  Who knows if they will be successful.  But I guess to them it’s fun.


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