Sights in the Windy City

During my multiple trips to Chicago I have been to most of the popular museums in Chicago and wanted to share some of my favorites so far.

Buckingham Fountain

This fountain is absolutely gorgeous the summertime!  It is located right across the street from the Art Institute.  Great place for photo ops or just to enjoy the design of the fountain.  A must see if you are in the Loop area of Chicago.

Wendella’s Boat Tours

I have heard nothing but good things about the boat tours and had to check them out on my summer visit!  Ive only been to Chicago in the winter time and the boat tours do not run during that time.  We went on the river and lake tour and it was fabulous!  We were able to go out into Lake Michigan and see the city.  The views were spectacular and the weather was gorgeous!   After the river part we spent time in the river learning about various buildings (Trump tower,  Chicago Tribune building etc.). Along the way the guide provided facts about the skyline, Chicago Fire, Al Capone and the mobile, architecture of some of the building along the Chicago River. Worth the price and will give you some good memories.  Next on my list is the architecture boat tour! I would love that!

The Art Institute

This is one of the best museums I have ever been to!  It is huge and there is no way that you can see everything in a day.  There is so much to see here and the structure itself is beautiful. Some of my favorite wings to visit are: American, photography, and European Painting & Sculpture.  Every time I visit there is something new to see in the museum! I will continue to go back here when I make trips to the Windy City!  TripAdvisor is right, this is the best museum in the world!

The Field Museum

Chicago’s own Museum of Natural History on a smaller scale.  The main entrance is breathtaking and the natural light is fantastic.  I loved walking in to this museum as it was a grand entrance. Upon entering you see Sue the T-Rex which is the most completed Tyrannosaur skeleton. My favorite exhibits while at the museum were the dinosaur wing which is kid friendly and the Pacific Spirits and Traveling the Pacific.  I loved it and could have spent all day in the dinosaur room.


Adler Planitarium


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