Overthinking It…


Overthinking is something that I have done since childhood.  It caused me to miss out on many opportunities or ruin great events. friendships,or relationships by looking into something too much.  It is almost like my brain wants to target in on something and tear it apart finding all of the negative aspects of something and anything that can go wrong.  It is like my brain has this radar to pick up  on all of the bad things about a situation instead of the positive aspects.  I used to justify this by saying I was being a realist about situations but it was truly just me being extremely negative and thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong.  No wonder me people, even my parents, hated talking to me at  times.  The things that came out of my mouth did not make for good conversation topics or things.

I hate that my brain works likes this and it has been a struggle and everyday fight to improve this method of thinking.  Now I am more in tune with my mind and notice when I am going to overthink, obsess or be negative about something.  This has caused me to overthink even the little things like should I wear my hair up or down or should I buy tis or that etc.  It was seriously an issue because it was affecting the most simplest decisions of life.



3 thoughts on “Overthinking It…

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being inherently introspective. Yet when it reaches the stage where it has a negative impact on your relationships with people, it is probably time for a rethink. I would suggest meditation if you haven’t tried it already. It truly works wonders sometimes!

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