Banging Books July

The Girl on The Train


There has been unbelievable hype surrounding this book especially since a movie is being released in the near future.  It was a very gripping and engaging to read.  Usually I stay away from overly hyped novels because it means they are not that good or my style. This was another choice for the book club I am in and decided to get a jump start on the book.  Since I read the book I am looking forward to the movie to see how it compares to the novel.

What Alice Forgot


This was a mediocre book.  I have read better and frankly found it difficult to get invested in the story.  Alice, main character, irritated me and I found her annoying throughout the course of the novel.  In all honesty I would have passed over this book if it were not selected for this months book club.  On another note I loved Liane Moriarty’s book Big Little Lies and was surprised that this novel did not meet my expectations.

Maybe in Another Life


I love this book!  It came into my life at a good time!  I feel like I needed this book and could relate to Hannah, the main character.  I feel like i am going through some of the same things as her and it was great to see a book that focuses on twenty something issues compared to older adults or YA. I have found a lack of books that focus on twenty year olds or life after college but before marriage/family.  It is hard to read books about things that you have not or might not want to experience in life.  There needs to be more novels devoted to the those in-between years and the quarter life crisis.


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