Weekly Wonders

Weekly Wonders

Patricia Nash Leather Benvenuto Tote

Patricia Nash

This is one of my favorite bags of the summer and helps me carry everything but the kitchen sink.  It is made out of a beautiful brown leather and can match pretty much any outfit.  These are so durable and can fit a ton of items inside.  This is a great tote for a college or high school student.  It is especially great for travel due to its durability and quality.  I have been using this tote daily and getting tons of compliments.  Look into Patricia Nash products!  You will not regret purchasing one of her items I guarantee it!

Summer Olympics 2016


I love when the Olympics come on! It is a fun time and great time to show support for your country.  The athletes work so hard for many years or most of their lives just to have a shot at the Olympics.  Most athletes do not even qualify which must be hard to experience.  But all in all watching some of the top athletes in the country compete against each other during the trials is always surreal for me.  I mean those are the cream of the crop in their sport in the whole USA.  Then the finalists go against rivals from across the globe which just shows how talented the athletes are in their sport. This time is a favorite of mine due to watching the swimming trials and Olympic races.

whiskey words & a shovel II: r.h. Sin

rh sin

I am in love with this poetry book!  I can relate to many of the verses in here and just feel like the writing is real and true.  I discovered r.h. Sin through Instagram and followed his account.  At the time I didn’t know that he had books published.  I love reading his writing and feel that it is fresh and new.  I love his Instagram feed as well.  Go and check both books, I & II, today and see how it makes you feel.  It is different than the typical poetry and has a different focus than traditional poetry.  This a good gift for a friend or relative.

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies


So, I have been loving these cookies!  They are a great treat and fast really good especially dunked in milk.  Try them out today!  There are different kinds available.  The only thing that I do not like is the price.  These cookies are expensive but you get more bang for your buck.  If you like them a lot BJS has them in bulk.

Pedro Iniesta Sandals

I have been loving these sandals!  They are so comfortable and I wear them almost as much as my Birkenstocks.  These are cork made sandals from Spain. They happened to be an impulse purchase and were worth every penny!  I found these beauties in Marshall’s and were on sale for twenty dollars!  Who good go wrong for a price like that!  Glad I picked them up!


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