Olympics 2016

Every four years the anticipation builds as the Olympic trials for swimming  get closer.  I can never wait to see what swimmers will make that year’s Olympic team and who the new up and comers are.  Swimming is an overlooked sport and

Swimming is in my blood and I spent ten years competing in the sport. For part of my life the pool was my second home and I miss my competition days although I was no where near Olympic worthy. The only time swimming is usually heard about is during the time of the Olympics. It is such an overlooked sport and that makes me sda. Growing up my friends did not understand my passion or the workings of swimming. Unlike other sports we do not get time outs or half times during races. You basically sim your ass off until you touch the wall at the end of the race. You train for years and years to swim a race that can last under a minute. Nobody understands unless you are a fellow athlete or a swimmer yourself!  This team’s trials were tough to watch because many old swimmers did not qualify for the team  :(.  There are many new faces that I know will do well in Rio! Can not wait for the Olympics to begin!

Favorite Swimmers Old & New

Michael Phelps

Larsen Jensen

Ryan Lochte

Lenny Krazelburgh

Mark Spitz

Jenny Thompson

Dara Torres

Jason Lezak

Natalie Coughlin

Katie Hoff

Nathan Adrian


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