Very Vera

So, this weekend I went a little Vera Bradley crazy and took full advantage of their fourth of July sale!  This sale was amazing and I was able to purchase many new and useful products!

Vera Tote in Baroque 

vera baroque

I absolutely love this tote bag!  I had an earlier version when I was in college and it lasted me for years.  I basically used it until it was falling part. Naturally when I saw this tote was for sale (70% off plus 20% off entire purchase) in a retired pattern I had to snag it!  It is beautiful and the inside is more durable than I remember.  Instead of the fabric lined inside it is a more sturdy material.  I cannot wait to begin to use this bag and am thrilled that I purchased it!

All in One Crossbody and Wristlet for iPhone 6 in Espresso

vera espresso

I am in love with crossbody and all of the functions you can use it for.  First off the color is classic and will go with almost any outfit or event.  I love the versatility of the item because I can use it as just a wristlet, cross body, or wallet.  The wristlet strap and cross body strap are detachable so it makes it easy to convert this product any way you want to.  The best part is that I can fit comfortably and securely in the front pocket which has a snap to keep the pouch closed.  This is going to get tons of use and I am glad that I happened to stumble upon it in the sale bin!  This is a purchase that is worth every penny!

Lanyard in 

vera lanyard

Vera Bradley makes the best lanyards!  They have beautiful color and pattern choices as well as a durable key ring on it. It is also comfortable and sturdy so that it can be comfortably worn all day long.  Currently use this for one set of car keys and purchased a second lanyard this weekend as back up.  Perfect lanyard for college students or working professionals.

Loop Keychain in Houndstooth

vera houndstooh

This is a fabulous keychain for your house or car keys.  It is durable and comes in tones of cute patterns to choose from.  I like this keychain because you can open up the snap part and add other items to it.  It is very sturdy and will last for a long time.  These make great gifts for friends and family!

Twice as Nice Keychain in Blue Bandana


I currently use one of these keychains for my car and house keys.  The patterns are pretty and the key fob is strong and not flimsy.  There are a variety of cute patterns to choose from and it adds a pop of color to your daily routine.  I love this keychain better than the loop one because there is a separate ring for my house and car key.  This is another cute and inexpensive gift for friends and family!

Lunch Bag 

lunch bag

I have needed a cute lunch tote for awhile now and have been waiting to purchase one from Vera Bradley due to the price.  It is pretty expensive to purchase a one of their lunch bags when its not on sale.  Frankly, I felt the price is way to steep for something that I am putting food into.  I found an adorable one on sale this weekend and only paid thirteen dollars for it!  What a steal!  I opted not to purchase the one in fabric because it would be harder to clean if something spilled on it.  So far i like it but have not officially used it yet.  Love the patterns that  the bags come in.  Very stylish way to tote your lunch around.



These notebook were just too adorable to pass up!  I am a sucker for a cute and preppy notebook and love cute ones.  These were also on sale which made it hard for me to leave these at the store.  Great purchase for high school and college students.  Fashionable and come in a variety of pattern prints.   The cover is sturdy and the pages are nice and wide so they will last.  Be the hippest one at school by picking up these notebook today!

What are some of you favorite Vera Bradley products?  Let me know in the comment section below!


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