Banging Books: May and June

Where’d You Go Bernadette


I read this book for my monthly book club and enjoyed the story.  It is different than a typical book I’d pick up at the book store which is a good thing.  The book focuses on Bernadette an agoraphobic woman and the effects that it has on the relationships with her family and the outside world.  The book varies narration between Bernadette and her daughter Bee.  This book is he perfect summer read and is lighthearted and funny.  Pick up this quirky story today!

To Kill a Mockingbird


This is one of my new favorite books!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and could hardly  put it down!  It is one of the best books that I have read in a long time!  There are so many themes and topics covered in this story and it is an enlightening read.  My favorite character is Atticus and he is one of the most developed and likable characters in literature!  Do yourself a favor and buy this book right now!  You will not be disappointed!


A coming of age story about an Irish girl, Eilis Lacey, and adventures in Brooklyn and Ireland.  This story reveals Eilis’ change in thoughts, maturity, view on life, and the  This book is well written and the perfect story for a NY lover

No Baggage


This is a unique book is about Clara benson’s journey with a man whom she met on OKCupid.  It is about her conquering her anxiety and starting a new adventure with a near stranger.  I found this relatable due to the fact that Clara suffered from anxiety , is around my age, has relatable qualities, and travels int hr book.  I love this book and while it is not the best book I have read it is enjoyable!  I loved reading her reflections on all of the countries she explored and how she recounted her journey! Perfect for a summertime read!  Loved it!


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