MIA…What’s been up…

So, it has been forever since I have written a blog post.  There are numerous personal circumstances that had me busier than usual and some of these things put me in a rut.  A rut which caused me anxiety and to stew over things. Most of these personal problems are career related and some personality related.  First off, I have had significant difficulty finding a new job to help advance my career.  It sucks but I have been doing everything I can to push my career to the next level but there have been roadblocks that were out of my control which hinders my progress.  I kept going on interviews with no luck.  On one interview I was told to “put on my big girl pants” and tell my supervisor I was interviewing for others positions to  further my career so that this potential employer can call my supervisor and that I was from NY so I could take it.  WTF? what this potential employer said to me was totally disrespectful and unethical.  By demeaning me would not want me to work for your company  I was utter shocked and could have gone all Brooklyn on the person but ended things professionally.   The only problem were 1. No job offer was on the table, 2. I am not putting my job in jeopardy, 3. I supplied two other references from current co-workers 4.

So hope for that position swindled and I withdrew my candidacy because if I was spoken to in a negative way on an interview than I can only imagine what will happen when I start working as an employee.  Who talks like that to a candidate and demands to only talk to a supervisor and not other references?  An a-hole that’s who.  So for now it looks like I am stuck at my current job for the time being.  Let me tell you it is still very difficult to find another position.

So all of this coupled with my anxiety was a disaster especially mentally.  It just feels that I have been doing everything I can to get out my position and keep hitting roadblock after roadblock.  Other people I know have gotten new jobs and moved on from my company but I am always the one that had to work twice as hard to get where I want.  that is just life and I have to deal with the punches!

At the end of the day I am glad that I have a job and  am making money!


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