NY Adventure: Bethel Woods

This trip to NY featured a stop at the site of Woodstock in Bethel Woods.  I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to make the trek up to see a field of green grass where  400,000 camped out for three days.  It just seemed like a lot of driving for a green pasture but there was way more to it than that.  Bethel Woods holds outdoor concerts and is the home to a Woodstock museum.  The museum blew me away, was well done, fully utilized the space they had, and provided a detailed history of the sixties era and Woodstock Festival.  The museum alone made the trip worth it and I took my time in the museum soaking up everything there was to learn about the sixties and Woodstock. After, the museum we took the brief drive to the field where Woodstock was held and it was breathtaking.  After seeing all of that I wish I was alive during the sixties to experience the three days at Woodstock. It was one that defined the era and impacted many individuals of all ages.

If you are ever in the upstate NY area take the drive up to the town of Bethel Woods and visit this fantastic museum to learn about the history of the sixties and the before, during, and after events of Woodstock.  Woodstock left and unforgettable and indelible mark on this town and I have no doubt that it will leave a lasting mark on you too!




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