NY Adventure: Beacon

Beacon, NY


I’m back in my home state and having the best time!  It is bittersweet to be back and this adventure begins in the lovely town of Beacon.  Beacon is a town in upstate NY across the Hudson from Newburgh, NY (Orange County).  This is a fabulous town which has been going through positive changes and revivals during the past few years.  There has been so much buzz about Beacon that yuppies, hipsters, and city folk are making the trip up to this sleepy but vibrant town on the Metro North train line.  So, basically I discovered this town before it was cool and have fell in love with it since I discovered it.  Below are some of my favorite things to do in Beacon!  This town is a must see for a few days or just a day trip!  The scenery around town is beautiful and Main Street gets a great view of the Hudson River.

Mt. Beacon


One of the funnest things to do for any outdoor lover!  The mountain is a short drive from Beacon’s Main Street and provides a great workout, spectacular views of the Hudson River, and a memorable experience!  The views at the top alone makes the hike worth all the sweat and effort!  There are plenty of photo ops at the top of the mountain!  This is always the first stop on my family’s visit to area.



The museum is located in the former Nabisco box factory and is  great space.  The museum is located near the Hudson River and is very spacious.  The main work it focuses on is large sculptors and other pieces of art.  The style is modern and contemporary which is not my favorite type of art to view but I developed an appreciation for it over time.  One of the coolest displays they had when I visited were these large steel sculptors that you can walk inside of.  It was really cool that an individual did not have to just view the art but could also interact with the pieces!  This provides a unique and memorable

Hudson Beach Glass


beach glass

This is a shop located on MainStreet in an older building.  The shop produces glass items such as ornaments, plates, vases,beads, jewelry etc.  the pieces are all beautiful and unique!  Customers are able to do glass bowing sessions where they can make beads or Christmas ornaments.  That would a be a unique and sentimental gift to take home.  It is amazing watching the glassblowing process and all the time it takes to make various pieces.  I love visiting this shop and watching the glassblower create pieces on the spot.

Dream in Plastic

dream in plastic

This is a quirky little shop to go into and explore. The have a host of products plastic figurines to everything in between even emoji pillows.  You are bound to find something that you like and want to walk out with.  Wish I had a store like this where I currently live.

Restaurants & Treats

Alps Chocolate


buter crunch

Best chocolate around and it is a family owned company too!  I love stopping here for chocolate and and never disappointed in my choices!  My go to buys: Butter Crunch, Peppermint patties w/liquid filling, Peanut Butter Cups, and Almond bark.  Best chocolate place around!

Bank Square Coffee (aka Muddy Cup)

bank square

When I went to college this was owned by different owners and was called The Muddy Cup.  So it will forever be known to me as The Muddy Cup.  Now it is owned by the owners of the hiking/adventure store across the street.  It is still the same as The Muddy Cup hence the stuffy name.  this is the best coffee place in town and they make the best Chai Tea Lattes!  In college I would make the trip over the bridge just to get coffee or a chai tea latte from here.  The decor is amazing and quirky.  It is a great place and a must go to stop when visiting Beacon!

Brothers Trattoria


My family’s go to Italian restaurant in the area!  We make a stop here every time we visit upstate and this restaurant never disappoints us.  The food is absolutely delicious and the staff are very friendly.  Our go to dishes are the calamari, lobster ravioli, and gnocchi.


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